Aluminum Powder Coating

KDM offers a powder coating process that will not harm aluminum. This results in improved wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic properties of aluminum.

Custom Aluminum Powder Coating

Aluminum powder coating is a polyester-based coating that uses dry polyester microbeads of constant size. The beads have an electrical charge that allows them to stick to a variety of surfaces. This process is a versatile, durable, and environmentally friendly finishing procedure that can be used on different aluminum products.

Moreover, powder coating offers a durable layer of protection against harmful factors such as moisture, scratches, and knocks. It acts as a barrier between the substance beneath it. Thus, this item can survive extreme weather conditions and give years of reliable service.

This process consists of 3 basic parts:

  • Pretreatment
  • Powder application
  • Curing

Metal patio furniture, door frames, doorknobs, metal railings, fuel tanks, and window frames are all good candidates for powder coating. We can also powder coat metal products from different sectors such as electronics, medical, appliances, and more.

Besides aluminum, powder coating can be applied to a range of substrates including steel, copper, stainless steel, brass, and titanium, and offers a durable architectural finish. Metal powder coating can be custom to fit your preferred thickness, texture, and color in a variety of styles and designs.

KDM is your professional powder coating specialist in China. To satisfy your sheet metal fabrication needs, we support all secondary processes at a cost-effective rate. Contact us today!

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Powder Coated Front Panel
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Aluminum Powder Coating: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will find all information about aluminum powder coating.

From coating process, benefits, to types of coating – everything you are looking for is right here.

Keep reading.

What Is Aluminum Powder Coating?

This is a process where you spray an electro-statically charged aluminum powder on to the exterior and interior surfaces as finishing.

Aluminum powder coating

Aluminum powder coating

Benefits Of Aluminum Powder Coating?

Environment Friendly

It’s very friendly to environment because powder coating process utilizes the products and raw materials made to decrease effect on environment.

There are no solvents in powder, this is safe to environment when you spray it, and waste from it is not hazardous.

Elevated Durability

Aluminum powder coating helps to provide a good wear resistance to the products and giving a lasting protection from harsh environment.

The coating itself is very heavy and if bonds very well to aluminum and this gives an advantage of not peeling easily.

Fast Completion

The process of aluminum powder coating is fast it enables a fast production with expedited preparation, application and also curing period.

Beautiful Color Variety

This process actually gives you a wide variety of very eye catching bright color options for you to spray on your product.

Powder Coating Aluminum Process

The process of aluminum powder coating is spraying the powder through an elecrostatically charge gun on to your product surfaces.

It Involves process like blasting pre-treating, priming, coating, heating and cooling to get very durable surface that serves for years.

aluminum powder coating process

aluminum powder coating process


This is first process you start with to help remove the debris and materials from your surface exterior to be coated.

This makes micro-scoping scoring to create very strong bond with powder coat and you can utilize abrasive to treat aluminum surface.


This process involves cleaning of dirt, oil, and residues from your surfaces so as to have a very smooth application process.

You apply a chrome-free seal to help protect from corrosion and utilize the technology of silane to help strengthen your bond.


This stage you apply a primer, it helps you with extra protection to your products from harsh environmental conditions and wears.

Mostly you can utilize a non-zinc primer created to actually give more resilience and help create a very strong bond.


Then you spray the powder through an electrostatic spray gun and then positive charge makes powder bond with an electrically-grounded extrusion.


You proceed by placing the extrusions into large curing oven so that oven bakes it until you get a uniform melt coating.


After removing it from the heat you leave it for it to cool and afterwards you get a smooth hard coating.

Powder Coating Aluminum Vs Anodizing

Powder Coating Aluminum

This involves spraying of powder aluminum on the exterior and interior of surfaces by elecrostatically charging the powder before releasing it.

It has advantage of reusing the over-spray content that remains.

It is eco-friendly because it does not contain any solvents in it thus safe for you too and the plants too.

aluminum powder coating

aluminum powder coating

It gives a combination of aesthetic, durability and sustainability of the products, giving long life and production power.

It comes in different variety of colors that enables you to choose your desired color for your product application on surfaces.

Anodizing Aluminum

This process is actually an electrolytic passivation process that assists you in elevating the thickness of the metal natural oxide layer.

Anodized metal benefits include elevated resistance to corrosion and wear and it also gives good adhesive surface for primers paint glue.



Anodizing is also utilized too in creating the aesthetic effects like the distortion of the materials reflected light another advantage of it.


There is limited color selection unlike powder coating aluminum which is variety; this is because of the chemicals utilized in the anodizing process.

Anodizing will not give you or offer you an extra or extended durability like the powder coating aluminum which is sprayed.

Anodizing coating becomes vulnerable to pollutants of acidic nature and leads to variation of color between bathes because of translucence of coating.

Aluminum Powder Coating Vs Painting

There are different factors to consider when deciding on proper coating, these factors are stated and explained below in advantages and disadvantages of two methods.

Cost Comparison

Aluminum Powder Coating

In terms of cost the powder coating can be both cheap and expensive, it’s efficient because you can reuse any over-spray.

This prevention of wastage of the product helps you to save money on the supplies and purchase of the extra-powder.

aluminum powder coating

aluminum powder coating

It can be costly during starts up because you need an oven and they are costly to buy and keep running.


When it comes to painting the cost is usually affordable to start with but it is usually less efficient than powder coating.

Paint evaporates while its sitting and you can’t reclaim an over-spray this makes you need extra paintings thus costly.



Safety Comparison

Aluminum Powder Coating

This is usually a solid form and the contents inside it are usually harmless it actually has no toxic fume.

This makes aluminum powder coating safe for you and environment too and because of its solid form it’s easy to avoid contact.


Paints often contain forms and are toxic especially when you inhale it, chemicals that are harmful to our skin by touch.

Environment Impact Comparison

Aluminum Powder Coating

Aluminum powder coating do not have any VOC or solvents in it this can’t harm the environment when you apply it.

Even after you have done applying it and waste goes to environment it’s not hazardous at all it goes in landfill.


Wet paint has harmful chemicals and cause damage or are hazardous to environment when you apply and dispose it as waste.

Surface Finish

Aluminum Powder Coating

Produces a covering coating that is usually two times thicker than that of a paint it’s flexible and can bend easily.

It stands better when it comes to chipping.


This produces much thinner coat that is usually less flexible, it’s prone to chipping but easy to touch up when chipped.

In addition to these, in powder coating you will need processes such as blasting, and treating.

Despite all that, the production process only take a few minutes.

On the other hand, painting process does not require blasting. Although, the surface will require sometime to dry.

Color Options For Powder Coated Aluminum Parts

You get variety of different bright, beautiful unique textures when followed up with sublimation you get wood like look for aluminum.

There are a range of color options to choose from including orange, while, silver, blue and black.

Basically, the color options depend on specific requirements of customers.

Types Of Powder Coating On Aluminum

Some of the most common types of powder coating include:

Polyester Powder Coating

This kind of powder coating gives you very excellent mechanical resistance allowing great flexibility and resistance to impact too.

polyester powder coating

polyester powder coating

It is also a chemical resistance and UV resistance too, it helps you in inside utilization and outside utilization application also.

Epoxy Powder Coating

This kind of powder coating has properties that give your product a better corrosion resistance and a better chemical resistance too.

The limitation of this coating I that when it comes to the exterior conditions, it actually gives you a low resistance.

Epoxy powder coating

epoxy powder coating

Product material will eventually require you to take care of it for longer lifespan as it’s applicable to indoor mostly.

Nylon Powder Coating

This is a durable coating and impact resistance and offers good protection against large scale of chemicals, solvents and oils too.

Because of the properties of low friction co-efficient that this type of coating has, it’s utilized in gears and conveyor applications.

Acrylic Powder Coating

These are very highly glossy, smooth appearance and perform better in sunlight unlike the epoxy alone it also clear.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Powder Coating

These typed of coatings are actually durable sleek, pliable and usually have great resistance when it comes to the electricity conduction.

Polyolefin Powder Coating

Have resistance to abrasives and chemicals, adhesion on smooth surface finish is excellent and is utilized on parts that need frequent cleaning.

For all your aluminum powder coating solutions, KDMFAB offer perfect solution.

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