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KDM has specialized in sheet metal pallet manufacturing for over 20 years. We design pallets utilizing various steel, including stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, iron, etc.


Custom Sheet Metal Pallets Fabrication

The sheet metal pallet is a heavy-duty structure that allows moving products swiftly from one location to another. It makes heavy loads easy to store and hassle-free to handle. This has become increasingly significant in production, automotive, logistics, and transportation.

KDM offers a vast array of sheet metal pallets to meet every industry demand. Available in various sizes, dimensions, materials, colors, entry types, and load capacity. We have galvanized steel pallets, aluminum pallets, and iron steel pallets, to name a few. Heavy-duty, rust-proof, high load barring power, and tensile strength are some of its distinct advantages.

Moreover, we can custom sheet metal pallets based on your business preference. Can configure all details mentioned above. Please feel free to send us your design.

Sheet Metal Pallets Series

Single-Side Sheet Metal Pallet

An eco-friendly single-side sheet metal pallet is suitable outdoors. Ideal for palletized racking and high-level racking. The weight of the load varies from 300 to 2000 kilograms. Available in white, blue, orange, green, or as your requirement.

4-Way Metal Pallet
4-Way Metal Pallet

The 4-way metal pallet is heavy-duty and non-reversible. It’s ideal for palletized racking and high-level racking. Maximizes space utilization and ease of operation. Logos and numberings are available upon request.

Metal Pallet with Press-formed Sheet
Metal Pallet with Press-formed Sheet

KDM metal pallets with press-formed sheets are made of sturdy, durable sheet metal and will last a long time. It provides fire protection ideal in the automotive, metallurgical, and industrial sectors. Can be customized with or without a lip for bundling.

Two-Way Sheet Metal Pallet
Two-Way Sheet Metal Pallet

The sheet metal pallet with a two-way entry is suggested for heavy-duty racking systems. It is compatible with all types of material handling equipment. Hallmarks include sturdiness, incredible durability, and dimensional precision.

Sheet Metal Pallet 1 Ton
Sheet Metal Pallets 1-Ton

The sheet metal pallet with a one-ton capacity is an excellent tool for storing and transporting bulky, delicate items. It has a high load-bearing capacity, a long life, and is corrosion-resistant. Can customize colors.

Flat Storage Steel Pallet
Flat Storage Steel Pallet

KDM offers flat storage steel pallet featuring a solid, close-boarded, or slatted top deck. Also available with a raised lip to prevent product slipping. These durable steel flat storage pallets come in various sizes and are made to order.

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Sheet Metal Pallets By Sizes (3)

  • 1200x1000MM Steel Metal Pallet

    The steel metal pallet measuring 1200x1000mm is excellent for construction, oil, gas, pharma, automobile, etc. It provides superior strength and long service life. Accessible in two or four directions.

  • 1200 x 800MM Sheet Metal Pallet
    1200 x 800MM Sheet Metal Pallet

    KDM supply 1200x800mm sheet metal pallet provides a 4-way entrance for easy handling. It is excellent for high-speed automation systems. The anti-slip surface prevents skidding even when wet.

  • Sheet Metal Pallet 1000MM x 1000MM
    Sheet Metal Pallet 1000MM x 1000MM

    Sheet metal pallet 1000mm x 10000mm is corrosion-proof, fireproof, and insulative. The surface can be finished with e-coating, polishing, powder coating, phosphate coating, etc. A wide selection of attachments is included to meet various needs, with add-ons available as needed

Sheet Metal Pallet By Material (4)

  • Stainless Steel Pallets

    Stainless steel pallets can be made from 316 and 304-grade stainless steel. It is suitable for sanitary purposes because of its excellent performance in high-hygiene environments—corrosion and rust resistance.

  • Galvanized Steel Sheet Pallets

    The galvanized steel sheet pallets are corrosion-resistant. They can withstand the rigors of hostile environments. Ideal for use in the outdoors and in the work setting. Environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and can resist being washed down.

  • Sheet Aluminum Pallets

    The aluminum pallets are typically specified in the pharmaceutical sector. Its smooth surface, durability, uniform tare weights, and clean finish are some of its advantages. Plus, can sterilize it.

  • Heavy-Duty Iron Steel Pallets
    Heavy-Duty Iron Steel Pallets

    Iron pallets have a top panel, supporting beam, and a protecting steel angle. It has 100% environmental protection, is convenient, and is flexible. It’s stable, long-lasting, and capable of carrying much weight.

Sheet Metal Pallets Advantages

Sturdy Construction-1
Sturdy Construction

Sheet metal pallets are strong and long-lasting. Also, they last longer than wood or plastic pallets. They are stiffened by the steel composition, which allows them to survive adverse weather conditions.

Simple to Maintain-1
Simple to Maintain

The metal pallets are easy to clean and ideal for use in all cleanrooms. They may be cleaned without difficulty since it’s made of finely finished steel. The best method for cleaning them is pressure washing.

Design Flexibility-1
Design Flexibility

Pallets made of metal exist in various shapes, sizes, and sorts. The elegance of pallets lies in how they are built to form a structure capable of aiding the movement of products. Available in vast design.


Because the metal pallets do not burn, they are entirely fireproof. Aside from that, they are durable enough to resist the rigors of extreme conditions. They are resistant to mild and low temperatures.

Sheet Metal Pallet Materials

KDM utilize various material in manufacturing sheet metal pallet. Choosing the suitable material for your metal pallet is essential for your business and application.

Aluminum – pallets made of aluminum are lightweight and easy to handle. The non-skid surface secures transportation of all goods. It’s rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and UV-resistant.

Galvanized Steel – a galvanized surface protects this heavy-duty welded steel pallet against rust. It is appropriate for corrosive settings. Deck board stringers and reinforced corners on the base provide further strength and rigidity.

Stainless – stainless steel pallets with a sheeted top deck are appropriate for most food & pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing industries. 304, 304L, 310S, 316, and 316L are the steel grade options.

Iron Steel – iron steel pallets are stable, long-lasting, and capable of carrying much weight. It has a long life duration and requires no maintenance. Plus, a good steer bearing capacity and a non-slip surface.

Sheet Metal Pallet Materials
Sheet Metal Pallet Applications

Sheet Metal Pallet Applications

Over the years, our team has created hundreds of various types of metal pallets. Some of the industries, businesses, and applications that use them are described below.

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Nuclear Energy Plants
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Pharmaceutical Warehousing
  • Production Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Cleanrooms
  • Transportation
  • Heavy Industry
  • Automotive Industry, etc.

Why Choose KDM Sheet Metal Pallets

KDM series of sheet metal pallets have several distinct advantages. We provide high-quality, heavy-duty metal pallets in various sizes and dimensions to match your individual needs. It is also available in a diversity of designs. They are more durable in severe settings.

KDM sheet metal pallets are:

  • Simple to use and require little maintenance
  • Resistant to chemical pollutants and corrosion
  • Do not break under large loads
  • Able to carry heavy dynamic and static loads

More attributes contribute to metal pallet popularity. Any industry you belong to, this is your perfect material handling solution.

KDM Sheet Metal Pallets

Choose KDM to Custom Your Sheet Metal Pallet

Sheet Metal Pallets-3

KDM has been engaged in sheet metal pallet production for more than ten years. We tend to offer high-performance metal pallets throughout years of expertise and knowledge. Our team also make custom steel pallet to suit various environments and applications. Please share your needs with us, and we will find the ideal solution for you.

Our expert engineers can design your custom sheet metal pallet in just 1-2 days. All required features were applied to the product. In compliance with ISO9001, PPAP, and CPK standards, we can assure quality output.

Whether you have a small or large-scale business, KDM sheet metal pallet is your #1 choice. All products were tested before delivery. A complete test report is available. Get strong load carriers for your industry demand and take full benefit.

KDM Sheet Metal Pallet Fabrication

Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment

KDM applies numerous forms of surface treatment to our sheet metal pallet. The available finishes include:

  • Galvanizing
  • Wet Painting
  • Untreated
  • Hot Dipping
  • Powder Coating, and so on.
More Advantageous Features
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Robust Construction
  • Ergonomic Handling
  • Strong Load Capacity
  • Rust-proof
  • Durability
  • Bacteria-resistant
  • Recyclable and Repairable

OEM & ODM KDM Sheet Metal Pallet Applications

Logistics Metal Pallet
Logistics Metal Pallet

The sheet metal pallet for logistics and transportation provides high loading and unloading efficiency. It also offers flexible handling and reduces the time spent waiting for transportation tools.

Warehouse Sheet Metal Pallet
Warehouse Sheet Metal Pallet

KDM offers heavy-duty warehouse sheet metal pallets for shipping metals, liquids, and other products requiring weight support. It enhances operating efficiency.

Sheet Metal Pallet For Construction
Sheet Metal Pallet For Construction

Metal pallets make item handling and heavy load transfer a snap in the construction industry by stacking heavy items on top of them. Features high load-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, sturdy design, and durability.

Sheet Metal Pallet For Chemical Industry
Sheet Metal Pallet For Chemical Industry

The metal pallet can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is specially built to resist chemicals and dangerous materials. They enable you to transport chemicals efficiently.

Sheet Metal Pallet for Automotive
Sheet Metal Pallet for Automotive

Sheet metal pallets are ideal for the automotive sector because of their distinctive features. It includes high stacking loads, durability, and long-term dry storage. Corrosion-resistant and rust-free.

Sheet Metal Pallets
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Sheet Metal Pallets: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you are probably wondering whether sheet metal pallets is suitable for you or not.

A reason this guide will take you through all the fundamental aspects you should know about sheet metal pallets.

So, before buying your next sheet metal pallets, read this guide.

What Are Sheet Metal Pallets?

A sheet metal pallet is a type of pallet with very specific applications because it is heavy-duty.

They are made from steel and aluminium materials, thus giving them the strength to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

sheet metal pallet

sheet metal  pallet

They are majorly used in transporting and moving heavy goods.

What Are The Benefits Of Sheet Metal Pallets?

Sheet metal pallets have various benefits which make them more useful.

The following are the benefits of using sheet metal pallets:

  1. Their maintenance is easy

Sheet metal pallets are designed to carry a large load and ensure that no water or dust stays in the pallets; hence, no corrosion or other damages are caused.

Sheet Metal Pallets

They can be easily cleaned, thus a hygienic pallet type.

  1. Cab be recycled

Sheet metal pallets can be reused even with severe damage, helping preserve resources and keep the environment clean.

  1. Durability

Sheet metal pallets are more durable and robust than plastics and wood, hence having a long life.

They can withstand harsh weather conditions and do not corrode or form rust easily.

  1. Stackable

They allow room for stacking hence saving more space for storage.

They enable the transfer of heavy loads, thus meeting the storage requirement of many factories and warehouses.

  1. Strength

Sheet metals are very strong and can carry heavy loads as they have heavy load capacity and can be easily handled.

  1. They are easier to repair
  2. Corrosion-resistant
What Are The Parts Of Sheet Metal Pallets?

The sheet metal pallet is made up of the following parts:

  1. Lead boards

At the back and front of the pallet are two pieces of lumber

  1. Stringers

Stringers are a part where perpendicularly to the deck boards, a solid board extending the full length of the pallet is placed between blocks and deck boards.


Averagely, stringers can range from 1.5-inch to 3.5-inch pieces of lumber.

  1. Notches

A notch is where on the lower part of a stringer, an opening is located where a forklift can lift the pallet.

  1. Chamfered edges

Chamfered is a component where entryways are along the edges of the deck board between the 2*4 pieces of lumber.

  1. Blocks

This component is a square, multi-sided, rectangular, or cylindrical deck spacer, pinpointed by its location within the corner, edge, inner, end, corner, or middle blocks.

  1. Deck boards

It is a part where perpendicularly to stringers is located at the top and bottom hence forming stability and support of the pallet.

Which Material Are Suitable For Sheet Metal Pallets?

A sheet metal pallet is made from steel and Aluminum.

Steel and Aluminum are the suitable materials for sheet metal pallets because of the following reasons:

  • They are strong and durable
  • Can withstand very hot and cold temperatures
  • They are corrosive-resistant hence can be reused
  • Steel is relatively cheaper
  • They do not carry pests and bugs
What Are The Types Of Sheet Metal Pallets?

Sheet metal pallets are differentiated depending on the materials used to make them.

There are various types of sheet metal pallets which are:

  • Steel powder-coated sheet metal pallets

These are sheet metal pallets covered using steel.

Steel makes the sheet metal pallet stiff and thus can withstand harsh weather conditions hence durable and strong to carry heavy-duty products.

steel powder coated sheet metal pallets

steel powder coated sheet metal pallets

Steel sheet metal pallets are suitable for handling items both externally and internally.

They are designed to allow for stacking, hence saving on space, and have a large load capacity.

  • Aluminium sheet metal pallets

These are sheet metal pallets made using Aluminum.

The benefit of Aluminum sheet metal pallets is that even though remaining lightweight, they can hold heavy products due to their strong value.

Aluminum sheet metal pallet

Aluminum sheet metal pallet

Aluminium can be sterilized and reusable, saving on maintenance costs.

Also, aluminium is naturally resistant to fire; thus, it can withstand extreme heat.

Aluminium sheet metal pallets can be reused for a long time without wearing out.

  • Galvanized sheet metal pallets

Are sheet metals coated using a zinc layer? Can withstand harsh environmental factors.

Do not form rust or corrosion and have a high anti-bacterial capacity hence suitable in highly hygienic warehouses.

Galvanized sheet metal pallet

Galvanized sheet metal pallets

  • Stacking sheet metal pallets

These are sheet metal pallets constructed to save on spaces, allowing for stacking.

Therefore saves on storage costs and is majorly used for outdoor storage.

stacking sheet metal pallets

stacking sheet metal pallet

What Are The Available Sizes Of Sheet Metal Pallets?

Even though sheet metal pallets are custom made, they are also available in lightweight and heavy-duty.

The standard dimension for sheet metal pallets is 48”x40”.

Other available sheet metal pallets have dimensions of 48″x48″ and 42″x42.”

Where Can You Use Sheet Metal Pallets?

Sheet metal pallets have various uses and applications.

They are used majorly in moving heavy goods, long-term outdoor storage, and storage at sea.

The following are the applications of sheet metal pallets:

  • Chemical industries

They are used to move chemicals because they can withstand harsh weather conditions because of their strength.

  • Automative and metal processing industries

They are commonly used in automotive and metal processing industries because of their durability and ability to allow for stacking.

  • Construction industries

As a result of their strong and heavy load capacity, sheet metal pallets are used in construction industries.

They make it easier to move heavy loads and handle objects


  • Export industries

They are used in exporting industries to carry pests; therefore, products can be shipped without being damaged.

  • Restaurant and catering

Because of their good hygiene, sheet metals are used for storage and transportation.

Are Sheet Metal Pallets Durable?

Sheet metal pallets are more durable as compared to plastic and wooded pallets.

Sheet metal pallets are made from steel and aluminium materials that make them strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Therefore they do not form rust or corrode easily, thus a long life count.

How Do You Fabricate Sheet Metal Pallets?

Various sheet metal pallets are fabricated and then collected together to be welded.

The following are the process followed for a sheet metal pallet to be fabricated:

1) Drawing

Before the sheet metal is converted into a different shape, a clear drawing is done to set objectives clear.

Drawing is done on software.

2) Planning the process

The following are the processes followed to form a sheet metal pallet:

  • Blanking

It is a shearing process. A workpiece is removed from an original sheet metal pallet by punching.

This process is done by NC machining, laser or press.

Fabricated sheet metal pallets

fabricated sheet metal pallet

The new workpiece formed is known as blank.

  • Riveting

Riveting is a forging process that joins two parts through a metal rivet.

  • Bending

It helps to make a sheet metal pallet strong and aids in sharp edges being removed.

  • Cutting

Cutting is done using a range of methods such as water jet, manual cutting, flame, laser and CNC lathe.

  • Forming

This process gives a sheet metal pallet the required shape after being cut. Metals can be shaped by bending, stamping and rolling.

  • Welding

This process is done to ensure parts are fused when needed. Heating soothes the collected details, and then it is allowed to cool to ease fusion.

3) Surface treatment

This process is carried out to form a protective coat on the sheet metal pallet. The coating aids in paint sticking on the metal.

Depending on the customer’s choice and sheet metal pallet type, different films are used on surface treatment which include:

  • Oxidation
  • Powder coating

Baking paint

How Do You Test Quality Of Sheet Metal Pallets?

It is very important to choose a sheet metal pallet of high quality.

Sheet metal is considered to be of high quality if it has the following features:

  • It is strong and can cater for material handling
  • It is durable and does not form a rot or corrosion
  • Allows room for stacking
  • Sheet metal pallet is recyclable without being damaged

Also, the following are the advantages that a consumer gets from the manufacturer or supplier of sheet metal pallets if testing is done:

  • Safety
  • Standardization
  • guarantee

Therefore the following are the factors that are tested to know the quality results of a sheet metal pallet:

  • material testing
  • tensile testing
  • bend testing
  • upright testing
  • compression testing
Which Features Should You Look For In Sheet Metal Pallets?

When choosing sheet metal pallets, the following are the features you should put into consideration:

  • Its primary purpose; is the product or materials that need to be transported.
  • The sheet metal pallet’s construction and packaging dimension; a stackable sheet metal pallet is highly recommended.
  • The durability of the sheet metal pallet, the long life of the metal pallet and how frequently it is used without getting damaged.

Sheet Metal Pallets

Therefore, this will be based on the material used to make the sheet metal pallet.

  • Transportation conditions; since sheet metal pallets can survive harsh weather conditions, it is good to consider when choosing which is best for the transportation.

The one that survives under heat or cold is considered suitable.

  • Strength of the sheet metal pallet; a heavy sheet metal pallet is highly recommended when transporting or storing heavy products.
What Is The Load Capacity Of Sheet Metal Pallets?

Sheet metal pallets vary with the load capacity they can hold. It, therefore, depends on the size and design of the sheet metal pallets.

The static load capacity of sheet metal means the weight is placed in pallets and is not in motion.

The static load capacity for a sheet metal pallet is 20,000 Ibs.

Dynamic load capacity means weight placed in an object, and it is moving.

Static load capacity is greater than dynamic load capacity.

Do You Have Custom Sheet Metal Pallets?

There are custom sheet metal pallets. Custom sheet metal pallets are considered advantageous because of the following:

  • They are efficient as they are constructed specifically for the customers’ purpose or objective.
  • They are strong and hence can provide strong load capacity.
  • Custom sheet metals can be made using a variety of materials.
  • They are durable and can be used for heavy-duty applications.

custom sheet maetal pallets

custom sheet metal pallet

What Are The Recommended Surface Finish For Sheet Metal Pallets?

The following are the recommended surface finish for sheet metal pallets:

  • Hot-dip galvanized

Hot-dip galvanized

A sheet metal pallet is dipped in a molten zinc bath to stick a zinc-plated steel sheet on the surface.

Majorly sued to reduce corrosion and make the sheet metal pallet more durable.

The benefits that come with this type of surface finish on sheet metal pallets are:

  1. The layer makes the surface stronger hence it can withstand harsh environmental and mechanical damage.
  2. It helps prevent corrosion and rust hence the durability of the sheet metal pallet.
  3. Reduces maintenance cost as the anti-rust formed by the process is way cheaper than other paintings.
  • Polished

This type of surface finish method is where the surface is buffed to a smooth finish using a polishing machine or cloth wheel.

It gives a surface a smooth and glossy look.

Scratches and minor surface imperfections are removed.

It also removes oxidation.

  • Painted

Type of a surface finish in which paint is coated on the sheet metal pallets that function as concrete hurdles against environmental conditions.

Painting is done in two modes:

  • Electrostatic
  • Painting by cataphoresis
Are Sheet Metal Pallets Light Weight?

Sheet metal pallets are both lightweight and heavyweight.

Even though sheet metal pallets are made from steel and Aluminum, which makes them stiff, some products are light and need to be transported using lightweight metal pallets.

Lightweight sheet metal pallets help reduce weight when products are transported, hence reducing delivery costs.

What Are The Common Dimensions Of Sheet Metal Pallets?

Sheet metal pallets vary in size, height and weight.

But there are standard dimensions agreed on concerning the sheet metal pallets.

The standard sheet metal pallet size is 48″x40.”

The standard sheet metal pallet height is 6/.”

The standard weight a sheet metal pallet can hold is up to 4600 Ibs

The standard measure by which a sheet metal pallet can weigh is between 30-48 Ibs

Are There Stackable Sheet Metal Pallets?

Yes, stackable sheet metal pallets have replaced the wood pallets.

They vary in size and can store a wide range of products.

The benefits of using stackable sheet metal pallets are that;

  • Stackable sheet metal pallets are recycled after use.
  • Therefore, they are constructed with corner posts, making them easier for stacking.
  • They are durable.
  • They can be handled by a forklift easily.

stackable sheet metal pallet

stackable sheet metal pallet

18How Do Sheet Metal Pallets Compare To Wood Pallets?

There are various types of pallets: metal, plastic and wood pallets.

The following are the differences between wood pallets and sheet metal pallets:

  1. Sheet metal pallets are more durable than wood pallets because of their materials. Sheet metal pallets are made of steel and Aluminum, making them stronger.
  2. Sheet metal pallets are easier to clean than wood pallets, hence a good hygienic choice pallet.
  3. Wood pallets splinter, unlike sheet metal pallets.
  4. Wood pallets are easier and quicker to construct than sheet metal pallets.
  5. Sheet metal pallets can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as cold and heat, unlike wood pallets.
  6. Wood pallets are less expensive to purchase as compared to sheet metal pallets.
  7. Sheet metal pallets are free of pests and bugs, unlike wood pallets.
  8. Unlike wood pallets, sheet metal pallets are known for not forming rust and decaying.

wood pallet

wood pallet

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