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Sheet Metal Fabrication for Defense Industry

defense industry

KDM specializes in sheet metal fabrication and welding services for the defense industry. We have rich experience in fabricating precision metal components for defense clients. You can trust our variety of machining and metal fabrication services from sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, and CNC milling to metal punching and assemblies.

In every stage of production, we are committed to providing unmatched quality, value, and service. KDM will help you achieve the exact and precise defense equipment that exceeds various certifications. From the customer’s initial design processes, and development stages, to prototyping and final volume manufacturing.

We offer optimum quality assurance of critical welded joints. Our experts can also design the highest quality standards of defense parts while keeping costs to a minimum. From simple to complex defense parts, KDM has the capability to produce them accurately and efficiently using a wide range of high-grade metal materials. This includes aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, etc.

Defense Industry

Some are the types of custom defense products KDM manufactures:

  • custom metal machined components
  • armored vehicles and offensive weaponry
  • parts used in vehicles such as jeeps, tanks
  • armored personnel carriers
  • custom metal enclosures
  • custom metal brackets, chassis
  • custom metal weldments

Working with KDM means cooperating with a responsible company that aims to support your needs. Since our establishment, we strive to supply the highest quality sheet metal fabrication solutions to military & defense diligently. You will receive an efficient, cost-effective product here that can boom your business.  We provide prototypes within our standard lead time.

You can ensure that KDM will bring a professional level of expertise to every project. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company in China with a complete guide to our government and contract partners.  We consistently modernized our processes and produced new ideas to exceed various metal fabrication industry requirements. All are handled with the highest level of security.

For your custom request, talk with us now! Our sales team has active communication 24/7 to support you.

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