Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication in China

KDM is a professional manufacturer in China that offers titanium sheet metal fabrication services for more than 10 years. We are supplying titanium sheet metal parts to various industries such as aerospace, automotive, machinery, marine, and many more.

  • 100% high-quality & high-strength guaranteed
  • Wide range of titanium sheet metal grades
  • Offers custom fabrication in accordance with your requests
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KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication

KDM is fabricating metal products and parts using various grades of high-quality titanium sheet metal such as G2, G3, G4, G5, G7, G17, G16, G9, G12, and so on. Titanium sheet metal can be used in the fabrication of aircraft engine components, airframes, automotive components, architectural components, medical equipment, sporting equipment, and many more.

Many industries such as medical, automotive, marine, aerospace, military, and chemical processing are choosing titanium sheet metal parts because of their high corrosion resistance, flexibility, high melting points, excellent durability, superior strength-to-weight ratio, unique appearance, thermal conductivity, and nonmagnetic qualities. They are also lighter than steel and resistant to scratches, strong impact, microbiological corrosion, oxidation, pitting corrosion, high temperatures, salt corrosion, acid, brackish water, etc.

Furthermore, KDM can fabricate the titanium sheet metal based on your applications or requirements. You can send us your details for the custom fabrication of titanium sheet metal.

KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication

Titanium Sheet Metal Speaker Enclosures

The titanium sheet metal speaker enclosures can be produced in many different sizes and shapes. They are fabricated by bending, punching, deep drawing, etc. Moreover, they have heat resistance, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, lightweight, and many more.

Titanium Sheet Metal Seed Storage

The titanium sheet metal seed storage is manufactured from heavy-duty and sturdy titanium metal sheets. It has crush-proof, rustproof, resistance to cryogenics properties, non-toxic, fire-proof, high strength, and waterproof features. Also, it is usually used for storing seed phrases.

Perforated Sand Scoop Titanium Sheet Metal
Perforated Sand Scoop Titanium Sheet Metal

The perforated sand scoop titanium sheet metal is fabricated with many hexahedron-shaped perforations so the sand will effortlessly drop. It is commonly used for underwater search, and beach treasure hunting, and it has superior resistance to rust and seawater. Also, it has great washing ability.

Titanium Sheet Metal Plate Heat Exchangers

The titanium sheet metal PHE or plate heat exchangers are commonly made from a commercially pure grade of titanium sheet metal. They can be used for marine vessels, basement equipment rooms, and many more. Moreover, they have high corrosion resistance, excellent durability, and workability.

Titanium Sheet Metal Flanges
Titanium Sheet Metal Flanges

The titanium sheet metal flanges can be produced in many different types such as spectacle blind flanges, slip-on flanges, blind flanges, and so on. They can also be made using different grades of titanium sheets such as Gr2, Gr5, Gr7, etc. Also, they have high strength and corrosion resistance.

Titanium Sheet Metal Brackets

KDM can fabricate a wide range of titanium sheet metal brackets such as corner brackets, angle brackets, U-shaped brackets, and much more. They are widely used for shelves, racks, furniture, doors, windows, and so on. Plus, they are highly resistant to moisture, high temperatures, scratches, and rust.

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KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication Advantages

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Excellent Corrosion Resistance

The titanium sheet metal is extremely resistant to several kinds of corrosion such as stress corrosion, brackish water corrosion, microbiological corrosion, pitting corrosion, and so on. It is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor conditions due to its resistance to different corrosion.

High Strength & Lightweight
High Strength & Lightweight

The titanium sheet metal is three times stronger than aluminum. It is also twice as strong as low carbon steel. Apart from their strength, they are also light in weight. The titanium sheet metal has a mass that is nearly 60% that of low carbon steel and stainless steel.

Economic Efficiency
Economic Efficiency

When compared to low carbon steel and stainless steel, the titanium sheet metal has a less expensive unit price per mass as a result of its low specific gravity. Furthermore, because of its superior strength and high corrosion resistance, its gauge thickness can be lowered. And this is very helpful to users when considering low life cycle costs due to the lower cost of maintenance.

Aesthetic Appearance
Aesthetic Appearance

The precious metal oxides on the surface of titanium sheet metal are strictly managed. As a result, the titanium sheet metal has lustrous and beautiful silver-gray color. Their surface can also be decorated by applying a surface finish such as brushed, polished, or blasted surface finish.

KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Material Grades

KDM is fabricating the titanium sheet metal products from different grades of titanium. The grades that we most commonly used are as follows.

Commercially Pure Grade 2 – The CP grade 2 is known for its great weldability and durability. Also, this grade is commonly used for heat exchangers, cryogenic vessels, pickling baskets, airframe components, medical applications, and architectural applications.

Commercially Pure Grade 3 – This grade is great for aerospace structures, chemical processing applications, medical equipment, etc. The durability of CP grade 3 titanium metal is higher than that of grades 1 & 2. But, the grade 3 has a little less formability and nearly similar ductility to grades 1 & 2.

Commercially Pure Grade 4 – The CP grade 4 is the most durable grade among the four CP grades of titanium metal. This grade has excellent corrosion resistance, great formability, and weldability. It is also suitable for airframe components, surgical hardware, and other applications.

Ti-6AL-4V Grade 5 – Among the grades of titanium, this grade is commonly used. It is more resistant to high temperatures compared to grade 2. Also, it is widely used in the aerospace, marine, medical, and chemical processing industries.

Other titanium grades include grades 17, 16, 12, 1, 9, and so on.

KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Material Grades
KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication for Several Industries

KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication for Several Industries

Many industries can benefit from the fabrication of titanium sheet metal. Industries such as:

  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Petroleum Handling Industry
  • Military Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Building & Construction Industry
  • Food Service Industry

KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes

KDM fabricates the titanium sheet metal products or parts using a variety of advanced manufacturing equipment. In addition, there are numerous processes involved in the fabrication of them. Some of our production processes are listed below.

KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes

Choose KDM for Your Custom Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication Requirements

Choose KDM for Your Custom Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication Requirements
Choose KDM for Your Custom Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication Requirements1

Here at KDM, we have a 3000 sq. meter factory that is equipped with skilled engineers, advanced manufacturing equipment such as precision PU foaming machines, detection machines, 3D flexible welding platform, 3000W optical laser cutting machines, and other machines that allow us to fulfill your needs for custom titanium sheet metal fabrication.

We have been supplying titanium sheet metal parts to many industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, chemical processing, and other industries for over ten years. We can also provide custom fabrication services that are guaranteed to meet your needs. You can send us your designs or specifications and we can fabricate them exactly to your needs. Heat treating, forming, riveting, punching, shearing, tempering, welding, and other machining services are offered at KDM.

Moreover, KDM manufactures titanium sheet metal parts from the finest and most durable metal. They were all checked and have passed the quality and international standards.

If you ever want to learn more about our fabrication of titanium sheet metal, do not hesitate to contact us!

KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication

KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications
KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications

The fabrication of titanium sheet metal is commonly needed in many applications such as:

  • pickling baskets
  • Missiles and other weaponry
  • condenser tubing
  • engines, spacecraft frames, airframe components, and so on
  • CPI equipment
  • building material products
  • automotive parts
  • gears
  • heat exchangers
  • sporting goods equipment
  • cryogenic vessels
  • compressor blades
  • medical equipment
  • hydraulic systems
  • ocean-deployed surveillance devices & submarine components
KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication Features

KDM titanium sheet metal parts are made with numerous benefits and features, including:

  • ease of fabrication
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • nonmagnetic qualities
  • strong density
  • good thermal conductivity
  • extremely lightweight
  • superior strength & rigidity
  • excellent temperature resistance
  • excellent wear resistance
  • unique appearance
  • superior strength-to-weight ratio

The titanium sheet metal has also high resistance to atmospheric corrosion, pitting corrosion, chemicals, brackish water, stress corrosion, oxidation, seawater, microbiological corrosion, erosion, chloride, etc.

KDM Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication for Various Applications

Titanium Sheet Metal Medical Equipment Spare Parts
Titanium Sheet Metal Medical Equipment Spare Parts

The titanium sheet metal can be fabricated into a wide range of spare parts or accessories for medical equipment. The medical equipment parts have excellent corrosion resistance, great durability, light weight, and rigidity.

Titanium Sheet Metal Machine Parts
Titanium Sheet Metal Machine Parts

The titanium sheet metal can be fabricated into numerous kinds of machine parts. They are produced by CNC machining, bending, forming, stamping, punching, and more. Also, they are designed with perforation, rivets, or other designs based on your requirements.

Titanium Sheet Metal Structural Parts
Titanium Sheet Metal Structural Parts

The titanium sheet metal machine parts are widely used in the construction industry. It is stamped, bent, punched, etc. Also, it is produced with many features such as excellent durability, high-temperature resistance, and resistance to different types of corrosion.

Titanium Sheet Metal Automotive Parts
Titanium Sheet Metal Automotive Parts

The titanium sheet metal can be used for the fabrication of different types of auto parts such as exhaust system parts, engine parts, and other vehicle accessories and components. They have high strength, lightweight, high-temperature resistance, and chemical resistance.

Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication for Aerospace Industry
Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication for Aerospace Industry

KDM can fabricate titanium sheet metal parts such as airframe parts, compressor blades, aircraft wings, exhaust ducts, turbine parts, and other components. The titanium sheet metal parts are commonly used in the aerospace industry due to their reduced weight and great durability.

Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication for Chemical Industry
Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication for Chemical Industry

Because of the titanium sheet metal’s resistance to high-temperatures, corrosion, salt water, and strong liquids such as chloride solutions, hydrochloric acids, moist chlorine gas, and sulfuric acids, it is used for the fabrication of anodes in electrolysis and electrolysis water machine parts.

KDM – Titanium Sheet Metal Fabricator in China
KDM – Titanium Sheet Metal Fabricator in China

Supplies titanium sheet metal products globally. Offers custom fabrication services. Fabricates high-quality and reasonably priced titanium sheet metal products.

  • “KDM titanium sheet metal products and custom fabrication services are really great! The products that I received are flawless, accurate, high-quality, and exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much KDM!”

  • “KDM is an excellent fabricator to work with! They really fabricate the titanium sheet metal products in accordance with what my business really needs. I am looking forward to working with KDM again for my next projects.”

  • “I will surely contact KDM the next time I need titanium sheet metal fabrication. Their services are excellent and the products have a perfect appearance and great quality. Also, their fabrication of the parts is done on time.”

Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication | A Unique FAQ Guide

If you are looking for any information abour titanium sheet metal fabrication, you will find all information right here.

Whether you want to form, heat treat or machine titanium – you will find every information you need in this guide.

You will also know the applications, benefits, and titanium grades, just to mention a few.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication

Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication

Titanium sheet metal fabrication is a process that involves the manipulation of titanium metal and alloys to create several different products.

These products include parts for aircraft, shipbuilding, medical equipment, body jewelry, and architectural structures.

The process begins with specialized machinery to handle the extreme heat of titanium welding. From there, technicians may cut, bend, or weld the metal to shape it into what they need it.

Why Choose Titanium For Sheet Metal Fabrication?

There are many materials to choose from, and it can be challenging to know which one is the best for the job.

Millions of metal sheets are used in the construction industry every day, but only a few brands have proven their strength and durability.

Titanium sheet metal is the most robust material for sheet metal fabrication. That’s why the properties which make it stand out among all other metals are given as follows:

        i. High Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance of titanium can be attributed to its resistance to oxidation and its ability to form a protective passivating oxide film.

This film protects the underlying metal from further corrosion and thus offers high corrosion resistance.

Titanium is more resistant to corrosion than most metals due to its low reactivity with other chemicals and even high-temperature conditions.

      ii. Low-Elastic Modulus

Titanium is an element with low elastic modulus properties, making it easy to use as a metal for sheet fabrication purposes.

It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal choice for applications like aerospace and transportation, where weight is an essential factor to consider.

    iii. High Elasticity

Titanium metal is the lightest of all metals. It has a high elasticity property and thus has better resistance to bending or breakage than other metals.

This metal’s high elasticity property also helps it recover if deformed, making it an excellent choice for sheet fabrication.

    iv. High Thermal Conductivity

The high thermal conductivity properties of titanium metal sheet fabrication allow for applications that require a constant flow of heat and cooled air over a large surface area.

Metals are known for their high melting points, but titanium sheets are unique because they can withstand extreme temperatures without undergoing any structural changes.

      v. High Specific Strength

Specific strength is the amount of stress a material can handle per unit mass before it breaks under stress. The higher the specific strength value, the more resistant to deformation and brittle failures (twisting) material will be.

    vi. Lightweight

Lightweight Titanium Parts

Lightweight Titanium Parts

Titanium weighs up to 40% less than steel, so that you can save money on fuel costs with less weight on your vehicle. It is also twice as strong as steel, which means it will not bend or break under pressure as quickly as other metals.

  vii. High Hardness

The hardness of metals is usually measured in terms of resistance to penetration by another object – the more complex the metal, the higher the value.

It makes titanium ideal for parts that need resistance to wear and tear on surfaces such as those used in saws and cutting tools.

Fabrication Of Titanium Sheets

Sheet metal fabrication may require cutters, rollers, hammers, or shears. It may also involve bending, sawing, or welding the material into the desired shape.

Sheet metal fabrication can be done by hand or by industrial machines and tools.

Some of the leading metal sheets fabrication techniques of titanium are given as follows:

        i. Hot Working

This technique is also known as forging, though it has its manufacturing application slightly different from the forging process, which involves shaping heated metal with a hammer.

The hot working process allows the metal to be formed using the heat of about 700°C and pressure. Heat softens the metal, and pressure impacts the object by flattening or stretching it.

      ii. Forming Titanium Sheet Metal

The forming technique process in the fabrication of titanium sheets is achieved by heating and hammering the sheet until it has attained the necessary size and shape.

The heating process must occur between 200°C-300°C for the best results.

Forming is a metalworking technique in which metal stock is deformed by either reducing its length or increasing its cross-sectional area.

Standard forming techniques include bending, torsion, rolling, and hammering, the main processes used to form titanium sheets.

Various Titanium Sheet Fabrication Prodcuts

Various Titanium Sheet Fabrication Prodcuts

    iii. Heat Treatment

Electric furnaces are highly recommended, not fuel-driven, to avoid various surface contaminations in this process.

Heat Treatment

Titanium sheets and plates can be heat treated after fabrication to produce a rigid, corrosion-resistant surface on their surfaces.

Heat treatment for titanium is standard when producing aircraft parts, wherein the items must have a top-quality finish and long-lasting surface that will not rust or break down with use.

    iv. Machining & Grinding

Machining & Grinding

The machining & grinding technique process in titanium sheets is used to manufacture several parts for aircraft, spacecraft, and other vehicles.

The process can be applied to fabricate a component that involves complicated geometrical shapes.

In this process, a cutting tool made from tungsten carbide or other hard metals is used to create simple cuts.

First, it proceeds by using a series of grinders to make the part smooth.

It is essential to protect the titanium sheet from contamination during fabrication, finishing, and welding operations.

      v. Surface Treatment With Descaling

Surface treatments such as electrophoresis, anodic oxidation, and chemical plating are common for titanium sheet fabrication.


Surface treatment can improve the corrosion resistance of a metal surface and alter its properties, such as appearance and mechanical strength.

The descaling technique is a surface treatment method using electrochemical reactions between an electrode and electrolyte.

That is on the metal surface to improve the corrosion resistance of titanium alloy in seawater environments.

Surface treatment techniques include anodizing, bead-blasting, and descaling.

Mainly, descaling is used to fabricate Titanium sheets for aircraft, medical implants, and other highly demanding industries.

Applications Of Titanium Fabricated Parts

Applications Of Titanium Sheet Fabrication

Applications Of Titanium Sheet Fabrication

The titanium metal fabrication process has vast usage in multiple industries

        i. Aerospace Industry

Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication is used in Aerospace Industry as skin panels and flooring systems.

Titanium has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It is suitable for high stress and high-temperature parts, such as aircraft engine parts, nuclear power stations, missiles, etc.

      ii. Medical Industry

With a 99.2% purity, titanium sheet has been utilized for several applications, such as pacemaker parts and heart valves, as well as for surgical tools, protective body armor, and chemical equipment.

    iii. Marine Parts

Titanium Sheet Metal Fabrication applications are varied but include components like rudder hinges, engine mounts, and propeller shaft couplings.

The applications of titanium sheet metal fabrication in marine parts are many, and they can be used to construct hulls, decks, and superstructures.

    iv. Jewelry

Titanium sheet is widely used in jewelry, ornaments, and crafts manufacturing. Jewelry is one of the essential applications of titanium sheets.

The mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of titanium are favored in this field. The most widely used titanium alloy is Ti-6Al-4V, containing 7% aluminum and 4% vanadium.

      v. Sports Equipment’s

The most common sports that use titanium in its products are golf, baseball, and cricket. Some other sports use it but not as extensively as these three.

Golf clubs

It is very effective in reducing the impact of cricket bats and improving ball speed and power by a small amount.

    vi. Pigments

Titanium pigments are important in painting, glass, ceramics, and many other products. The titanium-based pigments can be produced into chrome yellow, chromic oxide red, nickel yellow, or other colors.

Titanium Grades And Alloys

Many grades of titanium and its alloys are utilized in manufacturing various parts. The most used grades are given as follows:

        i. Titanium Grade 1

Titanium Grade 1 is a high-strength, low-density material that is incredibly versatile and valuable. Its properties make it ideal for aerospace, chemical handling, and medical applications.

      ii. Titanium Grade 2

Titanium Grade 2 is ideal for advanced applications due to its high corrosion resistance and strength, including chemical pressure vessels, cryogenic vessels, environmental and process equipment, and heat exchangers.

    iii. Titanium Grade 3

Titanium Grade 3 is the only commercially available titanium free from lead and chlorine. It will not contribute to galvanic corrosion, even in aggressive environments.

It is widely used with other metals such as aluminum and steel in aerospace, medical, automotive, etc.

    iv. Titanium Grade 4

Titanium grade 4 is an excellent metal for its lightness and high strength. Titanium Grade 4 alloy is used for various applications, including medical-surgical devices and aerospace components.

Titanium Alloys

        i. Ti6AL-4V

Titanium alloy Ti6AL-4V is an ultra-high-strength alloy with a low density and high strength. It withstands corrosion very well in a great range of environments. It has good weldability and can be used for fabricating a variety of titanium products.

      ii. Ti6AL-2Sn-4Zr

Titanium alloy Ti6AL-2Sn-4Zr is significant in its ability to withstand high temperatures, making it a good material for making airplane parts, ovens, and other industrial equipment.

This alloy exhibits enhanced fatigue properties, resulting in a 50% extension in fatigue life and cyclic endurance compared to other common alloys like Al6061 or 7075.

    iii. Ti4aBe-7Mo-5Cr

The Ti4aBe-7Mo-5Cr alloy has excellent weldability and can be deep drawn, formed, or roll form.

This type of alloy is made by combining titanium, aluminum, and 6% chromium. This combination allows different processes (sintering, casting, or forging) to obtain the final product.

Surface Finishing For Fabricated Titanium Parts.

There are always some titanium metal contaminations that remain on the surface after the product manufacturing process, some of which are given as:

        i. Polishing


The polishing process involves using abrasives to grind and remove the unwanted layers of titanium. The resulting surface will be smooth and shiny, making it easier to maintain the polished appearance than other metal finishing forms.

      ii. Wire Brushing

Wire brushing is a surface finishing process in which a wire brush removes any excess material from the piece’s surface by scratching the surface.

This process makes way for new layers of material to be applied to increase the overall strength and durability of your sheet metal fabrication product.


Honing improves the appearance, feel, and function of machined components and enhances their performance in service. It can also serve as a deburring process that helps reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

    iv. Buffing

As surface finishing for fabricated titanium parts, buffing can render high-quality surfaces that are level and consistent, with high strength and durability.

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