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Sheet Metal Fabrication for Electronics Industry

Electronics Industry

KDM is a leading manufacturer of all types of electrical and electronic equipment OEMs. All our electronic products are high-performing and delicate. These guarantee protection against a wide variety of factors such as high-impact, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. It can operate well at full capacity and with high performance. All electrical and electronic equipment is compliant with UL, NEMA, ISO, REACH certification, and more.

Highly qualified engineering and welding staff support us in rigorous production and processes. We can do all types of sheet metal electronics fabrication to meet your needs. This includes laser cutting, forming, hardware insertion, welding, assembly, and various types of finishing. Our engineers can bend, fold or cut sheet metal to form any electronic part shape.

Electronic Enclosures

Some are the following sheet metal electronic equipment we provide:

Our electronic enclosures and cabinets are manufactured from the highest quality source materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum, mild steel, cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, etc. We also have the capabilities to produce electronic parts from copper and brass based on your requirements. Custom your product in various structures, sizes, designs, and finishes.

KDM has 10+ years of manufacturing experience in the custom electronics industry. We provide high-precision electronic parts and assemblies. Our professional team is dedicated to offering high-end products at the best price.

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