Bronze Sheet Metal Fabrication

Bronze Fabrication

Manufacture and design High-precision bronze parts to your exact requirements.

Bronze is a copper alloy ideal for fabrication due to its various features such as being highly ductile, brittle, and non-magnetic. It also exhibits corrosion, weather, and heat resistance. This offers excellent electrically conductive suitable for computer circuitry applications.

KDM can customize different bronze parts including:

  • Sculptures
  • Medals
  • Weapons, armor
  • Cookware
  • Turbines
  • Bushings and screws
  • Electrical connectors, etc.

Being a leader in this industry, we can choose the most suitable fabrication process based on bronze alloy grade. We will help you in the whole process from consultation, prototyping, sampling, and production. Contact us immediately!

Bronze Fabrication Techniques and Processes

Bronze Welding
Bronze Welding

Filler bronze rods are used to connect two pieces of metal together in bronze welding. It heats the metal surfaces and slightly melts them, allowing them to mix with the bronze and form a stronger weld.

Bronze Laser Cutting
Bronze Laser Cutting

KDM’s latest fibre laser cutting machines allow us to cut bronze sheet metal thicknesses up to 5mm. It is cost-effective, faster, and provides outstanding precision. This process ensures blemish-free cut and clean.

bronze machining
Bronze Machining

Bronze material offers high machinability, high strength, low friction properties and corrosion resistance ideal for CNC machining. It also features thermal conduction and hardness perfect for several applications.

Bronze Coating
Bronze Coating

Bronze coating is a form of flame spraying based on DIN EN ISO 14919/DIN EN 657. This process produces smoke and dust, thus, the job is done by our qualified, certified personnel with many years of experience.

Bronze Polishing
Bronze Polishing

Bronze polishing improves corrosion resistance, appearance, and workability of the bronze metal. KDM offers manual and robotic polishing processes that can meet your bronze polishing requirements and specifications.

Bronze Bending
Bronze Bending

KDM offers complex or bespoke bending through various bending techniques such as taper bending, roll bending, step bending, sharp-edge bending, deep bending, over-sized and extra-long bending, etc.

Bronze Brazing
Bronze Brazing

Bronze brazing is the process of joining 2 workpieces of metal. It comprises the use of heat as well as the insertion of filler metal. This process can result in stronger end-use bronze product performance.

Drilling Bronze
Drilling Bronze

Bronze drilling improves the quality & accuracy of your products. We adopt different types of CNC drilling machines such as radial, bench, upright, etc. It drills simple or complex holes up to 7 cm in diameter.

Bronze Casting
Bronze Casting

KDM offers various types of bronze casting based on your demands including sand casting, ceramic shell, lost wax, etc. This process produces bronze sculptures, tools, plaques, instruments, medals, and more.

Bronze Etching
Bronze Etching

Bronze Etching offers permanent markers on robust, metal-on-metal contact parts. As your professional supplier, we offer excellent logo, photo, or pattern etching for your custom bronze fabrication products.

Bronze Stamping
Bronze Stamping

KDM bronze stamping process provides accurately cast and economical bronze products. Bronze metal stampings are broadly utilized in industries such as hardware, machinery, electronics, commercial door, aerospace, etc.

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Features of Bronze Fabrication

low friction
Low Friction

Bronze low metal-to-metal friction allows it to be ideal for high-stress settings like those found in bushings and bearings.

high conductor
High Conductor

Bronze metal is ideal for computer circuitry applications due to its high electrical and thermal conductor features.

low cost
Low Cost

No need to search anywhere else for high-quality bronze metals. KDM offers low price products and fast shipping.

custom design
Custom Design

KDM is professional in custom bronze fabrication with our 10+ years of production experience, advanced techniques, and machines.

KDM Bronze Fabrication for Several Industries

Our bronze fabrication services are in high demand for a variety of uses in industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Below are some of the industries we served:

KDM Bronze Fabrication for Several Industries
What's The Benefit of Using Bronze in Fabrication

What's The Benefit of Using Bronze in Fabrication

Due to bronze’s unique features and advantages, it is popular for making different products.

  • Easy to machine
  • Sturdy and durable
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Outstanding surface finishes
  • High electrical and thermal conductor
  • Non-sparking and non-magnetic characteristics

Why Should You Choose KDM As Your Bronze Fabricator

Why Should You Choose KDM As Your Bronze Fabricator
Why Should You Choose KDM As Your Bronze Fabricator

KDM will find the ideal bronze metal for your project. There is a common bronze alloy and manufacturing procedure to suit your demands. Whether you require parts with corrosion resistance, high strength at a low density, high weldability, or shiny one, we got you all covered. We can also provide different coatings such as satin polished, brush polished, mirror polished finishes, etc. No matter what your specifications are, we guarantee creativity and satisfaction. Our team support all your sheet metal and bronze fabrication requirements.

We adopt the latest software technology, and advanced machineries such as punch presses, dual pallet lasers, press brakes, and other equipment to complete your projects quickly. You can rely on our efficient manufacturing, low and high-volume production, rigorous testing and inspection, delivery, and shipping.

For your inquiries, please contact us right away!

KDM Bronze Fabrication

Bronze Alloys We Can Work With
Bronze Alloys We Can Work With
  • Silicon Aluminum Bronze
  • Nickel Aluminum Bronze
  • Silicon Bronze
  • Nickel Silver Bronze
  • Nickel Silicon Bronze
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Nickel Tin Bronze
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Leaded Bronze
  • Manganese Bronze
  • Lead-Free Bronze
  • Tin Bronze

Bronze Fabrication Parts We Made

perforated Bronze sheet metal
Perforated Bronze Sheet Metal

KDM provides perforated bronze metal to produce durable, beautiful products. It can be customized to suit any project.

Bronze shim lock sheet metal
Bronze Shim Lock Sheet Metal

Our team can manufacture bronze shim stock which is corrosion resistant and nonmagnetic. It is stronger compared to copper or brass. Various thicknesses and finishes are available.

Bronze Stamping Parts
Bronze Stamping Parts

Bronze stamping parts feature corrosion resistance, wear well against steel, are easier to weld and machine compared to steel, and endure high-temperature environments.

bronze Medals
Bronze Medals

KDM can develop a wide range of bronze medals given as a prize to the person or organization. It is accessible in various designs, colors, sizes, etch patterns, and bronze alloy materials.

Bronze Brackets
Bronze Brackets

As a leading supplier, KDM performs various bronze fabrication techniques to develop brackets such as mounting brackets, countertop support brackets, wall brackets, and more. Achieve these products in elegant finish, custom sizes, and heights.

KDM-Your Professional Bronze Sheet Metal Fabricator
Your Professional Bronze Sheet Metal Fabricator
  • We really enjoy working with KDM. They support complete customization, and mass production, and meticulous processes. All products are offered at competitive pricing and shipping rates. Thank you, KDM!

  • I highly recommend KDM for your next bronze fabrication requirements. We are working with KDM for how many months and all I can say is wonderful. They use certified materials, state-of-the-art machines, and techniques.

How is Bronze Manufactured?

The metals tin and copper were heated and mixed together to create bronze. When the two metals melted together, they formed liquid bronze.

Is Bronze Hard to Machine?

Bronze has high machinability. It exhibits features such as high strength, hardness, low friction qualities, ductility, corrosion resistance, and heat conduction. It is easy to work with especially when it comes to flattening it into useful sheets of various thicknesses.

CNC machining for external can be done at reasonably high speeds. Boring and drilling should be done at slightly slower speeds. Reaming should be done at extremely slow speeds.

Is Bronze Harder Than Steel?

Steel is tougher than bronze. Steel keeps its sharpness for longer. During the Iron Age, bronze was still in use, and it is being utilized for a variety of applications today.

Can Bronze Rust?

Due to its low iron concentration, bronze does not corrode or rust. However, bronze can react with oxygen in a variety of ways. Bronze, unlike pure aluminum or iron, does not occur naturally. Bronze, on the other hand, is a combination of copper and tin.

Is Brass And Bronze Same?

No. Copper and zinc make up brass. However, bronze consists of copper and tin. The bronze material is harder and more brittle while brass offers greater malleability. The melting point of bronze is 950 degrees Celsius, brass is 900 degrees Celsius.

Does Bronze Turn Green?

Yes. Bronze is a copper-based alloy that can oxidize when exposed to air and moisture, resulting in a greenish coating known as patina. Cleaning bronze on a regular basis is the simplest way to protect them from going green. Under normal circumstances, the patina can take several weeks to develop.

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