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Metal Nameplate

KDM is your leading metal nameplate manufacturer in China, We developed thousands of metal nameplates for decades to support your business and brand. 


Custom Metal Nameplate for Your Business

A metal nameplate is a form of labeling, branding, relying upon product identification, business, company information, safety instructions, rules, or regulations. Accessible in sturdy and high-quality metal materials, including aluminum, brass, zinc, stainless steel, etc. 

The best thing about metal nameplates is providing unsurpassed features and unique qualities. That is constructed to resist indoor and outdoor use and endure extreme temperatures that can be exposed. Furthermore, metal nameplate attributes the following features: lightweight, highly protected against rust, corrosion, stains, and unbreakable. 

KDM offers different types of metal nameplates. It is produced in various sizes, materials, thicknesses, surface finish, and printing processes intended for certain applications. 

Office Metal Nameplate
Office Metal Nameplate

The office metal nameplate is the best choice in designing your desk office. Available in copper, silver, gold, etc. It is has a built-in stand and suitable for waiting rooms, receptions, etc. 

Decorative Metal Nameplate
Decorative Metal Nameplate

The decorative metal nameplate has attractive styles and appearance beneficial for labeling, branding, and also as unique decoration in your offices, rooms, stores, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Zinc Alloy Metal Nameplate
Zinc Alloy Metal Nameplate

The zinc alloy metal nameplate can form into various nameplate styles and patterns, which are easy to read and understand. It has the best qualities of being durable, sustainable for indoor surroundings.

Stainless Steel Metal Nameplate
Stainless Steel Metal Nameplate

Nameplates from stainless steel can resist element exposure, abrasion, and harsh conditions—ideal to use both indoors and outdoors.

Metal Uniform Nameplate
Metal Uniform Nameplate

The metal uniform nameplate is specified according to the particular profession or application used. It has good-quality engraved names, text, and symbols that are clean and easy to identify.

Wall-Mount Metal Nameplate
Wall-Mount Metal Nameplate

The wall-hanging metal nameplate provides a more accurate display and identification of names and brands. It is easy to install on different wall surfaces in any area. 

Metal Hanging Nameplate
Metal Hanging Nameplate

The metal hanging nameplate is intentionally designed for product identification, business promotion, and services: accessible smooth finish, perfect textures, and color options. 

Custom Metal Belt Buckle Nameplate
Metal Belt Buckle Nameplate

The custom metal belt buckle nameplate is crafted with versatile letters and numbers combinations that add beauty to your casual appearance and outfit. 

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Features of KDM Metal Nameplate

Rust Proof
Rust Proof

KDM metal nameplates are highly impervious to rust, and tarnish and can better withstand exposure to various substances, chemicals, dirt, dust, and other weather conditions. 


The creation of metal nameplates is attributed to unmatched qualities and features. It can easily be marked and designed through different processes like engraving, etching, embossing, digital printing, etc. 


Most KDM metal nameplates are lightweight since they are created using thin and robust metal sheet materials. However, these nameplates are easy to maintain and environmentally safe. 

Custom Shapes and Sizes
Custom Shapes and Sizes

A wide selection of metal nameplates is available in custom sizes and shapes. Besides, the entire sizes and shapes also depend on the requested and required wordings, artworks, and logos. 

Metal Nameplate Design Processes

KDM has skilled designers with a complete set of equipment to do various methods for decorating nameplates. Some processes include:

  • Embossed: finishes feature extensive identification, ideal for showing company numbers, names, and locations. It is pushing up the material to form characters on the front.
  •  Stamping: This is recessing characters to the metals with impressions. It provides variable information and serialization.
  • Metalphoto: This process feature corrosion and abrasion resistance. It accommodates information, designs, and images.
  • Screen Printing: This is a fully customized colored nameplate. It provides elegant and multicolored looks.

Moreover, we also do etching, engraving, wrap up, and more decoration designs. 

Nameplate Process
Nameplate Applications

Custom Metal Nameplate Uses

Numerous metal-made nameplates are customized, depending on their uses. The following states some of them:

  • High-risk areas
  • Elevators
  • Warehousing
  • Appliances
  • Vehicle engines
  • Aviation identifications
  • Brand awareness
  • Employees name
  • Vehicle engines
  • Custom

If you desire accurate and satisfying metal nameplates, message us for immediate assistance!

KDM Metal Nameplates Materials

Different nameplates are produced using various metal materials. They are customized according to the requirements of applications. We have:

  • Stainless Steel: The nameplates made from stainless steel are easy to read. The etching method with this material is perfect for serial numbers and other vital details.
  • Aluminum: This material features nameplate lighter weight ad durability- perfect as boundary markers and instructions.
  • Brass: Brass is the material that provides unique color, ideal for decorative nameplates, displaying logos and names.
  • Bronze: Bronze offers a red or copper tone, suitable as a nameplate on the plaques and business logos. 
Nameplate Materials 2

KDM Metal Nameplate Customization

Nameplate 1
Nameplate 2

KDM metal nameplate is the top option for any nameplate demands. It comes with salient features and advantages, making them the best possible product with broad applications.

The metal-made nameplates can cope with extreme temperatures (low or high) and rough environments. Due to the material’s durability, it will not break or melt, rendering long service years. 

Remarkably, metals are versatile materials. Utilizing them for nameplates is ideal since they allow creativity and endless options for the procedure. The following are the most common ways: stamping, etching, engraving, embossing, silk-screened, digitally printed, etc.

The creation of metal nameplates undergoes different advanced manufacturing processes (compression etching, oxidizing, rubbering, polishing, and covering etching). The procedures make the nameplate impervious to rust, water, dirt, dust, and harmful chemicals.

Contact us now and let us be your trusted partner. Together we will turn your nameplate design into reality.

Choose KDM to Custom Metal Nameplate Specifications

Nameplate 3
KDM Metal Nameplates Other Benefits

Utilizing accurate nameplates for different applications provides a wide range of benefits, which includes:

  • Their durability makes them last for a long time.
  • Various adhesion selections, which include fasteners
  • Provides eye-catching finishes 
  • Easy to customize according to necessities
  • Available with sealed graphics for extended time readability
  • Can withstand temperature changes without damaging

KDM assures advantageous metal nameplates with precise sizes, shapes, decoration, and prints. Feel free to communicate with us for further information and services!

Nameplate 4

In choosing nameplates, it is vital to consider the following information as an additional reference:

  • Dimensions: The product dimensions(length, thickness, and shape) are open for customization. 
  • Corners: Enhancing the product corners has options ranging from scalloped, rounded, squared, etc. 
  • Materials:  The material can resist corrosion or put high regard on color.
  • Adhesive or fasteners: The user must consider the surface finish to choose the suitable glue and wall fasteners for stability.
  • Finishes: In some cases, lamination and protective coating are suitable to improve overall product lifespan.

KDM Metal Name Plate Application

Metal Nameplate for Home
Metal Nameplate for Home

KDM provides many options for custom metal nameplates for homes. It is available in many different designs with many features such as corrosion to rust.

Metal Nameplate for Door
Metal Nameplate for Door

KDM has a wide range of door nameplates for office uses. Choose from brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper with engraved designs.

Metal Nameplate for Office
Metal Nameplate for Office

We have a wide range of metal office nameplates that is lightweight and durable. Multiple finishes such as copper, brass, aluminum, and more. KDM can customize your office metal nameplate according to your text personalization.

Metal Nameplate for Desk
Metal Nameplate for Desk

KDM provides desk metal nameplates with free custom text personalization. These nameplates can be copper, stainless, brass, or aluminum. Different designs and sizes are accessible.

Metal Nameplate with Desk Holder
Metal Nameplate with Desk Holder

KDM can manufacture personalized metal nameplates with desk holders. We use high-quality materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and many more. The nameplates are printed in vibrant colors.

Metal Nameplate Manufacturer
KDM - Metal Nameplate Manufacturer in China

KDM manufactures personalized metal nameplates for your business. We provide excellent product quality and services to our customers!

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