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Billet Aluminum Plate Manufacturer in China
KDM offers a wide range of billet aluminum plates for different applications. We offer low MOQ, fast delivery, and competitive prices.
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We offer fast delivery of your aluminum billet plate within 10 to 15 days.
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KDM offers low MOQ of your aluminum billet plate order to support your business.

Billet Aluminum Plate

KDM manufactures aluminum billets that are widely used for forging or extrusion of aluminum. It is produced using different processes such as melting, slag removal, and more. We guarantee high-quality billet aluminum plates for your applications.

  • Uniformity and stability of performance
  • High purity
  • Superior metallurgical quality
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Customized based on your requirement
Trusted Billet Aluminum Plate Manufacturer

KDM Featured Billet Aluminum Plates

Sheet Aluminum Thick Plate
Our sheet metal aluminum thick plates are available in 5052 aluminum grades. These are rust-proof, high-strength, and anti-fatigue. It has mill finished, embossed, and more surface finish. These are also suitable for rivets, vehicles, hard products, etc.
Aluminium Anti-slip Plate
The aluminum anti-slip plates are available in 6000 series aluminum grades. It is ideal for diamond plate, checker plate, etc. This comes with mill surface finish and customized thickness and width.
Laser Cutting Aluminum Plates
Our laser cutting aluminum plates are ideal for motorcycle parts, bike parts, etc. It is available in 6000 series, Alu7075-T6, and more. These are processed through laser cutting with customized sizes and surface treatments.
Precision Billet Aluminum Plate Parts
We manufacture precision billet aluminum plate parts up to 0.01 to 0.05mm tolerance. It is available in custom surface finish. These are processed through CNC machining with customized dimension and sizes.
Custom 6061 Aluminum Billet Plate
Our custom 6061 aluminum billet plates are made from 6061-T6, 5052, 6063, etc. These are available in chrome, nickel-plated, and more. We offer customizable with logo and low minimum order quantity.
KDM 6061-T6 aluminum sheet alloy plates are available up to 0.6 to 450mm thickness. It has a brushed surface finish, customized sizes, and dimensions. These are also EN485-2008 certified

How We Take Care of Your Order

Billet Aluminum Plates for Different Applications


KDM Billet Aluminum Plate Advantages

We assure that all our aluminum billet plates have high strength for different applications. It has a grain structure that improves the overall strength of the aluminum plate.
Through our fabrication services, we can manufacture billet aluminum plates faster. Thus, we can offer high-volume production for your orders.
KDM offers low-cost billet aluminum plates fabrication with tight tolerances and high precision through forging method.
KDM manufactures aluminum billet plates with high extrudability, surface quality, superior mechanical properties, and excellent physical properties.
Our aluminum billet plates are manufactured for different applications including engineering, aviation, transport, buildings, automotive, and more.
You can purchase our billet plates that are made from different aluminum grades such as 1060 aluminum plate, 1100 aluminum sheet, 6000 series, 5052, and more.
KDM Billet Aluminum Plate Process

KDM Billet Aluminum Plate Process

KDM manufactures billet aluminum plates through a hot-rolling, extrusion, or continuous casting process. Aluminum billets are formed using intense pressure after the impurities are removed. The shape or size of the aluminum billet plate will depend according to your requirements.

We can customize the billet aluminum plate fabrication process to meet the different industries such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, and more.

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KDM Billet Aluminum Plate
“I found the best aluminum billet plates at KDM. All the plates are high-quality and easy to machine. Plus, the services are also great. I purchased these plates at KDM with very affordable price.”
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Our Services

Quality Guarantee
Quality Guarantee
KDM prioritizes the quality of the products and satisfaction of our customers. We provide the most satisfactory services and products.
Product Quality
Product Quality
KDM provide one-stop solution in billet aluminum plate from design, material selection, development, production, and sales.
We can manufacture billet aluminum plates according to your drawings, samples, and OEM requirements. KDM also provides design services.
Quality Control
Quality Control
KDM has a strict quality control management that strictly monitors every billet aluminum plates before, during, and after production.

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