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Choose from a range of stainless steel work tables at our factory, including basic work tables, work tables with backsplashes, and equipment stands. Work tables made of stainless steel are invaluable for any commercial cafeteria, bakery, or catering company. Additionally, beneath their work surfaces, they contain shelves or drawers that are ideal for keeping dishes, small appliances, bulk materials, and other supplies.

You can request a stainless steel work table with undershelves in a variety of sizes that will fit any size kitchen because we provide both large and small tables. Additionally, there are models with wonderful features like marine edges and backsplashes, which prevent spills. Our tables also have adjustable feet to suit any specification.

Stainless Steel Work Table Types

Standard Stainless Steel Work Table
Standard Stainless Steel Work Table

Tables with or without undershelves for storing supplies are available in our range. These tables, which are available in widths of 24″ or 30″ and lengths of up to 96″, will offer dependable service for a very long time.

Portables Work Tables
Portables Work Tables

Stainless steel portable work tables have heavy-duty steel, polyurethane, or rubber casters. Your work tables will be portable to any location both on and off your premises. This is a great option for cramped spaces.

Stainless Steel Equipment Stands
Stainless Steel Equipment Stands

Our equipment stands, which come in a range of widths, will safely hold your equipment. You won’t need to be concerned about a weak support table for your counter top equipment because it has a weight capacity of up to 500kg.

Folding Stainless Steel Work Table
Folding Stainless Steel Work Table

For commercial, industrial, food service, and restaurant uses, folding stainless steel work tables present great advantages. They are more practical than a typical stainless steel work table since you can fold them up and store them after use.

Stainless Steel Bucher Block
Stainless Steel Bucher Block

Commercial stainless steel butcher block work tables are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. Butcher block tables have a wooden surface and are perfect for a cutting station and for keeping a space clean.

Stainless Steel Classification Table
Stainless Steel Classification Table

Stainless steel classification tables are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials. To ensure that all materials being worked on your stainless steel classification table stay on the worktop area, all classification tables come with a slight side and back splash.

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Stainless Steel Work Table: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before designing your next stainless steel work table, read this guide. It has all information on stainless steel work table including design, features, parts, and material grade, just to mention a few. So keep reading to learn more.

What Is Stainless Steel Work Table?

This is a type of table that is put to use for holding working materials and other broad range of implements. The table is made from stainless steel material and has different designs.

stainless steel work table

stainless steel work table

Which Stainless Steel Work Table Designs Are There?

Some of the most common designs of stainless steel worktable include:

Stainless Steel Work Table With Shelves And Drawers

A stainless steel worktable with fitted drawers below the top part of the table. It also has horizontal planes for storage.

stainless steel work table with drawers

stainless steel work table with drawers

Stainless Steel Work Table With Under Shelf

This is a work table with an extra storage and staging space fitted below the top surface of the table.

The under-shelves can be adjustable of fixed for multiple uses.

stainless steel work table with under shelf

stainless steel work table with under shelf

· Stainless Steel Work Table With Sink

They have bucket-like sinks fitted either on the side of the table or at the middle space.

The build-in sinks offer prep space to the users and offer access to the running water.

stainless steel work table with sink

stainless steel work table with sink

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Work Table

The work table is made of very thick stainless steel material and has sturdy legs to offer support to heavy duties.

heavy duty stainless steel work table

heavy duty stainless steel work table

Stainless Steel Work Table With Wheels

This is a work table in which the legs are fitted with wheels to enable mobility.

stainless steel work table with wheels

stainless steel work table with wheels

Why Choose Stainless Steel Work Table?

Has An Anaesthetic Nature.

Stainless steel is a very flexible material, thus easy to custom make into different desirable designs.

One can easily bend the material to come up with a unique and favourable design that supports working.

They have an intrinsic value that enhances the ambiance of the space they are occupying be it the kitchen or offices.

 It Is Cost Effective.

Work tables made from stainless steel material are of high quality and very durable.

Hence cutting on the costs of maintenance and timely repairs. This makes them the right choice when considering on cost saving.


The stainless steel work tables are very strong and powerful.

They have the capability to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures and are resistant to corrosion thus a lengthy lifespan.

They Are Safe and Hygienic.

Working spaces on the stainless steel work tables are safe due to their capability to resist dirt and staining.

The ability of stainless steel material to be resistant to corrosion prevents it from rust thus easy cleaning and sanitization.

A Huge Range of Usability.

Taking into consideration the aesthetic value and durability nature of stainless steel

Work tables they serve different tasks.

The tables are favourable to various working environments such as laboratories, kitchens and offices.

How Do You Choose Material Grade For Stainless Steel Work Table?

Grade 304 Stainless Steel

This grade has proper welding and excellent forming characteristics.

It has an austenitic structure that is well balanced and permits deep drowning without annealing.

The most versatile grade of stainless steel.

  Grade 430 Stainless Steel.

It has excellent mechanical properties.

The grade is resistant to corrosion and efficiently formable. Also, it has magnetic characteristics and it is non-hardenable.

What Are The Parts Of Stainless Steel Work Table?

Table Top.

This is the upper flat and practical surface part of the stainless steel worktable.

Again, the shape of the table top maybe a square, round or rectangular depending with the worktable shape and dimensions.

Table Base.

This is the base that supports the table top of a stainless steel work table.

The legs can be made of wheels to allow easy mobility within the room.


An apron is the frame part directly under the top part of the table which connects the legs and the top. It offers proper balance to the top part of the table.

Where Do You Use Stainless Steel Work Table?

Stainless Worktable In Kitchen

The work table provides good space for enabling work done in the kitchen, such as for prepping food.

Stainless steel work table with under shelf also offers storage in the kitchen.

Laboratories Or Cleanrooms.

Most of the stainless steel work tables in cleanrooms are of high grades, such as grade 304.

They are applicable in holding implements for experiments.

Restaurant Prep.

The tables offer a sturdy work space that enables easy cleaning.

Work tables made from stainless steel are waterproof, hence preventing spills and various mishaps on your working space.

Medical Offices.

Hospitals prefer using stainless steel work tables because the surfaces offer a safe space for materials that are bio -hazardous. The surfaces also permit sterilization by use of hot steam.

Food Packaging Factories.

Surfaces of stainless steel work tables offer enough space for sorting and packing foods.

The tables have the capability to retain room temperature in instances where cold food substances are on the surface. They are non-porous hence prevent harbouring of bacteria from raw food.

Which Stainless Steel Work Table Surface Finish Options Are Available?

You may consider any of the following surface finishing options:

Brushed Finish.

This is a surface finish with a very distinctive appearance and dull lustre.

One is able to observe patterns of Parallel lines that are so fine on the surface.

Matte Finish

It has a distinctive dull appearance that comes by through cold rolling the stainless steel material in dies. The surface is very smooth with minimal pits.

Mirror Finish.

Mirror finish results from mechanically polishing the stainless steel thus producing a bright and reflective surface.

How Do You Choose Stainless Steel Work Table?

Whenever you are looking for stainless steel worktable, you should consider the following:

Consider The Thickness Of The Stainless Steel Work Table

Normally, the gauge of stainless steel will determine the durability. The thickest work table has the lowest gauge.

Capacity Of The Weight

Find a stainless steel worktable with a strong surface to enable it serve as both a storage space and preparation area.

Focus On The Types And Accessories

Stainless steel work tables with wheels enable swift movement of equipment, hence one avoids to lift the tables. Backsplash are important on the work tables placed against the wall.

This makes cleaning easier because the backsplash prevents the splashes and drips from reaching the wall.

When considering a work table with good storage capacities, find types such as those with under shelves.

How Do You Clean And Maintain Stainless Steel Work Table?

Here is how you can clean stainless steel worktable:

Find Appropriate Cleaning Tools.

Use cleaning clothes that are soft in texture, such as sponges and the smooth scouring pads.

The aim being to avoid causing scratches on the work table surface.

Clear The Stainless Steel Work Table.

Make sure you remove large dirt particle, such as food drops and plastic chips from the work table before Scrabbling.

Ensure You Clean Along The Polish Lines.

Work tables made of stainless steel have grains running in a specific direction. Consider wiping parallel to the lines.

Choose The Right Chemicals For Cleaning The Work Tables.

Consider chemical detergents that do not react with stainless steel, Such as alkaline solutions and non-chlorinated liquids.

Proper Sanitization And Disinfection Of The Work Tables.

Choose on sanitizers that do not damage the stainless steel surfaces.

Make sure you first clear the table top then rinse with pure water and then spray to sanitize and allow it to air dry.

Avoid The Use Of Hard Water On Cleaning Stainless Steel Work Tables.

You should use soft water to prevent staining of the surface. When working with hard water keep wiping the surface so as to avoid water stands on the surface for long periods.

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