Sheet Metal Picture Frame Manufacturer

Sheet Metal Picture Frame Manufacturer in China

Trusted Sheet Metal Picture Frame Manufacturer

Trusted Sheet Metal Picture Frame Manufacturer

KDM has a large selection of picture frames constructed of high-quality sheet metal. With superb advantage, standard or bespoke frame outlines are available including durability, beautiful designs, lightweight, and corrosion resistance. 

Aside from that, all unique configurations are available like: steel painting frames, welded frames, hanging picture frames, art picture frames, etc. All are fully configurable, with a variety of surface coatings and features. 

Sheet Metal Picture Frame

Advertising Metal Picture Frame
The advertising metal picture frame can be wall-mount or hung. These frames are indeed given durability and suitability for wholesome photographs, public advertisements, artworks, or displays.
Decorative Metal Picture Frame
The decorative metal picture frames have a high-quality fashion design that elevates glamour and elegance to homes, offices, and rooms and is also a great gift idea for some occasions.
Custom-Style Metal Picture Frame
Frames are designed not just to display photos but also to serve as decorations. This frame can be produced from different metals and is ideal for solo, group portraits or landscape photographs.
Funeral Metal Picture Frame
Most funeral metal picture frame is built of brass metals. It guarantees exceptional strength and sturdiness and performs consistent resistance from rust, corrosion, and weather.
Metal Etching Picture Frame
A metal etching picture frame is created with enhancing sustainability, durability, and longevity use. It has a perfect color-pattern combination suited for decoration and photo-gallery display.
Glossy Metallic Picture Frame
The glossy metallic picture frame is reliable in protecting all sentimental photos. Not easy to get scratches or cracks. It has high-glossy structures that guarantee to multiply beauty and make all displays look so lively.

Sheet Metal Picture Frame By Materials (4)

Sheet Metal Picture Frame By Color (4)

  • Modern Silver Metal Frame
    Modern Silver Metal Frame

    The adaptable silver metal picture frame may be used to display anything from graphic art to family photos. With delicate brushed outer borders and a slim, flat form that gives it a modern, gallery vibe, pure style flows.

  • Contemporary Gray Metal Frame
    Contemporary Gray Metal Frame

    The gray metal picture frame will look great with any artwork, including canvas paintings, fine art prints, black and white photos, and drawings. Its square, canvas-friendly profile elevates every piece of art to a modern masterpiece.

  • Modern Navy Blue Metal Picture Frame
    Modern Navy Blue Metal Frame

    The modern navy blue metal picture frames are easily assembled and have a hang, spring clips, wire, and corner brackets are provided. It can be used for vacation shots as well as family milestones that will be remembered for decades.

  • Thin Black Metal Picture Frame
    Thin Black Metal Picture Frame

    The black metal photo frame has a contemporary appearance that you’ll appreciate. Its slim, squared form fits up to 11/16″ canvas and adds dramatic depth and contrast to paintings, prints, art pictures, and sketches.

KDM Sheet Metal Picture Frame Manufacturer
KDM Sheet Metal Picture Frames Advantages

KDM Sheet Metal Picture Frames Advantages

KDM can manufacture bespoke sheet metal picture frames based on your preferred application. For almost a decade, KDM has been creating picture frames out of various sheet metals. 

We have our own factory in China, where we can create unique designs and provide custom services to meet your requirements. KDM can also print your personalized logo to help promote your business.

Why Choose KDM Sheet Metal Picture Frame Manufacturer

Sheet metal picture frames come in a variety of sophisticated designs to complement any photography or art collection. Because of their visual appeal, these are ideal for any recollection. Different finishes and styles to choose from, all of which are perfect for complementing drawings, decorations, portraits, designs, or creativity.

KDM is the ideal option if you own a company and need to acquire sheet metal picture frames from China. We are ready to support what you need.

KDM can work closely with your company’s needs in order to give you the high-quality services you deserve. That is what distinguishes us as a valuable and trustworthy partner to our clients.

  • Support customization of color, design, sizes, and materials.
  • OEM are ODM welcome.
  • After-sale protection service.
  • Small order is available.
  • Superior favorable price good service.
  • Best quality products.
  • Customization based on client’s specifications.
  • Strong production capacity.
  • Skilled workers to ensure good quality.
  • Very prompt and professional communication to all your queries.

Please contact us if you have any questions about sheet metal photo frames. We provide online support 24/7 to meet your needs.

Sheet Metal Picture Frame Manufacturer in China – KDM

KDM is an expert in the field of manufacturing sheet metal picture framing. We are able to provide our services all around the world. Besides, we bend, cut, surface coat, and assemble sheet metals to create final picture frames during the manufacturing process. Copper, stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, and other sheet metals are used to make sheet metal picture frames.  

Furthermore, we make certain that each frame has a contemporary, unique design. That is ideal for any business or project that requires high-quality frames. It’s an excellent way to display pictures or artwork. From KDM services, you can get the highest quality frames.

Sheet metal picture frames are also available in a variety of finishes. Customized colors are available for any purchase. Whether you require traditional or modern photo frames, KDM can assist you in finding the correct style. 

Please contact us via phone or e-mail if you have any questions! You can see our contact info below on this page.

Sheet Metal Picture Frame: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about sheet metal picture frame.

Whether you want to learn about design, type of material to use, or fabrication process, you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Sheet Metal Picture Frame?

It is a strong, non-flammable, light weight metal sheet that protects, display and decorate edges of painting or photograph.

Sheet metal picture frame

Sheet metal picture frame

Fabricating Sheet Metal Frames For Pictures

Fabricating sheet metal picture frame involve a number of stages such as:

Cutting Sheet Metal

It is the first sheet metal fabrication process in the sheet metal picture frame.

Split freshly made sheets of metal which is yet to be shaped into anything to halves, thirds or smaller sections.

Perform a cut on a range of machineries from laser cutting and plasma torches to more elaborate high-tech pieces of machinery.

Folding Sheet Metal

Folding Sheet Metal

Fold and manipulate the metal surface to shape it at a 90-degree angle or something that is either more or less blunt.

Due to the complexity of the whole process, always perform fold in facilities that are equipped with specific high-tech equipment.

Practical alternative is to join two metal panels at a select angle.

Welding Sheet Metal Picture Frame

Join two separate sheets, panels, bars or shapes metal parts.

To achieve welding apply heat along the points where you need to join the two pieces.

Machining Sheet Metal Picture Frame

A process of removing portions from a piece of metal using a machine is machining.

Rotate the metal on a lathe machine against tools that trim corners and edges.

This process cuts the pieces down to desired shapes and measurements.

Use machines like metal drill to form a hole or set of holes directly through the metal surface.

Punching Sheet Metal Picture

Place the metal under a die and submit it to a punch-through by a drill.

Slot correctly the circumference of the drill through the die to attain the correct size of the punch.

Fasten latches and other foreign parts by punching holes into a panel of metal.

Use blanking to form a smaller bit part by extracting the area with the hole from the larger panel.

Shearing Sheet Metal

The process of cutting long sheets of metal is called shearing.

Feed the sheets horizontally through a metal-cutting machine.

Apply the cutting tool vertically against the length of a flat metal sheet.

Place the metal over the edge of an open cutter and lower blade to trim down the edge of metal sheet.

Stamping Sheet Metal For Picture Frame

Process of raising certain portion of a metal sheet to form certain shapes, letters or images without penetrating is called stamping.

It is possible in metal sheets and panel.

Words you see in coins, currency amounts and faces of presidents stamped from each surface side is a good example.

 Sheet metal picture frame

Sheet metal picture frame

Material For Custom Metal Picture Frames

Some of the most common materials you can consider for your sheet metal picture frame fabrication include:

  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
Picture Frame Surface Treatment

Sheet metal picture frame

Sheet metal picture frame

Powder Coating Metal Picture Frame

Electrostatically apply a dry powder to the metal surface, these makes the surface harder and more durable.

This finish is applied in automotive components, outdoor equipment and furniture, appliances, outdoor signs, fencing, windows and doors.

Powder coating finish is thicker, ranging from 35 to 200µm and more uniform.

It has a clean finish because there are no drips or running like in liquid paint.

It needs completely clean parts for powder to adhere thus accommodating unique finishes textures and custom colors.

Adhesion and corrosion performance is great but pre-treatment is required to remove rust, degreasing and surface activation hence fast curing time.

Ecoating Sheet Metal Picture Frame

Apply epoxy paint thin coating to a metal surface.

A water-based solution of paint, resins or pigments bath is used with an electric current.

This encourages deposition of coating particles on the metal surface.

Then cure the coating with heat.

This finish is used in automotive parts, appliances, metal furniture, outdoor furniture, outdoor tools, agricultural parts, marine components and equipment.

Ecoating finish is durable and corrosion resistance thus good choice for prolonged exposure parts to water, sun or outdoor environments.

It acts as primer for other finishing due to its consistent thickness during application thus increasing thickness of the surface.

Anodizing Sheet Metal Picture Frame

To create an aluminum oxide finish, submerge an aluminum alloy into an acidic and electrolytic solution.

Many metals used in aluminum alloys are not corrosion and wear resistant like aluminum and thus anodizing is done to compensate.

Anodizing finish is used for computer hardware, building materials, home appliances and marine part including ship hulls, docks, roofing etc.

Anodizing improves corrosion, hardness and good wear resistance making it an option for parts that are in frequent contact with other materials.

Add dyes to create a smooth and colored finish.

It is best for aluminum and aluminum alloys exposed to saltwater or marine environments but can also be used on nonferrous metals.

Zinc Coat Finish Sheet Metal Picture Frame

Zinc Coat

There are two ways of applying zinc coatings;

-Electrolysis coating

-Acid zinc coating

Despite being slow, electrolysis gives a more uniform coating while acid zinc are faster but they don’t always provide a uniform coating.

Corrosion protection is provided as a physical barrier and a sacrificial anode that corrodes faster than the applied steel.

Even if a part or piece incurs minor damage, the nature of the zinc coating means that it will remain protected from corrosion.

The finish is commonly used in small parts like automotive parts, military vehicles, nuts, bolts, and screws, wire and tubes.

It has a high strength finish and improves corrosion resistance in detailed surfaces.

They have good formability and a smooth, matte finish with a silver-grey color.

Galvanizing or Hot-dip Galvanizing Metal Picture Frame

To create a very tightly bonded alloy coating, submerge the metal into molten zinc.

The metal is protected from corrosion damage like zinc coating which provides both a physical barrier and acts as a sacrificial anode.

Are used in automotive and machinery parts, construction materials, electronics equipment, light fixtures, playgrounds, prefab buildings, appliances and toolboxes.

Are durable and has good resistance to mechanical and abrasion damage hence good longevity finish.

Galvanizing are used for heavy duty products, despite their poor appearance they improve corrosion resistance and create a uniform finish.

Start with a clean surface for fast application process and proper bonding.

Dacromet Finish On Sheet Metal Picture Frame

For cold-dipped or spray applications, dacromet combines zinc and aluminum flakes with a binder.

To complete the process and creates a type of passivation on the surface, heat is applied.

Are used in wind turbines, marine parts, agricultural and construction equipment, large automotive parts, nuts, fasteners and aerospace.

Dacromet finish improves corrosion resistance, heat and salt resistance providing barrier protection with a very thin layer of protection.

Passivation On Sheet Metal Picture Frame

Passivation On Sheet Metal Picture

Process of exposing acid solution to stainless steel to remove free iron from surface creating a passive metal is called passivation.

Change in reactivity of the metal’s surface is caused by elements left behind thus creating more rust and corrosion resistant finish.

Welding, cutting and grinding processes alter the surface of the metal hence introducing foreign material making passivation a good next step.

Are used in food manufacturing and pharmaceutical equipment to improve corrosion resistance, descale and clean stainless steel.

Benefits Of Sheet Metal Picture Frame

Section of sheet metal picture frame

Section of sheet metal fabrication picture frame


Metal picture frame are cold and heat-resistant adding your favorite photos to interior or exterior spaces even in humid area.

Your metal print will keep on looking great for years and years to come because there’s nothing to warp or bubble it.

HD metal photo printing has an advantage of longer delay of 65+ years of sunlight exposure before fading starts.

Heat Resistant

Heat Resistant

HD metal prints are not damaged by neither heat nor high temperatures making them ideal printing format for variety of high-heat applications.

Ease Of Cleaning

Dyes are underneath the surface coating therefor you can clean fingerprint marks and other stains from the surface without erasing anything.

HD Metal Prints Are Scratch-resistant

Transfer the dye beneath the aluminum’s exterior coating during the transfer process.

Compared to conventional paper and canvas prints, the finished product is more durable.

Printed text and graphics on HD metal prints are durable and long-lasting thus can’t get scratched or peeled off.


They can look either modern or tradition depending with the look you want.

Benefits of using aluminum is that you can place them in conventional frames and hung on your walls.

Light Weight

Aluminum are the best choice of material for picture frames due to their lightweight metal.

For all your sheet metal picture frame fabrications, contact us now.

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