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Defibrillator Cabinet Manufacturer in China

KDM is manufacturing high-quality defibrillator cabinets made from durable metal. We designed the cabinets for various applications such as work sites, hospitals, public areas, etc.


KDM Defibrillator Cabinet

The defibrillator cabinets from KDM are made from heavy-duty and thickened metal such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, iron, aluminum, steel, and other kinds of metal. They are also treated with a powder coating so they will be highly resistant to corrosion, scratches, and weather-related degradation. Since they are weather-resistant, they can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Moreover, the defibrillator cabinets are available in many different designs such as wall-mount designs, floor-standing designs, removable shelves, multiple shelves, full-height designs, and other designs based on the customers’ needs. They can also be designed with your own logo or custom labels.

KDM defibrillator cabinets also have other features such as dust-proof, fire-proof, lightweight, high load capacity, waterproof, and easy to mount. They are widely used in hospitals, warehouses, work areas, restaurants, public spaces, and other industrial settings.

The cabinets can also be custom with your own sizes, colors, designs, and other specifications.

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KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Series

Orange Flooring Standing Defibrillator Cabinets

The flooring standing defibrillator cabinets are designed with a stable base, double door, and 3 layers inside. The top layer can be used for storing automated external defibrillators and the other layers below can be used for storing first aid supplies. They are made from anti-corrosion, high-quality, and eco-friendly steel.

Stainless Wall-Mounted Defibrillator Cabinet

The stainless wall-mounted defibrillator cabinets have a rounded corner design, white surface finish, easy-to-clean surface, and a high-security lock. They are made from durable, corrosion-resistant, and high-quality stainless steel. Also, they are used for storing and displaying AED and first aid kit equipment.

Steel Defibrillator Cabinets
Steel Defibrillator Cabinets

The steel defibrillator cabinets are made from high-quality steel and applied with a powder coating to enhance their rust resistance and scratch resistance. They are designed with a magnetic enclosure and a removable shelf. Moreover, they are commonly used in warehouses, medical offices, and other public areas.

Yellow Metal Defibrillator Wall Cabinet
Yellow Metal Defibrillator Wall Cabinet

The yellow metal defibrillator wall cabinet is commonly used in hotels, supermarkets, offices, hospitals, or at home. It has a mechanical lock and alarm system. Also, it will save a lot of space since it will be hung on the walls. It is durable, rust-resistant, and safe for storing different types of defibrillators.

White Indoor Defibrillator Cabinets
White Indoor Defibrillator Cabinets

The white indoor defibrillator cabinets are designed to use for indoor applications such as workspaces, restaurants, and many more. They are perfectly coated in a white powder finish. Also, they have heavy-duty steel construction, rust resistance, and ease of installation.

White Floor-Standing Defibrillator Cabinets
White Floor-Standing Defibrillator Cabinets

The white floor-standing defibrillator cabinets are made from corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, and sturdy metal so the automated external defibrillators will be safely kept. They have large storage space, strong magnetic enclosure, stable base, high-strength hinges, and stainless steel handle.

Red Defibrillator Wall Cabinets
Red Defibrillator Wall Cabinets

The red defibrillator wall cabinets have an easy-pull handle, a clear viewing window, and corrosion-resistant hinges. They have a door that swings easily and quickly so you will have easy access to the defibrillators. Moreover, they are manufactured from heavy-duty steel with a powder coating finish.

Universal Wall-Mounted Defibrillator Cabinets
Universal Wall-Mounted Defibrillator Cabinets

The universal wall-mounted defibrillator cabinets are designed with large and clear viewing windows for easy identification. They are made from superior quality and sturdy metal. Also, they have strobe light functions and emergency alarms to protect the defibrillators from theft.

Yellow Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet
Yellow Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet

The yellow outdoor defibrillator cabinets are designed with excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and a high-security lock. They have a free-standing design, clear windows, and durable metal construction. Also, they are widely used in malls, schools, warehouses, and other industrial settings.

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KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Advantages

Excellent Weather Resistance
Excellent Weather Resistance

The defibrillator cabinets can withstand various types of harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, sunshine, and more. As a result, they are suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor applications.

High Corrosion Resistance
High Corrosion Resistance

KDM defibrillator cabinets are made from materials that have high corrosion resistance such as aluminum, stainless steel, etc. They can also be applied with surface coatings so their corrosion resistance will improve.

Durable Metal Construction
Durable Metal Construction

The defibrillator cabinets can be constructed using different types of durable materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, and other metals. They are not easy to break so theft will be prevented.


The defibrillator cabinets have a very light weight. As a result of their light weight, they can be easily and quickly mounted and you will save time. Aside from that, you can move them from place to place easily.

KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Materials

To produce different types of defibrillator cabinets, KDM uses a variety of durable materials. We mainly used different types of metal such as:

Aluminum – This type of sheet metal produces a protective oxide coating naturally. As result, it is very resistant to corrosion. It is also light in weight and resistant to saltwater. We are using a variety of aluminum grades such as 5083, 6061, 5052, 3003, and other grades to fabricate the cabinets.

Galvanized Metal – The defibrillator cabinets can be made from galvanized metal such as iron or steel. The galvanized metal has extended durability, good formability, and excellent corrosion resistance due to the zinc-iron coating that is applied to the metal. The cabinets that are made from this material are ideal for outdoor applications.

Stainless Steel – If you want your cabinets to have good looks, the ideal material is stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn’t corrode and rust easily. As a result, they are suitable for outdoor installation. The cabinets that are made from stainless steel also don’t stain easily and are very easy to clean.

KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Materials
KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Production Processes

KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Production Processes

When manufacturing the defibrillator cabinets, KDM uses a variety of the latest manufacturing machines and equipment. Aside from that, we also use only the finest materials. To fabricate the cabinets, there are also a lot of processes such as:

KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Applications

Due to the temperature resistance, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance of the defibrillator cabinets, they can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications. At KDM, we offer a large selection of both outdoor and indoor defibrillator cabinets.

The indoor cabinets can only be used for indoor applications such as office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, malls, hotels, and many more.

On the other hand, the outdoor defibrillator cabinets are great for public places such as construction sites. They are also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Applications

Choose KDM to Custom Your Defibrillator Cabinet

Choose KDM to Custom Your Defibrillator Cabinet
Choose KDM to Custom Your Defibrillator Cabinet1

KDM is a manufacturer of outdoor and indoor defibrillator cabinets for more than 10 years. We are manufacturing them using industrial-grade and superior quality metals to ensure that they will last for many years.

Also, we have the latest manufacturing equipment such as 3D flexible welding platforms, 3000W optical laser cutting machines, detection machines, precision PU foaming machines, and other machines that enable us to fabricate a wide range of defibrillator cabinets. All the cabinets we manufacture are made according to quality and international standards such as ISO. So, you can reasonably say that our cabinets are both safe to use and high-quality.

Moreover, we also offer cabinet customization to meet your exact specifications. The cabinets can be customized with your company’s logo or labels. They can be produced according to your desired sizes, colors, designs, materials, surface finishes, and other requirements. You can send us your specifications and we will fabricate them exactly to your requirements.

If you want to know more about our defibrillator cabinets or customization services, please contact us!

KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Fabrication

KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Features
KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Features

KDM is fabricating the defibrillator cabinets with a lot of features, including:

  • Excellent durability
  • High weight capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Lockable
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Dust-proof & waterproof
  • Space-saving
  • Fire-resistant
  • Modern look
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Tear & wear resistance
KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Designs
KDM Defibrillator Cabinet Designs

The defibrillator cabinets come in a wide range of designs such as:

  • Floor-standing design
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Semi-recessed design
  • Fully recessed design
  • High-security lock
  • Clear viewing window
  • Full height design

In addition, KDM can also customize the cabinets based on your desired designs.

OEM & ODM Defibrillator Cabinet for Various Applications

Non-Alarmed Stainless Steel Defibrillator Cabinets
Non-Alarmed Stainless Steel Defibrillator Cabinets

The non-alarmed defibrillator cabinets are made from superior grade and rust-proof stainless steel. They are designed with an easy-pull handle and clear window for easy identification. Also, they have a wall-mount installation.

Red Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinets
Red Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinets

The red outdoor defibrillator cabinets are designed to protect the defibrillators from harsh elements of the outdoor environment such as cold, rain, heat, dust, moisture, and humidity. They have excellent resistance to strong impact, weather elements, temperature, and corrosion.

Indoor Wall Defibrillator Cabinets
Indoor Wall Defibrillator Cabinets

The indoor wall defibrillator cabinets have 2 strong magnets that firmly hold the door. They are designed with a two-layer inside. The top layer can be used for storing defibrillators and the bottom is for the first aid kits. They are impact-resistant, rust-resistant, and easy to install.

Galvanized Metal Defibrillator Cabinets
Galvanized Metal Defibrillator Cabinets

The galvanized metal defibrillator cabinets are designed with a clear wide window and push lock. They have high resistance to corrosion, scratches, and impact. Also, they are made from high-quality galvanized metal with a white powder coat finish.

Mini Defibrillator Cabinets
Mini Defibrillator Cabinets

The mini defibrillator cabinets fit all types and brands of defibrillators. They are water-proof, fire-resistant, easy to install, impact-resistant, and durable. Moreover, they are designed with round edges, pressure locks, and clear windows.

Floor-Standing Indoor Defibrillator Cabinets
Floor-Standing Indoor Defibrillator Cabinets

The floor-standing indoor defibrillator cabinets are commonly used in many hospitals, hotels, offices, etc. They are designed with a stainless steel handle, stable base, strobe light, etc. Also, they have 2-door and 3-layer designs for large storage space.

Custom Defibrillator Cabinet to Skyrocket Your Business
Custom Defibrillator Cabinet to Skyrocket Your Business

KDM has the ability to manufacture defibrillator cabinets to your specifications. We can design them with your logo, brand, or other labels to help your business grow!

  • “Thank you so much KDM for the custom defibrillator cabinets! They are obviously made from high-quality materials. The cabinets are also customized exactly to what I request. I highly recommend KDM!”

  • “The defibrillator cabinets that I ordered look very sturdy. They have nice finishing. I am so grateful I chose KDM as my supplier! They offer lower prices than others.”

  • “All of the customized defibrillator cabinets from KDM turned out great! They have amazing quality and accurate customizations. It was such a pleasure teaming up with KDM! They give some advice, suggestions, and also quick responses!”

Defibrillator Cabinet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before choosing you next defibrillator cabinet, read this guide.

It will guide you buy high quality and reliable defibrillator cabinet.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Defibrillator Cabinet?

A defibrillator cabinet is a high-quality storage device where you will store defibrillators from misuse, theft, or vandalism.

The defibrillator cabinet can come with various features depending on its technical specifications.

The defibrillator cabinet will also provide a visible central location where you will keep the defibrillator when not in use.

Besides, the defibrillator cabinet can either be installed inside buildings or outside public areas such as work areas.

This means you can find both internal and external defibrillator cabinets depending on your application.

Defibrilator cabinet

Defibrillator cabinet

How Do Internal And External Defibrillator Cabinets Compare?

You can install a defibrillator cabinet either inside a building or outside in an open and public location.

If you plan to place your defibrillator outside the building, ensure you select a defibrillator cabinet that can sustain those conditions.

For instance, ensure the external defibrillator cabinet can protect the defibrillator from the following:

  • External environmental conditions
  • Theft
  • Tampering
  • Dust
  • Water

Besides, when you are selecting an external defibrillator cabinet, make sure you check to see if it is you can control the temperature.

This is important as it ensures the automated external defibrillator is kept at the appropriate operating temperature.

Furthermore, the temperature control feature ensures you maintain the battery life and the condition of the automated external defibrillator.

Also, the external defibrillator cabinet needs to have heaters while others may operate with a fan.

Besides, you need to make sure the fan and heaters link to temperature control sensors.

This proves to be advantageous since when the weather outside becomes too cold, the heater will automatically turn on.

On the other hand, when the weather outside becomes too hot, the fan unit will turn on and assist in dissipating the surplus heat.

Besides, the external defibrillator cabinet has a robust material construction to withstand the environmental elements.

This means this kind of defibrillator cabinet requires a connection to an electric supply station to provide power to heaters and fans.

Furthermore, when you have such a feature, the life span of the battery of your automated external defibrillator will increase.

This means the defibrillator will always be ready for use in an emergency and save you a lot of money when it comes to replacing batteries.

It is important to note that you should never install and use your internal defibrillator cabinet outdoors.

When you happen to do this, you risk invalidating the warranty of your automated external defibrillator.

Internal defibrillator cabinets are suitable for indoor use such as retail stations where you can easily see and access them in emergencies.

Some of the indoor defibrillator cabinet material construction is polycarbonate which offers suitable strength.

Also, they are lightweight making the defibrillator cabinet robust and simple to access.

Other material constructions entail metal or Perspex.

There are internal defibrillator cabinets that sound an alarm once you open them, thus preventing theft or vandalism.

Outdooe Defibrillator cabinet

External Defibrillator cabinet

Internal defibrillator cabinet

Internal Defibrillator cabinet

Should Defibrillator Cabinets Be Locked Or Unlocked?

Certain regulatory bodies recommend that all defibrillator cabinets should not be locked thus making them highly accessible.

One of these regulatory bodies is The Resuscitation Council UK.

Some versions of locked defibrillator cabinets require a numerical code that you will input on the display pad to unlock the door.

However, if your defibrillator cabinets require a key to open the door, ensure you purchase a brand new defibrillator cabinet.

The downside of such a defibrillator cabinet is that is it not easily accessible during an emergency.

Furthermore, brand new defibrillator cabinets may contain an access code from the factory.

In such a situation, contact the manufacturer of the defibrillator cabinet if you would like to have a custom code to open it.

This request also depends on the defibrillator cabinet brand.

Unlocked Defibrillator cabinet

Unlocked defibrillator cabinet

Locked defibrillator cabinet

Locked defibrillator cabinet

What Should You Consider When Selecting A Location Where You Will Install The Defibrillator Cabinet?

Here are some important factors worth considering:

  • Ensure the defibrillator cabinet is easily accessible to an electricity source
  • Make sure the location has adequate lighting to make the defibrillator cabinet visible at all times
  • Ensure you have a CCTV camera installed to prevent or deter any form of vandalism or theft
  • Consider installing a tracing system like a GPS unit as most of the defibrillator cabinets lack this feature but you can request for it
What Should You Consider When Selecting An Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet?

An outdoor defibrillator cabinet is important and there are several factors to consider.

These entail the features of the outdoor defibrillator cabinet that make it suitable for outdoor use.

Furthermore, these considerations will ensure that the outdoor defibrillator cabinet is durable as well as the automated external defibrillators inside.

They also ensure the safety of all devices within the outdoor defibrillator cabinet, ease of use, maintenance practices, etc.

Whenever you are purchasing a new defibrillator cabinet, kindly ensure you consider the following:

Alarm Unit

It is important to select a defibrillator cabinet that has an alarm feature installed.

The alarm system will assist you in deterring theft and tampering.

Furthermore, the alarm unit will help you alert other people to the emergency at hand.


A majority of outdoor defibrillator cabinets have an in-built lighting system.

This lighting system ensures that the defibrillator cabinet is visible at all times, especially in dark environments.

There are other versions of defibrillator cabinets that contain a lighting system inside the cabinet itself

For these lighting fixtures to work, you need to open them to activate the light source.

For this reason, you need to install such outdoor defibrillator cabinets in areas that have ample


This will ensure that the outdoor defibrillator cabinet remains visible during an emergency.

IP Rating

IP stands for ingress protection and it highlights how the outdoor defibrillator cabinet offers protection against water and dust.

There are versions of defibrillator cabinets that contain breather drains.

These are features that will minimize the rate of condensation within the cabinet.

This will in turn lower the chances of internal corrosion from occurring within the inside of the defibrillator cabinet.

If the defibrillator cabinet has a high ingress protection rating, the more water and dustproof it becomes.

The IP rating has two digits where the first digit shows how resistant it is to solids and the second digit shows how resistant it is to liquids.

For instance, the higher the digit, the higher the level of resistance.

Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet

The rating for protection against solids ranges from 0, meaning no protection, to 6, meaning total protection against solids.

Besides, the protection rating for liquids ranges from 0, meaning no protection, to 8, meaning total moisture protection.

This means that if the digit is 0, it offers no protection against any solid or liquid substance.

However, it is important to note that the ingress protection rating of an outdoor defibrillator cabinet will change if you decide to drill holes.

The holes you drill may be to mount on a wall or pass electrical wires.

For this reason, make sure you check with your manufacturer to see if the defibrillator cabinet has pre-drilled holes.

Also, consider if the warranty of the defibrillator cabinet will become void if you decide to drill holes on it.

It is vital that the electrician who is fitting the defibrillator cabinet correctly fits, screws, and seals it to inhibit water entering.

If you fail to properly seal the screws, water will enter the defibrillator cabinet and cause condensation to occur.

In the long run, this ingress will damage the automated external defibrillator rendering it ineffective.

The advantage of having a high IP rating means there is minimal chance of water and dust entering and damaging the system.

However, a high IP rating may not be necessarily good.

This is because the defibrillator cabinet can suffer from the effects of condensation if the whole system lacks any ventilation system.

Cabinet Color

Most of the defibrillator cabinets have a bright color such as yellow to increase the rate of visibility.

Some other colors you may find the defibrillator cabinet in are red, green, or white with a red cross on them.

The most vital factor is that the color of the defibrillator cabinet is highly visible in case of an emergency.


Ensure you check the warranty period of the defibrillator cabinet you wish to purchase.

Furthermore, check if the warranty covers moving parts like the heaters, locking systems, etc.


Also, confirm if the warranty covers full support in case of a warranty claim from the manufacturer on the defibrillator cabinet.

In most situations, the defibrillator cabinet has a long warranty period while the locks and heaters have a limited warranty period.

Spare Parts

Make sure that the replacement components of the defibrillator cabinets are readily accessible.

These include parts like light-emitting diodes [LED’s] fan units, heater systems, etc.

This is because there are parts of the defibrillator cabinet that are not as durable.

For these reasons, you need to ensure that these components are easily accessible should you need to repair the defibrillator cabinet.

There is s downside of not having easily accessible parts of a defibrillator cabinet.

One of them is that you will need to replace the whole defibrillator cabinet in case you experience component failure.

The other one is that you will spend more time looking for spare parts which render the system prone to damage or vandalism.

This means you may fail to have the defibrillators during an emergency.

Serviceability And Checks

It is important to regularly check the defibrillator cabinet to ensure it is in good operating condition.

Also during the checks, ensure that all moving components are working well such as locking systems and door hinges in applicable areas.

Besides, inquire from your manufacturer if the spare parts of the defibrillator cabinet you are purchasing are readily accessible.

This is beneficial should any component fail or get damaged.

For instance, if the locking system fails or the front door of the defibrillator cabinet is stolen, you can easily get parts.

This is advantageous as you can easily replace these faulty or stolen parts and not purchase a whole defibrillator cabinet.

Furthermore, make sure you thoroughly read the defibrillator cabinet manual as failure to adhere to it can render the warranty invalid.

Status Indicator Visible

Ensure the status of the automated electronic defibrillator is easily readable via the front panel of the defibrillator cabinet.

This proves to be beneficial since you will make sure the automated external defibrillator is available and know its status at a glance.

Every modern automated electronic defibrillator conducts periodic self-tests on its own.

Also, the status indicator shows green if the defibrillator is ready and red if the defibrillator is faulty or requires some servicing.

Furthermore, periodically check if the door of the defibrillator cabinet opens correctly to ensure everything is operating as it should.

In certain situations, the door of the defibrillator cabinet contains no window, meaning you cannot see what is inside it.

For this reason, you need to frequently open the door of the defibrillator cabinet and inspect the defibrillator to ensure everything is working.


Make sure that the location of the defibrillator cabinet has clear signs.

The defibrillator cabinets need to have clear written instructions or infographics.

This makes it possible for bystanders to easily follow during an emergency as the symbols are universally understood.

Also, you should place a sign above the defibrillator cabinet if you have available space.

This is beneficial as the defibrillator remains visible should a car park in front of the defibrillator cabinet location, thus obscuring the view.

Furthermore, you can enlist the location of the defibrillator cabinet in businesses locations to increase awareness as to where it exists.


Ensure all items you need fit into the defibrillator cabinet.

These include the defibrillator carry case and rescue kits.

There are larger automated external defibrillators that cannot correctly fit into some defibrillator cabinets.

For this reason, ensure you confirm the size of the defibrillator cabinet before you make a purchase.

What Are Some Universal Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet Sizes?

Having a universal defibrillator cabinet is your best choice for housing defibrillators.

Before you purchase the defibrillator cabinet, review the dimensions to ensure the size is suitable for your defibrillators.

Some of the sizes you can find include the following:

  • Large defibrillator cabinet measuring about 17″ H x 15″ W x 7.75″ D
  • Compact defibrillator cabinet which measures around 14″ H x 11.6″ W x 6″ D
  • Semi-recessed defibrillator cabinet measuring about 17.5″ H x 17.5″ W x 6″ D
  • Outdoor defibrillator cabinet measuring around 14.5″ H x 12″ W x 6″ D
  • Fully recessed defibrillator cabinet which measures about 17.5″ H x 17.5″ W x 6″ D

Universal Outdoor defibrillator cabinet

Universal outdoor defibrillator cabinet

Where Should You Place Your Defibrillator Cabinets?

Some guidelines will assist you to comply with the Americans with Disability Act [ADA].

The recommended height to access the handle of the defibrillator cabinet in public areas should be equal to or below 48 inches high.

Besides, the ADA guidelines specify the maximum range reach for health devices like automated external defibrillators and other life safety equipment.

When the safety device has an unobstructed approach, the total forward reach to such a device should be 48 inches from the floor.

Besides, the maximum side reaches for the same unobstructed view should be 54 inches.

Furthermore, ADA Accessibility Guidelines [ADAAG] recommend that defibrillator cabinets need not protrude over 4 inches from walls.

What Is The Assembly And Installation Process Of A Defibrillator Cabinet?

When conducting surface mount installation, ensure you adhere to safety precautions.

For instance, screws should not penetrate electrical wires, pipes, etc.

Also, consider fire codes and ADA Accessibility Guidelines [ADAAG] when considering installation to offer suitable accessibility.

What Are The Alarm Features Of A Defibrillator Cabinet?

All defibrillator cabinets can have audible alarm systems to alert everyone that a rescue is in progress.

A powerful audible alarm can produce up to 80 decibels to ensure ample attention.

Also, a plunger-style switch door ensures it is more durable.

Low battery warning where the alarm chirps to give off a warning that the battery of the defibrillator cabinet requires a replacement.

Manual and audible alarm off-on switches where the key will disable the alarm after emergencies or when maintaining the defibrillator cabinet.

Alarm feature of a defibrillator cabinet

Alarm feature of a defibrillator cabinet

Can You Include Strobe Lights In A Defibrillator Cabinet?

Yes, you can order strobe lights to add an extra measure of the alarm and defibrillator security system.

The benefits of an in-built strobe light on the surface-mount defibrillator cabinet include the following:

  • It indicates the presence of an alarm thus deterring tampering
  • In loud environments, it offers a highly visible warning where you cannot hear the alarm sound

Defibrillator cabinet with strobe lights

Defibrillator with strobe lights

How Will You Install Batteries In A Defibrillator Cabinet?

Alarms are already attached to the internal walls of the defibrillator cabinets.

Also, you can install an alkaline battery with the alarm inside the cabinet, or easily remove the units for maintenance.

Besides, you can access the battery compartment by unscrewing the front part of the unit.

Installation of batteries in Defibrillator cabinet

Installation of batteries in a Defibrillator cabinet

What Are The Alarm Switches And Controls Of A Defibrillator Cabinet?

Defibrillator cabinets with off-on switches are at the side of the alarm system.

Some of these controls and alarm switches include the following:

  • Cabinet key switches
  • Cabinet door switches
  • Alarm controls
  • Manual audible alarm switches
  • Maintenance and battery

Alarm switches and controls

Alarm switches and controls

What Construction Materials Can You Use For A Defibrillator Cabinet?

These include:

  • Stainless steel

This is a costly material for constructing defibrillator cabinets.

However, they are durable, strong, and outlast the majority of the internal parts.

  • Mild steel

This is affordable, strong, and durable.

However, it can rust when the coating scratches off.

  • Aluminum

This material is lightweight, strong, and durable.

Aluminum can suffer from corrosion.

  • Plastic

These materials are lighter than metal.

They are made from durable plastic such as:

  1. Polyethylene
  2. Polycarbonate
What Are Solar Powered Defibrillator Cabinets?

These are suitable for off-grid areas like parklands, golf courses, etc.

Solar panels allow the system to be fully operational since they do not have direct access to the main power supply.

For all your defibrillator cabinets, contact us now.

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