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Custom Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer in China

KDM offers custom aluminum sheet fabrication using sophisticated and advanced technology. We can customize different aluminum sheets, parts, or panels according to your requirements.


Auminum Sheet for Any Industrial Need

Because of its excellent properties, the aluminum sheet is widely used for different applications including HVAC-R, buildings, automotive, construction, aerospace, shipbuilding, railways, ocean engineering, and more industries. We can provide aluminum sheets that are lightweight. It also has high ductility for easy forming into new shapes and parts. Aside from that, KDM offers an aluminum sheet with high thermal & electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and recyclability. If you need a first-class aluminum sheet fabrication for your customized metal parts, KDM can always help you.

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1100 Aluminum Plate

1100 aluminum plates that are commercially pure alloy with up to 90% aluminum content. It is formed by drawing, stamping, or spinning.

3003 Aluminum Plate

Aluminum 3003 plate features moderate strength, excellent corrosion resistance, superior weldability, machinability, and formability.

3004 Aluminum Sheet
3004 Aluminum Sheet

3004 aluminum sheet is non-heat treatable while providing excellent workability, corrosion resistance, high strength, and drawing characteristics.

3105 Aluminum Sheet
3105 Aluminum Sheet

The 3105 aluminum sheet has a semi-smooth surface and is lightweight. It is made up of 98% pure aluminum with 0.3% of the copper composition.

5005 Aluminum Sheet
5005 Aluminum Sheet

5005 aluminum sheets are non-heat-treatable with an anodic oxide finish, durability, decorative, and corrosion-resistant. It is ideal for architectural metalworks.

5052 Aluminum Sheet

The 5052 aluminum sheets are available in different thicknesses with high elongation and strength. These are also certified by ASTM B209 and other standards.

5083 Aluminum Sheet
5083 Aluminum Sheet

Our 5083 aluminum sheet has good forming characteristics, is weldable, and has excellent resistance to corrosion. It is used for producing marine, cars, and other parts.

5086 Aluminum Sheet
5086 Aluminum Sheet

5086 aluminum sheets have good machining, saltwater resistance, and weldability making them ideal for building boats and vessel gangways application.

5182 Aluminum Sheet
5182 Aluminum Sheet

The 5182 aluminum sheet offers moderate strength, welding techniques, and formability making it perfect for the construction and automotive industries.

5251 Aluminum Sheet

5251 Aluminum Sheet is available in different surface finishes such as mill, bright, hair line, brush, embossed, etching, sandblast, and more.

5754 Aluminum Sheet

The 5754 aluminum sheets are widely used for ship exterior, tread plates, vehicle bodies, and other parts because of their high strength, excellent machinability, and corrosion resistance.

6016 Aluminum Sheet
6016 Aluminum Sheet

6016 Aluminum Sheets are heat treatable alloy with high strength superior machinability and corrosion resistance mostly used for automotive industry applications.

6061 Aluminum Sheet

Our aluminum 6061 sheets are guaranteed to have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, easy to weld, superior machinability, and corrosion resistance.

6082 Aluminum Sheet

KDM 6082 aluminum sheets are widely used for producing different parts such as trusses, automotive parts, milk churns, bridges, and more.

6181 Aluminum Sheet
6181 Aluminum Sheet

6181 Aluminum Sheets are heat-treatable alloys with high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, a wide range of surface finishes, and machinability.

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Thickness Range KDM Can Custom (20)

  • 0.2mm Aluminum Plate
    0.2mm Aluminum Plate

    KDM 0.2mm aluminum plate is widely used for producing different parts for industries such as construction, decoration, electric appliance, and more.

  • 0.3mm Aluminum Sheet
    0.3mm Aluminum Sheet

    We use a 0.3mm aluminum sheet for making aluminum components such as an electronic capacitors, lampshades, air conditioners, computer castings, and so on.

  • 0.4mm Aluminum Sheet
    0.4mm Aluminum Sheet

    KDM offers a 0.4mm aluminum sheet with good machinability, excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, formability, and more physical properties.

  • 0.5mm Aluminum Plates
    0.5mm Aluminum Plates

    The 0.5mm aluminum plates are available in a wide range of grades such as 6063, 3003, etc. These are suitable for bending, welding, punching, and cutting.

  • 0.7mm Aluminum Sheet
    0.7mm Aluminum Sheet

    Our 0.7mm aluminum sheets have tidy, smooth, and precise surfaces. It features a flat cutting edge and a smooth surface without burrs.

  • 0.45mm Aluminum Sheet
    0.45mm Aluminum Sheet

    We offer an aluminum sublimation sheet with 0.45mm thickness. These are widely used for producing photo frames and panels.

  • 0.55mm Aluminum Plates
    0.55mm Aluminum Plates

    KDM 0.55mm aluminum plates are available in different surface treatments such as satin, matte, mirror, pearlized, brushed, and more.

  • 0.65mm Aluminum Plates
    0.65mm Aluminum Plates

    The 0.65mm aluminum plates have outdoor condition resistance, anti-graffiti finish, scratch resistance, UV resistance, and chemical resistance.

  • 1mm Aluminum Sheet
    1mm Aluminum Sheet

    Our 1mm aluminum sheets are available in polished and brushed surface finish. It is commonly used for constructions and buildings project.

  • 1.2mm Aluminum Sheet
    1.2mm Aluminum Sheet

    Our 1.2mm aluminum sheets are widely used for manufacturing different parts such as truck bodies, trailers, cars, refrigerators, and ships.

  • 1.5mm Aluminum Plate
    1.5mm Aluminum Plate

    Our 1.5mm aluminum plates are available in grade 1050 with high ductility, reflective finish, excellent workability, and machinability.

  • 2mm Aluminum Plate
    2mm Aluminum Plate

    Our 2mm aluminum plates have high strength, corrosion resistance, and are lightweight that are ideal for engineering industries.

  • 2.5mm Aluminium Sheet
    2.5mm Aluminium Sheet

    The 2.5mm aluminum sheet comes with a perforated, painted, expanded, and diamond plate. It features lightweight and corrosion resistance.

  • 3mm Aluminium Sheet
    3mm Aluminium Sheet

    The most common grades of our 3mm aluminum sheet are 6061, 5083, 5052, 3003, 1070, and 1060. It is available in customized surface treatments.

  • 4mm Aluminum Sheet
    4mm Aluminum Sheet

    Our 4mm aluminum sheets are available in different surface treatments such as color-coated, anodized, mirrored, blue film, powder-coated, and more.

  • 5mm Aluminum Sheet
    5mm Aluminum Sheet

    The 5mm aluminum sheets can be used for producing different parts for applications like transportation, construction, airplane, and machinery.

  • 6mm Aluminum Plate
    6mm Aluminum Plate

    KDM 6mm aluminum plates are available in customized length and width. It features corrosion resistance, good machinability, and is lightweight.

  • 8mm Aluminum Plate
    8mm Aluminum Plate

    KDM 8mm aluminum plates are available in different grades including 1050, 3105, 3005, 8011, and more. It also comes with custom finishes.

  • 10mm Aluminum Sheet

    We offer 10mm aluminum sheets that are widely used for ceiling and building materials. These are also available in custom surface treatments upon request.

  • 25mm Aluminum Sheet
    25mm Aluminum Sheet

    Our 25mm aluminum sheets are available in brushed, sandblast, and more surface treatments. These are processed through hot and cold processes.

Custom Aluminum Sheet for Any Industry Use (6)

  • Aerospace industry

    Our custom aluminum sheets are widely used for aerospace parts fabrication with different processes including welding, painting, coating, etc.

  • HVAC Industry

    KDM aluminum sheets are used for AC sheet metal fabrication to produce parts such as fittings, roof curbs, roof curb adapters, ductworks, and more.

  • Automotive Industry

    We used custom aluminum sheet fabrication for producing car parts in the automotive industry. Our processes include pressing, stamping, and more.

  • medical equipment

    Our custom aluminum sheet fabrication is widely used for manufacturing medical equipment such as ablation systems, medical carts, kiosks, etc.

  • Defense Industry

    KDM offers custom aluminum sheet fabrication for making defense parts and components such as metal enclosures and armored vehicles.

  • Electronics Industry

    We used custom aluminum sheets for making electronic industry components including electrical enclosures, machine frames, and shields.

Features of Aluminum Sheet


KDM aluminum sheets have high ductility. It varies in different thickness and can be very thin according to your requirements.

Corrosion Resistance

We offer custom aluminum sheet that features high malleability. It can be bent or shaped easily according to your request.

Corrosion Resistance

Our aluminum sheets are integrated with self-protecting oxide layer that makes it highly resistance to corrosion and rust.

Wide Range of Applications
Wide Range of Applications

Because of its excellent physical properties, our aluminum sheets are widely used for construction, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Custom Aluminum Sheet Cutting

KDM has advanced cutting technology including laser and waterjet.

Laser Cutting. Laser cutting technology is ideal for cutting 30mm thickness of aluminum sheets. It provides less deformation, less material heating, efficiency, and faster cutting. Laser cutting also offers excellent precision and accuracy for cutting complex geometries.

Waterjet Cutting. Aluminum sheet water jet cutting is commonly used for small volume cutting that needs high precision. It is capable of cutting up to 300mm aluminum sheets. This cutting process involves a combination of abrasives and water at high speed to cut the metal.

Aluminum Cutting
Aluminum Welding

Custom Aluminum Sheet Welding

KDM offers different aluminum sheet welding processes including:

TIG Welding. This welding process uses alternating current for thinner aluminum sheets up 2mm.

MIG Welding. It is commonly used for thicker aluminum sheets. This welding process uses a torch to create a high melting rate.

The plasma welding process uses a direct current to introduce heat into the sheets in an orderly manner.

Custom Aluminum Sheet Bending

Because of the softness, lightweight, and malleability of aluminum sheets, they can be easily bent without cracking or breaking. This process is used for forming the sheets into the desired shape. Below are some methods of our bending process:

  • V-Bending
  • Bottoming
  • Air Bending
  • Coining
  • U-Bending
  • Step Bending
Aluminum Bending
Aluminum Stamping

Custom Aluminum Sheet Stamping

Aluminum stamping is used for transforming aluminum sheet metals into specific shapes. Stamping uses cold forming to create a variety of complex three-dimensional shapes. Aluminum sheet metal stamping includes:

  • Aluminum sheet metal blanking
  • Aluminum sheet metal punching
  • Aluminum sheet metal threading
  • Aluminum sheet deep-drawing

Surface Treatment & Optimization of Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum Sheet Surface Finishing
Aluminum Surface Finishing

KDM is an expert in custom aluminum sheet fabrication for different industries such as automotive, aerospace, and more. We provide different aluminum sheet surface treatments to improve its quality and appearance. Our range of surface treatments includes:

Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum sheet metal materials are perfect for the anodizing process. This surface treatment is an electrochemical process that can provide more anodic oxide finish, corrosion resistance, durability, and durability to the aluminum sheets.

Aluminum Wire Drawing

Aluminum wire drawing is commonly applied for aluminum sheet parts such as musical instruments, paper clips, cables, springs, spokes, and more. It provides increased speed, cleaner wire, better control, heat removal, easy filtration, and more advantages.

Aluminum Sandblasting

We offer aluminum sandblasting to propel fine particles of abrasive aluminum sheet metals. This process is commonly done before painting.

Aluminum Polishing

KDM uses abrasives and physical tools for aluminum polishing. This process is used for removing flaws on an aluminum sheet such as pits, scratches, grinding lines, and more. It also creates a mirror-like surface for the aluminum sheet.

Aluminum Powder Coating

Powder coating is a surface treatment type that gives extra corrosion resistance and aesthetic colors to the aluminum sheet. Benefits of KDM aluminum powder coating include hardness, durability, visual appeal, cost-effectiveness, and being environmentally friendly.

KDM Custom Aluminum Sheet

Types of Aluminum Sheets
Types of Aluminum Sheets

KDM offers a wide range of aluminum sheets including:

  • Perforated aluminum sheets
  • Chequered aluminum sheets
  • Anodized aluminum sheets
  • Composite aluminum sheets
  • Brushed aluminum sheets, and more

KDM can also customize different aluminum sheets according to your requirements.

Aluminum Sheet Applications

Because of its excellent physical and mechanical properties, custom aluminum sheets are widely used for applications including:

  • Roofing
  • Artistic ceilings
  • Balconies
  • Aluminum panels, and more

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More Parts We Made for Our Clients

Aluminum Front Panel
Aluminum Front Panel

We use aluminum sheet metals for producing aluminum front panels with lightweight, impact resistance, and readability. It comes with finishes such as gloss, satin, and matte.

Billet Aluminum Plate
Billet Aluminum Plate

KDM uses aluminum sheets for billet aluminum plate production. Our billet aluminum plates are guaranteed to have high purity, surface quality, stability, and high performance.

Aluminum Fuel Tank Fabrication
Aluminum Fuel Tank Fabrication

We offer aluminum fuel tank fabrication that provides corrosion resistance, easy installations, durability, and customization. These are produced using aluminum sheet metal stamping, bending, forming, and more.

Cast Aluminum Letters
Cast Aluminum Letters

We offer cast aluminum letters with different styles and colors of finishes and fonts. These are suitable for outdoor and indoor decorative applications. It is also ideal for any sign projects.

Sheet Metal Box Fabrication
Sheet Metal Box Fabrication

KDM uses different grades of aluminum sheets for metal box fabrication. We assure high accuracy, precision, optimized structural performance, and customized sizes according to your needs.

Metal Nameplates
Metal Nameplates

KDM offers high-quality metal nameplates that are manufactured using different grades of aluminum shapes. These are guaranteed to have sturdiness, lightweight, glossy finish, and anti-rust properties.

Custom Aluminum Sheet
Custom Aluminum Sheet for Your Industry

KDM offers a wide range of aluminum sheets that are widely used for different industries such as aerospace, construction, and more. These materials are also used for producing an extensive range of parts such as aluminum panels, ports, and more. We can customize aluminum sheets according to your needs. KDM also offers aluminum sheet fabrication to customize different parts. Send us your inquiries today!

  • “I highly recommend KDM as a trusted supplier of custom aluminum sheets. I purchased different thicknesses with lightweight, high quality, and durability. Thank you, KDM!”

  • “KDM has been a great supplier of custom aluminum sheets. I have a great time purchasing aluminum sheets that have excellent physical properties and thermal conductivity.”

  • “Thank you KDM for the high-quality and customized aluminum sheets. The surface treatments are high-quality and have broad options. Five stars for KDM!”

Custom Aluminum Sheet: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the best custom aluminum sheet can be overwhelming task without the right information. A reason this guide explores all information you need to know about customon aluminum sheets such as size, properties, specification and finishes, just to mention a few.

What Is A Custom Aluminum Sheet?

An aluminum sheet is a flat, thin piece of aluminum.  If the aluminum sheet is made to suit your specific needs or requirements, then we refer to it as a custom aluminum sheet. Customizing aluminum sheets has gained popularity over time since it meets the specific expectations of its users.

custom aluminum sheet

custom aluminum sheet

Applications Of Custom Aluminum Sheet

the aluminum sheets affect the efficiency of the aluminum sheet in a specific application.In the table below, we have highlighted the typical applications of custom aluminum sheets as per the common aluminum grades in the market.

Custom Aluminum Grade Typical Applications (Making…)
Aluminum Sheet 1100 (1000 Series) Heat exchanger fins, cooking utensils, decorative parts, Fin stock, rivets, spun hollowware, and reflectors.
Aluminum Sheet 2024 (2000 Series) Hard ware, structural components, truck wheels, structural components, and various parts in the transportation industry
Aluminum Sheet 3003 (3000 Series) Decorative Parts, pressure vessels, chemical tanks, piping, and trim.
Aluminum Sheet 5052 (5000 Series) Aircraft tubes, milk crates, kitchen cabinets, home freezers, fencing, hydraulic tubes
Aluminum Sheet  6061 (6000 series) Platforms, flooring, drainage and trench covers, stair treads, walkways, platforms
Aluminum Sheet 7075 (7000 Series) Missiles, aerospace, spacecraft, and any other defense applications

From the above table, it is evident that the complexity and intensity of the application vary depending on the grade of the aluminum sheet. At this point, the applications might seem vague since you may not understand the various grades well enough.  However, since our business is in making you comprehend all there is in customizing aluminum sheets, we will have an in-depth look at the various grades in the next section.

Alloy Grades Of Custom Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum alloys are differentiated with four digits. These digits indicate the primary alloying element for the specific aluminum series. The table below indicates the typical aluminum series and their alloying elements.

Aluminum Series Alloying Element
1000 Aluminum
2000 Copper
3000 Manganese
4000 Silicon
5000 Magnesium
6000 Silicon and Magnesium

Notably, the various digits indicate different aspects as below:

  • First Digit – This shows the primary alloying element.
  • Second Digit – Indicates any modifications or impurities on the alloys
  • Third & Fourth Digits – Shows the purity of the aluminum alloy

In the above table, we have shown the broader classification of aluminum alloys. Below are the commonly available grades for aluminum sheets:

Aluminum Sheet 1100 – This is typically considered the commercially pure aluminum alloy. It has excellent workability due to its soft and malleable nature. Compared to other aluminum alloys, it has the highest thermal and impressive electrical conductivity.

Aluminum Sheet 2024 – Aluminum sheet manufactured from 2024 alloy boasts superb fatigue resistance due to the alloy’s high strength rating. Sheets made from the 2024 alloy are used in parts and structures that require a good strength to weight ratio.

Aluminum Sheet 3003 – Aluminum alloy 3003 is simply alloy 1100 with an addition of manganese. The addition of manganese makes this alloy and the resultant aluminum sheet stronger. Notably, this 3003 alloy is commonly used in the aluminum sheets industry. Aluminum sheets manufactured from this alloy have impressive corrosion resistance and workability.

Aluminum Sheet 5052 – The highlight feature of aluminum sheets made from the 5052 alloys is their high strength, which translates to good resistance to marine corrosion. Forming the 5052 alloy to aluminum sheets of various shapes is easy since it has excellent workability. Lastly, you can achieve an excellent aluminum sheet finish if you use this alloy.

Aluminum Sheet 6061 – The 6061 alloy has high versatility and thus offers a wide range of mechanical properties such as good formability, easy fabrication, and weld-ability(with all welding methods).

Aluminum Sheet 7075 – Aluminum sheets formed from the 7075 alloys have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Consequently, these sheets are commonly used in highly stressed aircraft parts.

Specifications Of Custom Aluminum Sheet

The specifications of all aluminum sheets are contained in the SAE international standard SAE AMS-QQ-A-250. Importantly, this standard is internationally accepted. This standard outlines the specific requirements of all aluminum sheets.

This affects the customization of the aluminum sheets since the sheets have to adhere to every specification as per the standards

However, this document is supplemented by the American National Standards (ANSI H35. 1), which classify the different aluminum sheets and plates in terms of tempers.

Temper is an important aspect of custom aluminum sheets. Manufacturers offer differing tempers for their custom aluminum sheets.

Additionally, thickness is also an important aspect of the specifications of aluminum sheets. Typically, the thickness of aluminum sheets ranges from 0.5 mm to 10mm.

Cost Of Custom Aluminum Sheet

The cost of aluminum sheet varies depending on various factors such as:

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Customization
  • Alloy grade used

Typically, the cost of a 12” by 12” aluminum sheet ranges anywhere between 9 USD to 20 USD.

custom aluminum sheet

custom aluminum sheet

Process Of Customizing Aluminum Sheet

Customization of aluminum sheets mostly falls under three categories, namely:

  • Thickness
  • Cutting
  • Finishing or coating

Customizing these aspects is easy, depending on the availability and efficiency of the manufacturer. With the advent of eCommerce, we provide an online option that allows you to customize your aluminum sheet remotely. Once we receive your request and specifications, we will promptly start customizing the aluminum sheet to your liking.

However, we have a minimum order requirement (MOQ) to ensure economy of scale. Alternatively, if you already have aluminum sheets, you can opt for DIY customization so that your aluminum sheets can meet your project requirement.

Properties Of Custom Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum sheets have varying properties. The properties can be divided into two: physical and chemical properties.

Physical Properties

Physical properties of custom aluminum sheets include aspects such as:

  • Structure
  • Surface
  • Ductility
  • State and color
  • Malleability
  • Corrosion
  • Density
  • Conductivity
  • Melting and boiling point
  • Hardness

Chemical Properties

The main chemical properties include:

  • Oxidation
  • Reactivity with water, alkali, and acid
  • Alloy-forming ability

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties have a lot to do with the strength of the aluminum sheets. Aspects to consider under mechanical properties include:

  • Yield strength
  • Elasticity in tension
  • Shear strength
  • Breaking point (the furthest it can elongate)
  • Tensile strength

These various properties dictate the efficiency of a specific customized aluminum alloy to its intended application.

Strength Of Custom Aluminum Sheets

Two factors dictate the strength of custom aluminum sheets:

Alloy grade – If the aluminum alloy grade is strong, the resultant custom aluminum sheets will also be strong.

Finishing – The application of finishing or a coating on an aluminum sheet will greatly boost the strength of your custom aluminum sheet.

The strength of an aluminum sheet is relative. Other features such as thickness, temperature tolerance, and machinability also greatly dictate the strength of your custom aluminum sheets.

Difference Between Coated and Non-coated Custom Aluminum Sheets

As the names imply, the difference between the two lies in the aluminum sheet’s finishing type. Arguably, coated custom aluminum sheets have superior properties to their uncoated counterparts. The coating layer, be it through anodizing, powder coating, or metal coating, boosts both the strength and the corrosion resistance of your custom aluminum sheets.

coated custom aluminum sheet

coated custom aluminum sheet

Additionally, the coating can also improve the aesthetics of your custom aluminum sheet. However, we do not completely was the idea of non-coated aluminum sheets. The custom aluminum sheet can have superb features depending on the aluminum alloy used.

non coated custom aluminum sheet

non coated custom aluminum sheet

Ideally, your choice of either a coated or a non-coated custom aluminum sheets will be dictated by two factors:

  • The aluminum alloy grade is used in manufacturing the aluminum sheets.
  • Your intended application for the custom aluminum sheet.
Flexibility Of Custom Aluminum Sheets

The main highlight of aluminum sheets is their light weight. However, these sheets are also strong. Notably, the features of aluminum sheets make them easy to fabricate. Custom aluminum sheets are flexible since they can be melted, machined, or welded. This implies that custom aluminum sheets are flexible since they can be used in various ways depending on your need/

Benefits Of Custom Aluminum Sheets

Below are the top benefits associated with custom aluminum sheets:

Versatility – Despite aluminum being versatile, the fact that custom aluminum shapes are manufactured as per your liking increases their versatility rating.

Lightweight – Custom aluminum sheets are largely preferred to their lightweight, which does not negatively impact their strength. Its light weight implies that it is easy to fabricate it.

Strength – Regardless of their lightweight, aluminum sheets are incredibly strong. Further customizing the sheets using impure aluminum alloys or applying finishes boosts their strength.

Cost-effective – Custom aluminum sheets are cost-effective compared to sheets of other metals.

Corrosion Resistance – Depending on the alloy used, custom aluminum sheets usually have high corrosion resistance.

Types Of Finishes For Custom Aluminum Sheets

There are three common types of finishes for custom aluminum sheets, namely:

Metal Plating – This type of finishing has two options; electroplating or electroless plating. Plating increases the corrosion resistance of the aluminum metal sheet.

Anodizing – There are two options for anodizing; hard-coat or normal anodizing. Anodizing improves the wear resistance of the aluminum sheets in addition to improving their aesthetics

Powder coating – This can be considered a coloring option for aluminum sheets. Moreover, it also improves the corrosion resistance of aluminum sheets.

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