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Custom Safety Sign Manufacturer

KDM manufactures a wide range of safety signs that are specifically designed for cautious behavior and promoting safety in the workplace. All our safety signs are guaranteed to meet OSHA, ISP, BS5499, and more standards. We use different sheet metal materials that are printed with instructions and information about safety. These are available in customized designs, styles, and sizes. It is also laminated to ensure long-life service of up to 10 years. Contact us today for your order!

KDM Safety Signs Capabilities

KDM is an expert in different sheet metal fabrication for producing metal parts such as safety signs. Therefore, you can assure that we have full capabilities in fabricating a wide range of safety signs for ornate buildings, workplaces, office blocks, and more. Through our advanced sheet metal fabrication, we can customize safety signs such as:

  • Hearing and Eye Protection Safety Sign
  • Danger Keep Out Sign
  • Use Hand Rail Warning Sign
  • No Smoking in this Area Sign, and more

KDM offers a wide range of custom safety signs to meet your requirements!

KDM Safety Signs Capabilities

Featured Safety Signs

Workplace Safety Signs
It is widely used for informing workers and visitors about the potential danger in the workplace. These safety signs are commonly used in a factory, construction sites, warehouses, etc.
Machine Safety Signs
Machine safety signs are used for informing employees and workers about hot surfaces, moving parts, sharp edges, and other threats. It features a round edge to prevent cuts during installation.
Electrical Safety Signs
The electrical safety signs are used for protecting workers from concealed and hidden electrical hazards. These safety signs are compliant with ANSI and OSHA design guidelines.
Wear PPE
The wear PPE sign is used for protecting workers on a worksite. All the symbols, graphics, and formats of our Wear PPE sign comply with ISO, ANSI, and OSHA.
Confined Space
A confined space safety sign is used for informing individuals to follow all the entry procedures before entering a specific area. It is available in custom sizes and designs to meet your requirements.
Do Not Enter Signs
KDM Do Not Enter Signs are used for roads, construction zones, radiation areas, electrical rooms, chemical storage areas, confined spaces, and more applications.

Custom Safety Signs to Skyrocket Your Business

KDM is a supplier of custom safety signs that are manufactured using high-quality sheet metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and more. We guarantee that all safety signs are durable and rust-proof. You can choose different colors, shapes, and sizes. These are also available in custom wording with different languages, logos, and images. All our safety signs are printed using traffic-grade inks and inkjet printers. For bulk orders of custom safety signs, request a quote from our team today!

Why Choose KDM Safety Signs

Why Choose KDM Safety Signs

At KDM, you can choose a broad range of safety signs that are high-quality, durable, long-lasting, and rust-proof.

  • All safety signs are made from superior quality sheet metal materials
  • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Back-printed to assure maximum durability
  • Features self-adhesive backing for easy mounting
  • High-quality glossy finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for outdoor use with harsh environmental conditions

Customized safety signs are also available at KDM!

KDM Safety Signs Fabrication Capabilities

KDM uses different sheet metal fabrication techniques for producing safety signs like the following:

Sheet Metal Cutting
We use the cutting process to achieve the desired sizes of the safety signs. It is done using chiseling, shearing, sawing, and more.
Sheet Metal Punching
It is a process that uses metal fabrication equipment for punching holes in the safety signs. The holes in the safety signs serve as a mounting option.
Sheet Metal Forming
KDM is an expert in sheet metal forming to bend the materials into the desired shape of your safety signs. We use coining and roll forming in this process.
Sheet Metal Finishing
We used sheet metal finishing to improve the appearance of safety signs such as solderability, adhesion, hardness, wear resistance, and more.
Sheet Metal Stamping
In this process, the metal products undergo multiple bending, punches, and embossing through a progressive die.
Sheet Metal Screen Printing
We use sheet metal to print the safety instructions, warnings, and labels on the safety signs. This process offers limitless sizes and colors.
KDM manufactures OSHA signs with four different categories including Notice, Caution, Warning, and Danger. We can produce different safety signs for these four categories depending on the workplace’s hazard severity. KDM offers a wide range of OSHA safety signs to prevent injuries and accidents. We have stock designs of OSHA safety signs at our factory. However, you can also use our template or send your own design for your custom needs. All our safety signs are guaranteed certified by OSHA safety signs standards. Among our OSHA safety signs are the following: • Authorized Personnel Only • Chemical Hazard • Danger • Do Not Enter • PPE • Hazardous materials, and more
ISO Safety Signs
KDM has full capabilities in manufacturing safety signs that comply with ISO7010 standards. These safety signs are printed with graphical symbols such as warning signs or hazard symbols. All our ISO safety signs are widely used for emergency evacuation, precise safety communication, health hazard information, fire protection, accident prevention, and more. These are suitable for any workplace environment. KDM ISO safety signs are also categorized into three classifications including Mandatory Action, Prohibition, and Warning. We guarantee that these signs are rust-proof and can last longer even in outdoor use. It is also available in different sizes to suit your needs.

Different Regulatory Requirements We Complied

As a professional manufacturer, we guarantee that all our safety signs are certified by various international standards.

We designed safety signs according to OSHA Standard 1910, 145. These signs don’t have burrs, splinters, sharp edges, and blunt corners. The design and applications of our safety signs are according to the OSHA standards.

Aside from that, we are also certified by ANSI standards and military standards. Therefore, you can assure the quality of our safety signs. For custom design, don’t hesitate to contact us!

KDM Safety Sign Materials

To ensure the quality, durability, and effectiveness of our safety signs, KDM used high-quality materials such as the following:

  • Stainless Steel. These materials are versatile, durable, and strong. It is commonly used for industrial and architectural signage.
  • Aluminum. This material features chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Our safety signs made from aluminum feature protected graphics while keeping the symbol or message clear. It can also withstand different outdoor conditions such as cleanings, washdowns, and more.
  • Steel. Safety signs made from steel are guaranteed to have high-temperature resistance. It can also withstand windy conditions for outside use. It comes with four corner mounting holes and rounded corners.

KDM can also use reflective steel and aluminum materials for safety sign production. If you want a specific material for your safety sign orders, we can customize it for you! Contact us today!

Safety Sign Materials

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KDM – Your Reliable Safety Sign Supplier in China

KDM is a manufacturer of premade safety signs that are widely used for addressing hazards. We guarantee that all our safety signs meet OSHA, ISO, and other international standards. Our safety signs are easy to clean, easy to install, and printed with clear symbols and graphics.

We manufacture a broad selection of safety signs for limitless application needs. You can purchase our safety signs in different sizes and shapes available. It also comes with different materials including reflective materials, mountable substrates, adhesive labels, and more.

KDM can offer you customized solutions. We can manufacture safety signs based on your specification. Our team can also add your logo, brand name, or packaging. It is available in low MOQ to support your starting business!

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