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  • Durable and sturdy mailbox
  • Rust-proof and scratch-free
  • Cost-effective products
  • Customizable

KDM Sheet Metal Mailbox

Sheet metal mailbox is also known as letterbox, post box, mail slot, maildrop, etc. It is used to store your incoming emails and letters. These mailboxes are made from versatile metal materials. It includes aluminum, 10 gauze steel, stainless steel, etc. The chosen material ensures corrosion-proof, weatherproof, and scratch-resistant finish products.

Being a leader in this industry, KDM has profound experience and knowledge in producing any type of sheet metal mailbox. Choose from an array of unique mailboxes in a variety of mounting styles such as post-mount, wall-mount, and standing mailbox for apartments, residential, offices, etc.

We can custom sheet metal mailbox in a specific style and designs, finishes, and thicknesses you need. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from such as black mailboxes, white mailboxes, red white mailboxes, blue-white mailboxes, etc. We use advanced technology and processes in mailbox production like electrical sheet metal laser cutting, welding, sheet metal bending, polishing, and more. Let KDM custom your particular needs. Message us today!

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Sheet Metal Mailbox Materials

Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Mailbox
Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Mailbox

Cast aluminum wall mount mailboxes are heavier than traditional aluminum. This is versatile, with low maintenance, and built to last.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Mailbox
Stainless Steel Outdoor Mailbox

KDM offers stainless steel mailbox interior and exterior powder coatings. It provides maximum protection from salty outdoor air or moisture.

Galvanized Steel Silver Mailbox
Galvanized Steel Silver Mailbox

Galvanized steel silver mailbox is corrosion resistant and can handle moisture well. It is an excellent material for a durable mailbox.

Brass Metal Mailboxes
Brass Metal Mailboxes

KDM brass metal mailboxes have an elegant and polished appearance. This is available in various sizes according to your needs. It can be wall-mounted, post mounted, or freestanding.

Zinc Iron Large Mail Post
Zinc Iron Large Mail Post

Zinc Iron Large Mail Post is zinc coated in order to avert disfavored rust and corrosion. It has a large capacity to accommodate numerous mail, letters, folders, etc.

10-Gauze Steel Dropbox
10-Gauze Steel Dropbox

KDM 10-gauze steel dropbox is the strongest drop box in the market. It comes standard with high-security locks ideal for high crime areas.

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KDM Sheet Metal Mailbox Advantages

High Durability

The mailboxes made from sheet metals are highly durable. Adding them with various coatings will keep their structural integrity for an extended period- saving time and money for frequent replacements.

Strong Resistance
Strong Resistance

KDM sheet metal mailboxes have long service life without rusting and corrosion. They also have waterproof and weather resistance. Galvanized or coated metal sheets have more impact resistance.

Great Protection
Great Protection

Various metal-material mailboxes come with functional lock designs. They provide ideal security for letters or emails at every specific utilization. As sheet metals are waterproof, contents will never get tears.

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

Multiple metal mailboxes designs are available, depending on requirement applications. A wide range of shapes, sizes, painted colors, metal materials, and thicknesses are highly customizable.

Extensive Choice of Materials

KDM offers various metal materials to meet your multifarious demand. These materials offer excellent durability, and quality and withstand different outdoor conditions. They maintain their color and aesthetic appearance even for a longer time. Some are the outstanding metal we can work with:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Iron Steel
  • 10-Gauze Steel
Sheet metal mailbox materials
Sheet metal mailbox applications

Wide Range of Designs

Due to its rigid construction, beautiful shape, and design, the KDM sheet metal mailbox is known as one of our best-selling items. Whether you need classic style, vintage, or contemporary design in the small or large capacity mailbox, we will help you find the right product for your projects.

Moreover, KDM can design custom sheet metal mailboxes in different applications such as:

  • Commercial areas
  • Residential garden
  • Offices
  • Post offices
  • Apartments, etc.

Complete Customizations

As your experienced manufacturer, we can provide a one-stop solution for your custom sheet metal mailbox requirements. You can choose the material whether stainless steel, aluminum, or steel. Request a custom surface coating for a smooth appearance and more corrosion-resistant features. We can also etch the logo on the mailbox surface to promote your brand.

Furthermore, we can bespoke mailbox color, sizes, and packaging. From initial design to the completion of your orders, we will never leave you. We work in our in-house manufacturing factory, guarantee cost-effective and high-precise production.

Sheet metal mailbox

Choose KDM to Custom Sheet Metal Mailbox

Sheet metal mailbox manufacturing process
Sheet metal mailbox process

KDM is a leading sheet metal mailbox supplier and manufacturer in China. Specialized in unique R&D, production, and sales of the durable mailbox. Our rich expertise allows us to deliver the finest products in the market and offer the best possible customer experience.

Equipped with high-tech machines and advanced techniques, KDM can produce extremely complex shapes and designs of mailboxes with exact accuracy and tight tolerances.

Let KDM support your custom sheet metal mailbox journey. We promise to do our best in upgrading and elevate your brand. Contact now!

Manufacturing process
Manufacturing Process

Our sheet metal mailbox production process is automated and computer operated. It can produce highly precise products with high efficiency and high productivity. Our sheet metal services include but are not limited to:

  • machining
  • cutting sheets
  • stamping
  • bending, folding
  • welding
  • spinning
  • assembling, etc.
Sheet metal mailbox
Various Finishes Offer

KDM is composed of dedicated engineers and technicians who will work with you closely. We can recommend the right surface coatings for your sheet metal mailbox. You can also suggest the specific surface treatment you require to meet your needs. We introduce a broad spectrum of treatments such as;

  • Anodizing
  • Chrome Plating
  • Polishing
  • Brushing
  • Powder Coating
  • Laser etching
  • Cleaning
  • Vibration Polishing
  • Deburring, and more.

OEM & ODM Sheet Metal Mailbox for Various Applications

Wall-Mounted Galvanized Sheet Metal Mailbox
Wall-Mounted Galvanized Sheet Metal Mailbox

The wall-mounted galvanized metal mailbox is suitable to use in outdoor applications. It has excellent weather resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. Also, it has large storage space, a lockable design, and is easy to mount.

Standing Galvanized Steel Mailbox
Standing Galvanized Steel Mailbox

The standing galvanized steel mailboxes are commonly installed on posts. They can be used outdoors due to their resistance to various outdoor elements such as rain, heat, dust, etc. Moreover, they are impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Wall-Mounted Metal Mailbox Without Lock
Wall-Mounted Metal Mailbox Without Lock

The wall-mounted metal mailboxes without locks can be produced using stainless steel, galvanized steel, and other metals based on your request. They are weather-proof, durable, lightweight, and spacious.

Powder-Coated Metal Wall-mount Mailbox
Powder-Coated Metal Wall-mount Mailbox

The powder-coated metal wall-mount mailboxes can be printed with labels or logos by engraving, silkscreening, printing, and other processes. They can protect all letters, emails, newspapers, and other papers from outdoor elements such as dust, rain, moisture, etc.

Residential Yellow Sheet Metal Mailboxes
Residential Yellow Sheet Metal Mailboxes

The residential yellow sheet metal mailboxes are widely used in many apartments, offices, parks, etc. They are designed with 2 compartments, two drop-down doors, and stainless steel hinges. Some of their features include corrosion resistance, lockable design, and easy installation.

Architectural Post-Mount Sheet Metal Mailboxes
Architectural Post-Mount Sheet Metal Mailboxes

The architectural post-mount sheet metal mailboxes are made from heavy-gauge and high-quality galvanized steel. They are completely powder-coated to increase their corrosion resistance. Also, they have a reinforced body for rigidity and pre-drilled mounting holes.

European Style Sheet Metal Mailboxes
European Style Sheet Metal Mailboxes

The European-style sheet metal mailboxes add a modern touch to facades, front doors, offices, and houses. They are rust-resistant, durable, weather-proof, and spacious inside. Moreover, they have heavy-duty security and wall-mount installation.

KDM – Sheet Metal Mailbox Manufacturer in China
KDM – Sheet Metal Mailbox Manufacturer in China

At KDM, you can surely find sheet metal mailboxes that are high-quality, functional, and long-lasting. We can supply them globally at a very low price.

  • “I am impressed with KDM’s mailboxes! All the products that I’ve received have no dents, or scratches, and are very well packaged. They are indeed high-quality. Thank you so much KDM!”

  • “We have been looking for a supplier that excellently customizes mailboxes. And thankfully, someone recommended KDM to my business. KDM is really great! They really customized the mailboxes accurately! Moreover, they look high-quality and will last long. Therefore, I also highly recommend KDM.”

  • “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to KDM for supplying us with their sheet metal mailboxes! They have amazing quality and designs. Also, during the purchasing process, I have received excellent service! Thank you KDM! I will continue to recommend your company to others.”

Sheet Metal Mailbox: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know choosing high quality sheet metal mail box can be an overwhelming task

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about sheet metal mail box.

Whether you want to learn about, specification or fabrication process – you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Sheet Metal Mailbox?

A sheet metal mailbox is one whose primary material is sheet metal. Its usefulness is in the receiving and sorting of your mails.

A Sheet Metal Mailbox

A Sheet Metal Mailbox

Why Invest In Sheet Metal Mailbox?

Sheet Metal Mailbox

The numerous benefits of a sheet metal mailbox are why you should invest in them. Some of these benefits are:

  • Sheet metal mailbox allows for privacy

The advantage of using a sheet metal mailbox is that there is no interference by an unauthorized person. This is because you only have the key to open the mailbox.

You can therefore receive private and confidential mails without worries.

  • Sheet metal mailbox is professional

The use of a sheet metal mailbox gives your organization to have a professional outlook. You have one center where people can drop their mails before receiving them.

This also prevents distortion of information on mails since the mails won’t reach the wrong hands.

  • Sheet metal mailbox allows for convenience

A sheet metal mailbox allows for convenience in terms of getting your mail. You don’t have to go to different sources to get your mails.

You have to give out your address and let them drop your mails. This way, you can save on time and cost of getting the mails.

Sheet Metal Mailbox Are Convenient And Offer Privacy

Sheet Metal Mailbox Are Convenient And Offer Privacy

What Are The Disadvantages Of Sheet Metal Mailbox?

The main disadvantage of a sheet metal mailbox is its cost. The price of these mailboxes is relatively higher than wooden mailboxes.

This is due to metal’s durability and unique characteristics over a wooden mailbox. Machining a sheet metal mailbox is also costly as a wooden mailbox.

What Is The Best Material For Sheet Metal Mailbox?

common materials for sheet metal mailbox are:

  • Aluminum

Aluminum for making your sheet metal mailbox is due to its unique characteristics. Such properties include lightweight and easy machining.

Aluminum does not easily rust, making it an ideal option for external use.

An Aluminum Metal Mailbox

An Aluminum Metal Mailbox

The main limitation of aluminum is that it is expensive compared to other materials. This makes the overall cost of your sheet metal mailbox to be high.

  • Stainless steel

If you are looking for a material that is durable and easy to clean, then stainless steel is your choice. The advantage of this material is its relatively cheaper price than the other materials.

It is also durable, giving you a sheet metal mailbox with high service life.

A Stainless Steel Mailbox

A Stainless Steel Mailbox

  • Galvanized steel

The advantage of galvanized steel is its durability and ease of fabrication. Galvanized steel is easy to make and relatively cheaper than other materials.

Which Components Make Sheet Metal Mailbox?

The major components of your sheet metal mailbox are:

  • Sheet metal frame

This is the body cover of your mailbox. It consists of two main parts that are the front and back parts.

The design of the sheet metal frame depends on your configuration. Common shapes include circular, rectangular, and square.

  • Mailbox lid or door

This is the section of your mailbox that you can open to retrieve your mail. The placement of the door or lid depends on the design of your mailbox.

Common designs usually have the door at the front or back of your mailbox. However, you can have the lid at the top of the side of your mailbox, depending on the customization effect.

  • Lock

The lock secures the content of your mailbox. You can install different lock designs on your mailbox depending on various factors like the thickness of your sheet metal.

Having a complex lock secures your mailbox, making it harder for intruders to pick up your mail.

  • Newspaper hooks

Newspaper hooks

This is an optional part of your sheet metal mailbox. It minimizes congestion within the mailbox by having a separate place to hold your newspapers.

You may have several hooks to hold different newspapers.

  • Installation pole

This component is vital if you consider installing a freestanding sheet metal mailbox. The installation pole can be of wood, metal, or plastic.

How Do You Fabricate Sheet Metal Mailbox?

There are several steps you have to incorporate in manufacturing your sheet metal mailbox. These steps are:

Step 1: Decide On The Design Of Sheet Metal Mailbox

You have to decide which design you want for your sheet metal mailbox. The design should consider several aspects such as accessibility, capacity, and mounting option.

You also should consider the material to use and available welding options. Having proper dimensions for your mailbox is critical when designing, as it will give a footprint of the actual product.

Step 2: Know the Correct Dimensions Of The Sheet Metal Mailbox

Use a tape measure to get the correct dimensions for your sheet metal mailbox. This helps in getting the right measure for your sheet metal mailbox.

Step 3: Use Appropriate Software To Design Sheet Metal Mailbox

An appropriate software helps get the correct measurement and design for your mailbox. The design on your software that you transfer to the sheet material before cutting.

Step 4: Cut Material For Your Sheet Metal Mailbox

Cutting the material involves checking the dimensions you have. You also have to consider an allowance for the fabrication process steps, including bending and welding.

It would help if you used an appropriate cutting machine such as a grinder. This minimizes errors when cutting your metal.

Making Of A Sheet Metal Mailbox In Progress

Making Of A Sheet Metal Mailbox In Progress

Step 5 Form Sheet Metal Mailbox To Make Appropriate Shape

once you have the different parts of your material, you have to form the appropriate shapes.

You may require different machines to facilitate this. Remember, when forming the shapes, you need to do so while adhering to the dimensions of your mailbox. This is to prevent having oversize or smaller parts which cannot fit onto the other parts.

Step 6: Join And Assemble Various Parts To Make Complete Sheet Metal Mail Box

Proper joining may involve a couple of methods depending on the design of your mailbox. For instance, you can use riveting or welding to join the different parts.

The method you use should give a secure and tight-proof sheet metal mailbox.

Step 7: Apply Necessary Surface Finish On Sheet Metal Mailbox

Now that you have your sheet metal mailbox, you need to apply an appropriate surface finish. The choice of which surface finish to use depends on cost, durability, and the environment.

Common surface finish methods available are:

  Powder Coated Finish

This process involves fusing a dry powder onto the surface of your sheet metal mailbox. You then cure the powder to obtain a smooth layer of coating.

The entire process is dry; hence there is no liquid involved. This limitation is that it can result in a thicker coating layer.

It also can result in an uneven coating layer when you dont apply it carefully.

You have to spend more when using this coat, mainly on the equipment and personnel.

A Powder Coated Metal Mailbox

A Powder Coated Metal Mailbox

It is, however, an ideal method for having a wide range of coating on your mailbox. The coating does not easily peel, giving your mailbox a durable coat.

  • Anodizing

This is an electrochemical process that aims to add ions to the surface of your sheet metal mailbox. The result of this process strengthens your sheet metal against various chemical reactions.

For instance, the metal becomes resistant to corrosion and rusting.

The main limitation of this method is that it is a costly option. It would help if you considered the metal you are to anodize and the electrical current.

  • Various Plating

Plating involves an additional thin layer of metal onto the surface of your sheet metal. Mailbox. The process helps protect the integrity of your sheet metal against various reactions.

There are two main plating methods for your use: electroplating and electroless plating. You have different metals for use in plating your sheet metal mailbox.

Choosing which metal to use depends on factors like cost and the final result you want for your mailbox.

  • Polishing

Polishing involves rubbing the surface of your sheet metal mailbox to give it a smooth surface. It is a cheaper and simple process that does not include complex machines.

Polishing can increase or reduce the strength of your sheet metal. This depends on the polishing that you use.

A Polished Mailbox

Polished Mailbox

Step 8: Check Test Quality Of Sheet Metal Mailbox.

You have to pass your sheet metal mailbox through several tests to ensure its quality. Quality assurance is vital in getting a durable mailbox.

Some of the tests you can pass your mailbox through include:

  • Leaking test

This test aims to ensure the content of your mailbox is waterproof. Water leaking can damage the quality of your mails and distort information therein.

  • Durability test

This test ascertains how your sheet metal mailbox performs when subject to various external factors. For instance, extreme weather conditions.

This test determines the lifespan of your sheet metal mailbox.

  • Lock test

The lock test determines the security of your sheet metal mailbox. You need to perform this test on your locking mechanism.

The test checks the probability of entry by unauthorized personnel into your mailbox. This can be done by using such items as screwdrivers, knives, and flat plates.

How Do You Choose Locking Mechanism For Sheet Metal Mailbox?

The following considerations are critical when looking for an ideal locking mechanism for your sheet metal mailbox.

  • Accessibility

An ideal locking mechanism should be easy to access by authorized personnel. Accessibility can be in terms of having keys or opening using biometrics.

  • Security

Secure is the essence of locking your sheet metal mailbox. The locking mechanism should ensure no interference by external factors while maintaining its integrity.

  • Cost

Check on the price before purchasing your locking mechanism. The different mechanisms available have different price tags.

You can opt for a cheaper locking mechanism that can serve the same purpose as an expensive locking mechanism.

Locks Suitable For A metal Mailbox

Locks Used On A Metal Mailbox

Which Features Should You Consider In Sheet Metal Mailbox?

The main features you should consider in a sheet metal mailbox are:

  • Locking mechanism

It is essential to consider how your sheet metal mailbox locks for security purposes. You can have various locking mechanisms for your mailbox, depending on different requirements.

When selecting a locking mechanism, you should check the cost and operational requirements.

  • Rear access

The mechanisms of retrieving your mail are vital in a sheet metal mailbox. The mechanism should allow for easy dropping and retrieval of your mails.

There is a need to consider rear access to the mailbox for privacy purposes. Rear access leaves the front opening for dropping your mails.

  • Mail holding options

At times it is not the mail alone that you can expect from your mailbox. There are newspapers and publications that you may receive.

Therefore, you must consider a mailbox that has different stands for different categories of your mail.

  • Customization


personalization gives a unique feature to your sheet metal mailbox. There are various customization effects you can have for your mailbox.

For instance, you may include your name or address in the mailbox.

How Do You Mount Sheet Metal Mailbox?

The mounting procedure for your sheet metal mailbox depends on its type. The main mounting methods are:

  • Free Standing Sheet Metal Mailbox

Freestanding is the easiest form of mounting your sheet metal mailbox. It comes with a pole to offer support for your mailbox.

When installing, you have to dig a hole and then install the pole inside the hole before you cement. Cementing gives stability to the mailbox.

It is cost-effective since it does not require much skills and materials. The only limitation is selecting the material to use for the pole.

Wood is a cheaper option but has a short lifespan than metals. However, metal poles are pricey.

However, a freestanding sheet metal mailbox is a less secure option. This is because it is easy to steal your mailbox.

 Free Standing Sheet Metal Mailbox

Free Standing Sheet Metal Mailbox

  • Wall Mount Sheet Metal Mailbox

The advantage of having a wall mount sheet mailbox is its security. It is not easy for one to steal your mailbox since you secure it on a wall.

It is, however, a pricey option than a freestanding sheet metal mailbox. This is due to the process and material involved.

For your wall mount to be effective, you have to drill your wall appropriately. The drilling position depends on several factors, such as accessibility and security.

After drilling holes, you have to secure your mailbox on the wall. This is through the use of screws or an appropriate during option.

A Wall Mounted Mailbox

A Wall Mounted Mailbox

  • Post Mount Sheet Metal Mailbox

Post mount sheet metal mailbox is a type of freestanding mailbox. However, they are common at the driveway’s edge and in rural surroundings.

The installation allows the delivery guy to drop off the mail without leaving the car. It is a unique type that improves the appearance of your property entrance.

The location of the sheet metal mailbox poses a major limitation, especially in risk-prone areas. It is easy to steal the mailbox since it is on the edge of driveways.

What Are The Available Sizes Of Sheet Metal Mailbox?

There is no precise size for your sheet metal mailbox. This allows you to get the exact size in the market, including customizing it from your manufacturer.

Is Sheet Metal Mail Box Durable?

Yes. The manufacturing process of a sheet metal mailbox assures you of its durability.

However, this durability depends mainly on environmental factors and the type of material and surface finish you use.

When you subject your sheet metal mailbox to a harsh environment, you lessen its durability. The use of steel offers a more durable option than aluminum and copper.

Why Choose Vintage Sheet Metal Mailbox?

A vintage sheet metal mailbox is a rare type that you can find in the market. This means you can have a unique kind of vintage sheet metal mailbox.

A vintage Sheet Metal Mailbox

A Vintage Sheet Metal Mailbox

The production process of these mailboxes is unique. This enhances their quality and durability.

Is Sheet Metal Mailbox Weatherproof?

Yes. An ideal sheet metal mailbox needs to be waterproof. This is done by using a material that can withstand the various weather factors.

You also have to apply an appropriate surface finish to make your mailbox waterproof.

How Much Does Sheet Metal Mailbox Cost?

The price of a sheet metal mailbox varies as different factors affect it. These factors include:

  • Capacity

The different capacities determine the amount of mail to receive. This affects the price of the mailbox you select.

The higher the capacity of your mailbox, the more you are to pay.

  • Material

The different materials for fabricating a sheet metal mailbox have different characteristics. These characteristics offer unique benefits to your mailbox.

For instance, a durability aspect differs depending on the material you use. The price of a steel sheet metal mailbox is higher than an aluminum one due to the different properties.

  • Surface finish

The surface finish adds value to your mailbox while enhancing its appearance. There are different surface finishes, each with varying properties be and effects on your sheet metal mailbox.

The cost of applying a surface finish varies and affects the fin. Pricing of your sheet metal mailbox.

  • Customization

How you customize your sheet metal mailbox affects its final pricing. Customization depends on the aspects you want to personalize in your mailbox.

However, the more you personalize, the higher the cost of your mailbox.

Size And Type Of Material Are Some Of The Factors That Affect Cost of A Mailbox

Size and Type Of Material Are Some Of The Factors That Affect Cost Of A Mailbox

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