Stainless Steel Trim

Stainless steel trims serve as decorative coverings for the seams between sheets and around corners. They are utilized to attach sheets as backsplashes and various wall coverings. Our metal trims are used in all sorts of applications like housing, construction, renovation, and commercial. We offer vast customization options, able to provide you with the best and most accurately fabricated stainless steel trims.

Stainless Steel Trim Shapes & Edging

Stainless Steel J Trim
Stainless Steel J Trim
Stainless Steel T Channel Trim
Stainless Steel T Channel Trim
Inside Angle Corner Trim
Inside Angle Corner Trim
Outside Angle Corner Trim
Outside Angle Corner Trim
Stainless Steel Corner Guard
Stainless Steel Corner Guard
Stainless Steel Cap Strip
Stainless Steel Cap Strip
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Commercial and Industrial Stainless Steel Trims

Commercial clients use our stainless steel trims in food preparation facilities, along hallways, or in clean rooms. With us, there will be no more curled metal, unattractive joints and corners, or exposed edges that could cause injuries. Whether it’s an edge, an inside corner, or both, our trim enables you to finish any part of wall panels.

Our stainless steel trims have been installed by clients from a variety of industries, including chemical facilities, chocolate and cheese factories, and wash-down bays. Corrosion and longevity are the key issues in these applications, and the KDM stainless steel trims are perfect for the job.

Commercial and Industrial Stainless Steel Trims
Stainless Steel Trim Specification

Stainless Steel Trim Specification

Material 304, 316, 430 stainless steel grades
Shape U, 90 degrees
Outside Height 1/8” – 4”
Outside Width 1/8” – 6”
Inside Width 1/32” ­– 5 ¾”
Wall Thickness 1/8” – 3/8”
Inside Height 1/8” – 3 ¾”
Outside/Inside Corner Shape Square, Round
Profile U, Corner, J
Leg Edge Shape Square, Round
Mount Type Press fit, Screw, Adhesive
Length 6” – 25ft
Finish Mill, brush, mirror, polished
Is There Recommended Gauge For Stainless Steel Trim?

No, the stainless steel gauge will depend on your specific requirements. Today, you will find 24 gauge stainless steel trim.

Are Stainless Steel Trim Suitable For Edging, And Joining?


In addition to the above applications, you may use stainless steel trim for outside corners as well.

How Do You Choose Custom Stainless Steel Trim?

Well, stainless steel trim are available depending on your unique requirements and specifications. You must specify:

  • Stainless steel grade
  • Shape of the stainless steel trim
  • Dimensions of stainless steel trim including height, width, wall thickness
  • Shape, which may include square, round, profile, etc.
  • Specify the mounting mechanism, which may include adhesive, screw, etc.

People Also Ask:

How do you make a stainless steel trim?

We laser-cut a piece of stainless steel sheet metal and then proceed to bend and form it at the correct angles to create your trim. We then apply surface treatments, finishes, and powder coating, if you request. This is the basic process of stainless steel trim fabrication.

How do you bend a stainless steel trim?

We use special equipment and presses to bend stainless steel at necessary angles.

Can a stainless steel trim be welded?

Welding a stainless steel trim is possible by matching the material of the welding metal.

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