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Sheet Metal Chassis

Sheet Metal Chassis

KDM is a leading sheet metal chassis supplier in China.

We produce all types of chassis using stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and other metal materials.


Sheet metal chassis also called a frame carries the DC motors, mounting supports, batteries, and the other parts in the electronics industry. They also bear all the stresses on the vehicle and are used as the main support structure in automotive applications.

Our range of sheet metal chassis can meet the various functions and appearance requirements of aluminum robot chassis, audio electronics chassis, robot metal chassis, light fitting chassis, automotive chassis, and more. These are well-manufactured, durable, and heavy-duty. It is made from + / – 0.02 mm – 0.1 mm tolerances machines.

KDM Sheet Metal Chassis Series

_Aluminum Power Amplifier Case Box Chassis

The aluminum power amplifier case box chassis is durable and high-strength. It can be manufactured according to the customer’s request size, surface treatment, color, and design.

Metal Chassis for Robot Car
Metal Chassis for Robot Car

KDM metal chassis for robot cars are durable and compact. It can manufacture with numerous mounting holes to easily attach accessories like arms or sensors. These chassis are common for electronic industrial applications.

Metal Chassis Housing Equipment
Metal Chassis Housing Equipment

Metal chassis housing equipment is designed from multistep progressive dies mold, cold stamping shaping metal process. Choose the best material that suits your necessities.

Laptop Aluminium Service Computer Chassis

Laptop Aluminium Service Computer Chassis is made from 0.08mm sheet metal thickness. It is available in powder-coated, electroplating surface finish, or custom.

Customized High Precision Hardware Sheet Metal Chassis
Customized High Precision Hardware Sheet Metal Chassis

Made from a high-quality aluminum plate. These can be powder coated, anodized (oxidation), or have sandblasted surface finish. It is certified to GB, EN, ASME, SGS standards.

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KDM Sheet Metal Chassis Advantages


The sheet metals are easy to form into different chassis shapes. They are suitable for various bending, forming, and stretching processes. KDM customizes them according to necessities.


The chassis made from different metal alloys have lightweight properties, especially aluminum. That results in easy processing, transporting, and installation with low shipment costs.

High Strength
High Strength

Sheet metal chassis are more durable and offer high strength than other materials. They can endure high impacts without breaking. These chassis are made from standardized sheet metals.

Weather Resistance
Weather Resistance

Custom chassis for different applications can withstand changes in weather and temperature. The various surface treatments provide immune protection from water effects.

Production Processes

KDM produces metal chassis with various techniques. With our functional equipment, your desired finished components are done professionally. The following defines some processes.

  • Welding: Welding includes electrosmog, gas, fusion, pressure, and arc welding. This process is suitable for various metal alloy materials.
  • Stretching: This process achieves the thicknesses and length of the component. 
  • Blanking: The blanking process includes punching, shear cutting, laser, and wind-cutting sheets of metals to form requested shapes.
  • Bending: It is a process of compressing the inner layer by stretching rounded corners. Practical especially with zigzag data shape.
  • Forming: A process of pressing ribs to enhance rigidity and durability.
Bending Process
Material Option

Materials Option

There are extended material options utilized to manufacture sheet metal chassis. Different metal alloys provide various advantages and features. Material available includes:

    • Carbon: Carbon steel is ideal for automotive industry applications. It is more flexible and easy to process than other materials.
    • Stainless Steel: This material provides a shiny appearance with corrosion, rust resistance, and durability.
    • Aluminum: The aluminum chassis has a lighter weight. It is suitable for forming automobile components and appliances.
    • Brass: This material features chemical resistance, malleability, and high strength. 

KDM also forms various chassis designs with steel alloy materials, like magnesium, titanium, etc. You can request your preferred metal chassis with us. Contact us right here!

Why Choose KDM to Custom Your Chassis

Custom Process
Custom Process

KDM skillfully manufactures and provides high-featured chassis made from sheet metals. We own state-of-the-art CNC machines for various sheet metal fabrication processes. With our experienced workers and professional engineers, we guarantee a quality finished customized metal chassis.

We prefer to utilize robust and durable metal materials to achieve satisfying finished components. As expert manufacturers, we do unique techniques to provide accurate requested specifications. KDM can weld, stretch, bend, cast, coat, etc. We also adhere to the “quality and service is priority” principle. That assures you satisfying assistance and products.

Whether you need sheet metal chassis for large or small businesses or projects, KDM got you covered! We professionally customize shapes, designs, measurements, colors, metal materials, coatings, and more to suit your specific applications.

All your requirement features are applied during the production of specific products. KDM reaches ISO9001 standard qualities with IP55, IP56, and IP66 certifications. 

So if you want business improvement with a trusted manufacturer, choose KDM now!

KDM Sheet Metal Chassis Production

Custom Sheet Metal Chassis Applications

KDM expertly customizes metal-made chassis for different industrial applications. They are precisely formed according to your necessities. The following are some usages from various industries.

  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Connectors
  • Turbine nozzles
  • Pump manifolds
  • Housing or enclosures
  • Industrial machinery
  • Vehicle parts
  • Household appliances

With advanced CNC machines, your requested chassis are well processed. Feel free to negotiate with KDM and expect satisfying assistance!


Depending on requirement applications, KDM offers quality surface treatments for chassis. Below are some options of finishing you need for your sheet metal chassis and enclosures.

  • Anodizing
  • Sanding
  • Blasting
  • Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Heat treatments
  • Polishing
  • Custom

We do different processes of surface coatings to achieve the in-demand finished chassis for your business or projects.

Metal Chassis Manufacturer
KDM - Trusted Sheet Metal Chassis Manufacturer

Supplies high-quality and low-cost metal products worldwide. Provides satisfying assistance and manufacturing services. And delivers the requested sheet metal chassis with secured packaging.

  • Finally received my requested bulk metal chassis for my project, they delivered with protected packaging, and the product quality is good.”

  • At my first inquiry, KDM provided a quick response and assistance for customizing my needed chassis. Will indeed trust them as our business supplier.”

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