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Picture Frame Fabrication

KDM has a large selection of picture frames constructed of high-quality sheet metal. With superb advantage, standard or bespoke frame outlines are available including durability, beautiful designs, lightweight, and corrosion resistance. 

Aside from that, all unique configurations are available like: steel painting frames, welded frames, hanging picture frames, art picture frames, etc. All are fully configurable, with a variety of surface coatings and features. 

Metal Frame By Features

Advertising Metal Picture Frame
The advertising metal picture frame can be wall-mount or hung. These frames are indeed given durability and suitability for wholesome photographs, public advertisements, artworks, or displays.
Decorative Metal Picture Frame
The decorative metal picture frames have a high-quality fashion design that elevates glamour and elegance to homes, offices, and rooms and is also a great gift idea for some occasions.
Custom-Style Metal Picture Frame
Frames are designed not just to display photos but also to serve as decorations. This frame can be produced from different metals and is ideal for solo, group portraits or landscape photographs.
Funeral Metal Picture Frame
Most funeral metal picture frame is built of brass metals. It guarantees exceptional strength and sturdiness and performs consistent resistance from rust, corrosion, and weather.
Metal Etching Picture Frame
A metal etching picture frame is created with enhancing sustainability, durability, and longevity use. It has a perfect color-pattern combination suited for decoration and photo-gallery display.
Glossy Metallic Picture Frame
The glossy metallic picture frame is reliable in protecting all sentimental photos. Not easy to get scratches or cracks. It has high-glossy structures that guarantee to multiply beauty and make all displays look so lively.

Picture Frames by Materials (4)

Frames By Color (4)

  • Modern Silver Metal Frame
    Modern Silver Metal Frame

    The adaptable silver metal picture frame may be used to display anything from graphic art to family photos. With delicate brushed outer borders and a slim, flat form that gives it a modern, gallery vibe, pure style flows.

  • Contemporary Gray Metal Frame
    Contemporary Gray Picture Frame

    The gray metal picture frame will look great with any artwork, including canvas paintings, fine art prints, black and white photos, and drawings. Its square, canvas-friendly profile elevates every piece of art to a modern masterpiece.

  • Modern Navy Blue Metal Picture Frame
    Modern Navy Blue Metal Frame

    The modern navy blue metal picture frames are easily assembled and have a hang, spring clips, wire, and corner brackets are provided. It can be used for vacation shots as well as family milestones that will be remembered for decades.

  • Thin Black Metal Picture Frame
    Thin Black Metal Picture Frame

    The black metal photo frame has a contemporary appearance that you’ll appreciate. Its slim, squared form fits up to 11/16″ canvas and adds dramatic depth and contrast to paintings, prints, art pictures, and sketches.

KDM Sheet Metal Picture Frame Manufacturer
KDM Sheet Metal Picture Frames Advantages

Fabrication Capabilities

KDM can manufacture bespoke sheet metal picture frames based on your preferred application. For almost a decade, KDM has been creating picture frames out of various sheet metals. 

We have our own factory in China, where we can create unique designs and provide custom services to meet your requirements. KDM can also print your personalized logo to help promote your business.

Why Choose KDM Sheet Metal Picture Frame

Sheet metal picture frames come in a variety of sophisticated designs to complement any photography or art collection. Because of their visual appeal, these are ideal for any recollection. Different finishes and styles to choose from, all of which are perfect for complementing drawings, decorations, portraits, designs, or creativity.

KDM is the ideal option if you own a company and need to acquire sheet metal picture frames from China. We are ready to support what you need.

KDM can work closely with your company’s needs in order to give you the high-quality services you deserve. That is what distinguishes us as a valuable and trustworthy partner to our clients.

  • Support customization of color, design, sizes, and materials.
  • OEM are ODM welcome.
  • After-sale protection service.
  • Small order is available.
  • Superior favorable price good service.
  • Best quality products.
  • Customization based on client’s specifications.
  • Strong production capacity.
  • Skilled workers to ensure good quality.
  • Very prompt and professional communication to all your queries.

Please contact us if you have any questions about sheet metal photo frames. We provide online support 24/7 to meet your needs.

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