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Custom metal letters are a great way to easily identify and promote your company’s business. If you need customized metal letters with more thickness or depth, look no further; consider KDM as your reliable provider.

  • Custom-made to order
  • 100% guaranteed
  • A low-cost advertising strategy
  • A wide range of letter font types

KDM Custom Metal Letters

Strength, texture, image, and durability are all features of the custom metal letters’ overall impression, which is classic and refined. The custom metal letter material is adaptable and long-lasting. It comes with various materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, cor-ten steel, copper, brass, and bronze, guaranteed for existence. 

Custom metal letters are lovely and simple designs that look wonderful on walls or any application. It can also be personalized with various fonts, styles, sizes, and materials. Improves your public image like custom-made, made-to-order metal letters created by our skilled craftsmen dedicated to your complete pleasure.

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Product By Features

Custom Aluminum Metal Letters
Custom Aluminum Metal Letters

All custom aluminum metal letters are made in countless aesthetic fonts and sizes. It is stunning and fits any style—durable, appealing, and long-lasting.

Custom Painted Metal Letters
Custom Painted Metal Letters

Custom painted metal letters are famous for indoor and outdoor signage and business promotions. It comes in unfaded and aesthetic paint color combinations that give rise to all customers’ attention. 

Custom Hang Logo Metal Letters
Custom Hang Logo Metal Letters

The custom hangs logo metal letters are sturdy, affordable, and enduring. It is easy to place in any part of the company, office, or store, which everyone can acknowledge first. 

Custom Cast Metal Letters
Custom Cast Metal Letters

The custom cast metal letters feature low maintenance, sturdy, and easy installation. Perfect for installing in front of your company, offices, or establishments, where people who pass by can quickly recognize it. 

Custom Metal Separated Letters
Custom Metal Separated Letters

The custom metal separated letters give you a 3D-like appearance. These are the best materials for craft photo projects, album cuts, craftings, blogs, invitations, etc. 

Custom Decorative Metal Letters
Custom Decorative Metal Letters

Using custom decorative metal letters with numerous font styles is the most brilliant way to design your projects or make your place more aesthetically attractive and appealing. 

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KDM Custom Metal Letters Benefits

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

KDM custom metal letters can be designed and customized in state-of-the-art lettering, fonts, sizes, colors, and shadings that suit and are accurate to the business and project you are engaged to. 

Eye-Catching Appearance
Eye-Catching Appearance

No doubt that custom metal letters are created most aesthetically and attractively, capturing every people’s attention. It is the best way to represent a company and services.

Material Options
Material Options

KDM custom metal letters are made using 100% stainless steel, aluminum, alloys, copper, brass, etc. Each material comes with unique qualities and advantages that suit its uses. 


All custom metal letters are relatively cost-effective. Its affordability provides the most efficient and practical use of the budget that is likely to support your brand promotion and projects. 

Custom Metal Letters Option

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is extremely robust and offers a classic brushed nickel or brushed silver finish at an affordable price.
  • Stainless Steel: If your business needs the utmost durability and weather resistance, stainless steel letters are the finest option. Stainless steel has the typically brushed nickel or brushed silver aesthetic, but it also has a level of resilience that no other metal can equal.
  • Brass: Brass has an attractive and timeless appearance that is typically used in high-end settings. Any interior or external environment will be transformed by the yellow-gold color of brass.
  • Bronze: If your company or organization wants a high-end, vintage metal sign, these are a terrific option. Bronze is a common metal hue for businesses, communities, legal offices, and banks because of its upmarket golden brown tint.
  • Copper: Offer a distinctive look and can be customized to match any font or brand. Brushed Copper, Polished Copper, and Oxidized Oil Rubbed Copper are just a few of the Copper finishes we offer.
Custom Metal Letters Option
Large Selection

Large Selection

KDM has a large selection of custom metal letters that may be personalized to match any logo or font style. Standard types, such as cast bronze and cast aluminum, are very attractive. Custom metal letters are a great choice for any business or organization that wants a classic and upscale look. 

Aside from that, KDM has a variety of metal finishes that will fit any style and budget. The affordable Aluminum letters provide a classic brushed nickel or silver look that is extremely popular. While the Brass, Bronze, and Copper letters provide a unique and high-end look. All the custom metal letters are incredibly durable.

Quality and Durability

KDM custom metal letters are created using the highest quality materials, ensuring that they not only look amazing but also last a long time. For practically any situation, they are all-weather resistant and come with lifetime warranties. Featured with:

  • Premium-quality 
  • Durability and sturdiness.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Furthermore, Custom metal letters are made by pouring molten bronze or aluminum into molds. Because the letters are hollow in the back, they offer greater depth than solid cut metal lettering. KDM offers standard sizes and fonts, along with the ability to create clients’ requirements.

Quality and Durability

About KDM Custom Metal Letters Capabilities

About KDM Custom Metal Letters Capabilities
About KDM Custom Metal Letters Capabilities

KDM is a customer-focused business that provides one-stop manufacturing for custom metal letters. We collaborated with the architects who were in charge of the overall design and construction. For several decades, we’ve been known as a reliable source of custom metal letters.

Furthermore, KDM uses the most durable materials to assure the constancy of our goods’ quality. We are honored to be your professional partner in the continued success of your custom metal lettering business.

Hardness, durability, and smoothness, are the overall impression that is classic and refined. The material is adaptable and long-lasting. Nothing improves your public image more than a well-made metal letter, custom-made to your specifications by skilled craftsmen dedicated to your complete pleasure.

Allow KDM to assist you with your next project businesses. Please email us as soon as possible!

KDM Custom Metal Letters Manufacturer

Lifetime Guarantee
Lifetime Guarantee

The custom metal letters are intended to last and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. A 100% guarantee with fading, cracking, pitting, and chipping. 

Using Custom Metal Letters for your company might be one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. In the minds of your immediate customers, personalized metal letters assist you to maintain a distinct and professional image for your firm. 

Here, we’ll go over some of the most important ways that custom metal letters can benefit your company.

Why You Choose Using Metal Letters
  • Durable: Metal is a very long-lasting and durable material. It is moisture-resistant and can easily endure natural elements.
  • Affordable: Customers’ finances and preferences are given great consideration by KDM. The majority of our metal letters are available at a reasonable cost.
  • Custom-made to order: Any customized custom metal letters are available.
  • Versatility: Custom metal letters are known for their versatility. They have a broad variety of styles, fonts, designs, themes, and colors to pick from that will best fit your needs.

KDM Custom Metal Letters for Your Applications

Custom Metal Letters for Signages
Custom Metal Letters for Signages

KDM can make custom metal letters purposely for signage with extreme durability and sustainability. These are available with fantastic font style and coating touches. It is suitable for interior and exterior use and can be installed in different installation methods like a stud, tape, or tape mounting.

Custom Metal Letters for Universities
Custom Metal Letters for Hospitals

KDM also designed custom metal letters used for hospital buildings. These letters are quite light and easy to install. With exquisite workmanship, KDM can provide myriad stylistic designs, sizes, complete color selection, finishing materials, and customization options for all metal letters. 

Custom Metal Letters for Hospital
Custom Metal Letters for Universities

Custom metal letter for universities is available in stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and other metals. Our skilled artisan can create the most fitted colors and letter sizes that are suited to universities standards and requirements. It is made that will last for years with less maintenance. 

Custom Metal Letters for Buildings
Custom Metal Letters for Buildings

KDM custom metal letter keeps all buildings looking extra-ordinary and attractively pleasing. It looks great in any building due to its extreme durability and complete protection from corrosion and weather conditions. They are simple yet offer perfect dimension and visibility to the public. 

Custom Metal Letters for Office Walls
Custom Metal Letters for Office Walls

KDM custom metal letters are a sophisticated choice for interior offices. It is made using high-quality metals accompanied by durable surface finishing. KDM custom metal letters are sizes proportionally well-suited to all offices. Requires easy installation, and less maintenance and is beneficial in making your workplace look upgraded.

Custom Metal Letters
KDM - Custom Metal Letters Manufacturer in China

Worked for decades years in this industry. Offers complete customization services for custom metal letters according to customers’ requests and requirements. 

  • “We never regret choosing KDM as our business partner and supplier. They provide us with all our needed custom metal letters. All the staff is very accommodating and always giving us the services and assistance that we need.”

  • “Our company does highly appreciate all the effort and hard work that KDM shows. All our needed custom metal letters arrived on time. We receive the exact sizes, colors, styles, and product structure.”

  • “Negotiating with KDM is the best decision that our company made. We are incredibly amazed at the quality level, appropriateness, and sturdiness of their custom metal letters. All the products, services, and assistance you want, KDM surely fulfills that.”

Custom Metal Letters: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you need to know about custom metal letters.

Whether you want to choose best material, best designs, or surface finishing options – you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Custom Metal Letters?

Fabricated metal letters that showcase a brand reputability and establishment to clients and passersby in signage form are custom metal letters.

custom metal letters

custom metal letters

What Are The Benefits Of Using Customs Metal Letters?

Some of the main benefits include the following:

They are versatile

You have opportunity to choose the style, concept and design of the signage you want.

There are different finishes, fonts, and thicknesses to choose from which creates unique signs.

Various companies use metal letters, but with so many options making sure that no two signs look alike.

Metal Letters

They are durable

Metals are very strong and a long-lasting material.

They have high corrosion resistivity properties thus making them last for years with proper care.

You can style different metal signs according to your needs and location to place the signage.

Aluminum are the best material when it comes to outdoor signage.

Easy to clean

Clean metal letters using soap and a soft cloth, never clean with chemical because they may damage the metal’s finish.

Metal signs are beautiful and attractive thus strengthening your public image.

Takes minimum time readying

The average time for manufacturing a custom metal sign is two weeks and three weeks is the usual turnaround time.

Before sending for production we use the extra week to gain full approval from the clients.

Manufacturing time of the metal signs goes hand in hand with the design.

Cost effective

The quality and longevity do not compromise pricing thus highly affordable.

The design of the metal letter decides its pricing.

They induce illumination

Lights are included in the metal signs for clear visibility.

Available in a wide range of sizes

With custom metal letters you can choose a desired size.

Small metal suits interior application while large metal format for creating an effective impression.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Custom Metal Letters?

Aluminum custom letters deforms when a strong external force is applied due to its hardness characteristic.

In high temperatures environment, letters made of aluminum plates deteriorates quickly because they have low melting point.

Letters made of stainless steel are attributed to iron, they have large densities thus long weights causing inconveniences to transportation device.

Appearance of custom metal letters are less attractive.

The copper custom metal signs have complicated manufacturing process and are heavy weight.

Custom metal letters are difficult to attach hooks thus requires professional tools.

Where Do You Use Custom Metal Letters?

Some of the most common applications include:

In universities and schools

Names of departments in schools and university, classrooms, meeting rooms and other significant places are displayed with metal letters.

Business startups

In business startups customized metal letters are the best to go for.

Their durability is guaranteed, they are eye-catching and cost-effective at the same time.

Government buildings

Government buildings

Customized metal letters are used in different shapes and sizes both indoors as office signs and outdoors for high visibility.


Custom metal letters are used in restaurants and cafes signage.

Restaurants display menu and navigation signs with custom metal letters, their outdoor signage are also very clear and visible.

Law firms                                                          

Custom metal letters are used to make the business name and logo stand out.

They are mounted in the corporate offices, buildings and lobby wall for ease visibility.

Companies dealing with technology

High-end technology companies need appealing sign like those made of metal letters which looks classy, beautiful and unique.

Which Materials Are Best For Customs Metal Letters?

Some of the most common materials you can choose fro include:


Aluminum are durable and high-quality letters that looks flawlessly professional, they are more popular and effective metal material to customize.

Aluminum alloy is a light metal with strong plasticity which makes it convenient for grinding, cutting and corresponding mechanical operations.

aluminum custom metal letters

aluminum custom metal letters

Are used where sign are required like in cars, furniture, decoration and operations.


They have unique ancient finishing that complements the sign hence differentiating them from other forms of signage.

 Brass custom metal letters

brass custom metal letters

Stainless Steel

Are strong materials, low-maintenance properties and have luster finishing often used outside in scenes subjected to strong external forces outdoors.

They are used in manufacturing of nameplates.

During operation of machinery and equipment are subjected to very high temperatures thus high melting point.

stainless steel custom metal letters

stainless steel custom metal letters


Golden and bronze color of copper attracts many manufacturers e.g. gold medals, related gold-proof handicrafts and works of art.

In the process of sign production a lot of crafts is used in transforming the copper signs and the bright colors.

copper custom metal letters

copper custom metal letters

How Does Custom Plastic Letters Compare To Customs Metal Letters?

Image in metal letters are strong and permanent unlike plastic letters which have smooth and shiny surface.

Metal letters are more expensive while plastic letters are less expensive.

Metal letters are rich in texture and heavy thus highly durable unlike plastic letters which are economical, lightweight, quick to produce.

custom plastic letters

custom plastic letters

How Do You Manufacture Customs Metal Letters?

Prepare a piece of metal considering the letters you want to make.

Clean the metal well.

Use light coats of black spray paint to spray the metal until it is coated completely.

With the words that you want to use, cut the vinyl.

Put a transfer tape over the letters.

Smoothen it well with your thumbnail to the vinyl.

Make sure the black paint is dry then apply the painter’s tape to tape the border around the edge of the sign.

Measure the marks on each side and the center at top and bottom before you apply the vinyl letters.

Use the guide marks to apply the vinyl to the signs, be careful when aligning.

Remove marking tapes.

Spray light white paint coats severally.

Confirm to make sure the paint is dry and drill a hole in each corner.

Lastly peel off the tape and vinyl before using screws to hang the sign.

Are Customs Metal Letters Durable?


Metal materials are strong and long-lasting thus very durable.

Professional sign makers add protective coasts when used for signage purposes for metal to remain resistant thus withstanding natural elements.

Use different metals in making signs, style as you desire and choose the right location to place the signage.

How Much Do Custom Metal Letters Cost?

The volume of materials, design and size of the finished piece determines the price of metal letters.

Materials, production labor, metal cutting, grinding, welding, finish material costs and labor installation time dictates cost of metal letters or signs.

Which Fonts Of Customs Metal Letters Are There?
  • Architectural.
  • Arial.
  • Arial-Bold.
  • Classic-Roman.
  • Avant-Garde.
  • Clarendon-Fortune-Bold.
  • Copperplate.
  • Friz-Quadrata
What Are The Available Sizes Of Customs Metal Letters?

The standard height of letters is from 1″ to 48″

Width of metal sheets can reach up to 72”.

Which Surface Finishing Are Available For Customs Metal Letters?

Some of the most common surface finishes you can consider include:

Brushing aluminum

In signage industry brushed aluminum is a popular metal finish which creates a polished satin finish look in metals.

Anodizing aluminum

Change aluminum surfaces to a decoratively beautiful, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant anodic finish by electrochemical technique.

Oxidizing metal

Oxidized finishes appears when oxide layer forms on metal’s surface due to occurrence of an ionic chemical reaction in presence of oxygen

Letters of oxidized metal are gorgeous and convincing thus giving off a unique finishing look.

Polished metal

They provide a great and consistent coating throughout the lifespan of the metal sign.


Are very appealing and popular for storefront signs giving age appearance to the metal letter sign.

Automotive Paint

Flexible in-house spray booth with different types and grades of paint and finishing capabilities.

In most applications high-grade automotive paint works best with its long-lasting durability, corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant finish.

Before painting apply acidic primers.

Chrome Finish

Chrome Finish

Electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal substrate technique is chrome plating.

Chrome finishes are durable, brighter and shinier than stainless steel but can be scratch and show fingerprints and dirt easily.

Powder Coating

Dry powder coating finishing process for a wide array of products including metal gives it a high-quality hence durable finish.

Through an electrostatic process it is applied as a dry powder then cured with heat.

Availability of powder coatings are in an endless range of colors and textures.

It is resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, UV light, scratches, chipping, corrosion, fading in Powder-coated projects

How Can You Install Custom Metal Letters?

Start by gathering materials that you will need including ladders or step stool when installing at a height.

In the back of the letter screw the studs into the drilled holes in order to set studs in the letter.

Double check spellings, spacing and alignment of sign before you drill any holes.

Put your mounting template straight on the surface using a level and a tape.

Mark the stud placement on the surface using a center punch or nail.

Remove the mounting template, check all the holes where the nail marks the wall and drill.

Position the lettering in the holes without putting any adhesive, check to make sure letters are straight and spaced properly.

If the letters are not straight adjust the holes properly and counter check once more to confirm that everything is ok.

Remove letters from the holes and clean the surface before installation.

Take adhesive and coat the ends of the studs.

Add more adhesive by filling the holes.

Return the letters back into the holes making sure they touch the wall properly.

Add spacers to avoid letters from lying flat against the wall.

Clean excess glue around the edges of the letters.

When glue is still wet use tape to hold the letter in place until it is complete and dry.

Remove the tape.

How Do Flat Cut Custom Metal Letters Compare To Cast Custom Metal Letters?

The depth of cast metal letters are more compared to that of flat cut-out metal letters.

The backs of cast metal letters are hollow thus not covering for materials that won’t be seen.

flat cut custom metal letters

flat cut custom metal letters

Availability of cast metal letters are in over fifty font styles and standard sizes.

In flat cut metal which has unlimited sizes and fonts.

Both the cast metal and flat cut letters have the same finish selections and mineral properties.

cast custom metal letters

cast custom metal letters

What Is The Recommended Thickness For Custom Metal Letters?

Thickness range from ⅛”, ¼”, ½”, ¾” and 1”

The popular thickness is 3/16″

Additional Information:

Stainless Steel Letters

Cast Aluminum Letters

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