The Complete Guide for Aluminum Fabrication

If you need to learn anything about Aluminum Fabrication or want to use Aluminum to fabricate your product, this guide is a must read to make you to be an expert. We talk about every detail of Aluminum Fabrication.

  • What is Aluminum Fabrication
  • Properties of Aluminum
  • Different Aluminum Fabrication Process
  • Aluminum Fabrication Materials
  • Aluminum Fabrication products for different applications
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What is Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum fabrication is a manufacturing method that includes cutting, shaping, bending, and extruding metal to create a finalized product. Aluminum is a malleable metal that is highly adaptable to shaping and extension fabrication. It exhibits features such as non-magnetic, non-sparking, corrosion resistant, strong, and lightweight.

KDM is an expert in a wide range of aluminum fabrication techniques such as aluminum deep drawing, cutting, welding, stamping, machining, etc. We can produce aluminum products in various shapes and sizes through advanced aluminum fabrication.

Aluminum Fabrication Techniques & Process

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum welding includes MIG and TIG welding. It comprises melting a metal thread to join two or more pieces of aluminum. The best technique for 1xxx and 3xxx-6xxx aluminum alloys.

Aluminum Deep Drawing

Aluminum Deep Drawing involves stretching metal through a tapered die. Aluminum is ductile, thus, it is frequently used in wire and items such as cans. Used in 5052, 5005, and 3003 alloys.

Aluminum Forming

Aluminum forming includes rolling, stamping, and bending techniques. Forming is the process of shaping a sheet or plate by pressing a portion or all of it into the required shape.

Aluminum Machining
Aluminum Machining

Aluminum Machining involves turning and milling. It is best achieved using aluminum alloys such as 6061, 3001, 1100, and 2011. A subtractive cutting technique for sculpting metal.

Aluminum Waterjet Cutting

Aluminum Waterjet cutting use high-pressure water spraying with abrasives. It does not modify the characteristics of aluminum. Laser, saw blade, and plasma cutting can also be used to cut aluminum.

Aluminum Drilling
Aluminum Drilling

Aluminum Drilling is a method used in producing high-quality holes in aluminum. It guarantees excellent assembly and product service performance. KDM uses advanced drilling machines and technology.

Aluminum Laser Cutting

Aluminum Laser Cutting provides high-precision and accurate aluminum shapes and thicknesses. We can help you whether you require cutting thin aluminum sheets or laser etching aluminum.

Aluminum Sandblasting

Aluminum Sandblasting process includes deburred, cleaned, shot-peened, powder-coated, de-rusted, paint removing, etc. Apply in automotive industries, ship and rail yards, etc. A powerful and flexible procedure.

Aluminum Polishing

To restore dull aluminum and preserve it from corrosion, KDM used aluminum polishing. These achieves smooth, remove imperfections, make reflective and shiny surfaces. It extends the working life of the aluminum.

Aluminum Bending

Aluminum Bending is a process of bending aluminum at an angle, forming a unique shape. KDM can process ductile aluminum used in medical, appliance, automotive, electronics applications, or any aluminum bending project.

Aluminum Powder Coating

For a durable, and environmentally friendly finishing method, you can trust aluminum powder coating by KDM. This process protect aluminum from scratches, moisture, and knocks. It withstands extreme weather conditions.

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Aluminum Fabrication Features

Cost effective

Aluminum material is an economical type of metal. It is perfect for small-scale and heavy manufacturing purposes. KDM offers reasonable pricing costs for applicable projects.

Custom Options

Aluminum can be manufactured in various shapes, styles, and surface coatings. We can bend, cut, machine, and extrude aluminum based on your requests.


Aluminum has a superior strength-to-weight ratio feature. Therefore, it reduces the handling and shipping rate. You can save money and boost your profit.


Aluminum is easy to work with to form into complex shapes and styles. It is soft, recyclable, and non-toxic. It provides excellent weldability and resists corrosion.

Various Aluminum Alloy Types

KDM can work with various aluminum alloys. It includes 1xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, and 6xxx grades compatible with automotive, aerospace, communications industries, and more. The 2xxx and 7xxx alloys are also weldable such as 2219 and 7003.

The fabrication techniques depend on the type of aluminum alloy used. Due to its formability features, aluminum is frequently used in bending fabrication techniques. Several alloys are used such as 6061, 5052, and 3003. Choose the best alloy grade or we can recommend the right one for your applications.

Aluminum Fabrication
Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum Fabrication Properties

Several properties of aluminum fabrication are shown below:

  • Resilience
  • High strength
  • Reflective
  • Highly conductive
  • Easily machined
  • Anti-corrosive, non-magnetic, non-sparking
  • Non-toxic, non-combustible, etc.

Aluminum’s Applications and Industries

Aluminum’s qualities are perfect for a wide range of applications in consumer, commercial, and industrial applications such as:

  • Electronics and electrical – Due to its thermal capabilities, and structural strength, metal is utilized in consumer devices such as computers and refrigerators. Aluminum conductors and wires are used in power grids.
  • Construction – aluminum provides energy efficiency and sustainability features. It is used both a decorative and structural element.
  • Automotive – aluminum is used for making car bodies and parts. It provides more fuel efficiency and absorbs crash forces.
  • Packaging – aluminum is used in packaging industries such as cans and foils. Aluminum is easy to work with, durable and offers soft properties.
  • Aerospace – Due to its corrosion resistance and weight-to-strength ratio features, aluminum is used in aerospace for fuselages, wings, and components production.
Aluminum Fabrication

Why Choose KDM As Your Professional Aluminum Fabricator

Aluminum Fabrication
Aluminum Fabrication

Although aluminum alloys are popular for fabrication due to their improved formability, it’s still important to choose the right material for the project. KDM is a leading aluminum fabrication provider in China that can help you. We widely serve various architectural, automotive, industrial, transportation applications, etc. From material selection through delivery, our team assists our customers at every stage of the production process. We can bend, cut, and weld aluminum to your specifications.

You can trust our aluminum coatings and surface treatment processes. It delivers an attractive, cost-effective, and functional appearance to the final product. This method adds impact resistance, and strength, and hides scratch to the aluminum. The products can be used longer lasting and reduce maintenance costs.

All finished aluminum products offer consistent performance. These are thoroughly checked and inspected by our quality control team to comply with various quality guidelines. We are a one-stop solution manufacturer that can satisfy your specific requirements.

Contact us immediately and let’s talk about your aluminum fabrication needs.

Aluminum Fabrication
Custom Aluminum Fabrication

You can trust KDM for your custom aluminum fabrication. We offer a wide range of aluminum fabrication and welding services that suit your projects. Aluminum is a popular metal utilized throughout multiple industries. We can process this material into a finished product such as an aluminum gasket, aluminum shims, aluminum junction box, aluminum blank, aluminum stairs, aluminum asset tags, and more.

You can send your sample or idea. We have a short sample lead time to design your product.

Aluminum Fabrication

KDM is an expert in providing aluminum surface treatment and coatings. These processes enhance aluminum quality and surface. The aluminum coating includes organic coatings, anodic coatings, chemical finishes, and mechanical finishes. Our range of aluminum surface treatments are the following:

  • Aluminum anodizing
  • Aluminum wire drawing
  • Aluminum sandblasting
  • Aluminum polishing
  • Aluminum powder coating
Aluminum Sheet Fabrication

Aluminum sheet metal fabrication is a process of shaping aluminum sheets into metal products of various shapes and sizes. Aluminum material is sturdy and versatile enough to cut and bend. It can be easily fabricated to the desired products you need. Aluminum Sheet Fabrication includes forming, cutting, and welding aluminum.

Aluminum Tube Fabrication
Aluminum Tube Fabrication

Aluminum is a ductile, flexible, and non-magnetic material popular for the aluminum tubing process. KDM is specialized in bending and fabricating aluminum tubing. We can work with aluminum tubing with an outside diameter of 0.100 inches. Various aluminum alloy for creating is available here such as 3003, 6061, 6063, etc.

Aluminum Die Casting
Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting produces high dimensional stability, defined, accurate, smooth, and textured-surfaced aluminum components. It is done by forcing molten metals into a mold form. This process maintains a durable strength at very high temperatures aluminum than other non-ferrous materials. Aluminum die casting parts also exhibits a strength-to-weight ratio, are highly conductive, corrosion resistant, and have a good stiffness.

Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication
Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication

Aluminum extrusion fabrication is a manufacturing process that transforms aluminum material into functional components for their intended applications quickly and affordably. It starts with cutting, punching, machining, bending, or welding and assembly. This process can make custom-built structures, material handling systems, machine guards, workstations, etc. The aluminum extrusion parts are durable and reliable in different sizes and shapes.

More Parts We Made for Our Clients

Aluminium Access Covers
Aluminium Access Covers

KDM manufactures a wide range of aluminum access covers for floor access and drainage. It offers improved performance, is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and economical. Our aluminum fabrication guarantees superior quality aluminum access covers for your applications/business.

Aluminium Mailbox and Posts
Aluminium Mailbox and Posts

Find the best aluminum mailboxes and posts at KDM. It is accessible in several architectural elements and neutral colors to match any home’s exterior, commercial applications, and more. We can customize aluminum mailboxes in various configurations, accessories, and personalization options.

Aluminium Mounting Plate
Aluminium Mounting Plate

KDM aluminium mounting plates are made with longevity & durability. This is properly sized for use with enclosures and junction boxes. We can cut and bend aluminum to produce a high-quality mounting plates.

Aluminum Front Panel
Aluminum Front Panel

KDM specializes in producing aluminum front panels using different aluminum fabrication processes. This product offer corrosion-resistant, lightweight, easily machined, and formed. It can be treated with an optional protective coating that can improve resistance to abrasion.

Aluminum Engraving Plates
Aluminum Engraving Plates

Aluminum Engraving Plates are made from high-quality aluminum. It has a uniform, blemish-free, and smooth engraved letters. You can guarantee that our engraving plates are guaranteed designed from the highest quality materials, advanced machines, and technology.

Aluminum Gasket
Aluminum Gasket

Custom aluminum gasket at KDM. We are experts in producing custom products professionally, inexpensively and quickly. An aluminum gasket is environmentally friendly, recyclable and easy to work with. If you are looking for a durable and corrosion-resistant gasket, KDM can process aluminum according to your requirements.

Aluminum Junction Box
Aluminum Junction Box

KDM is professional in manufacturing impact resistance, heat resistance, and oil resistance, offers superior heat dissipation aluminum junction box. It is designed with an IP65 protection class perfect for outdoor applications. Available in multiple styles, finishes, designs, sizes, and types.

Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication
Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

We have the equipment and knowledge to create your ideas into custom-fabricated designs. Aluminum Frame has a square or rectangular shape, we will laser cut your customized frame with high accuracy. For your custom aluminum frame fabrication needs, KDM is a reliable manufacturer.

Aluminium Stairs
Aluminium Stairs

KDM aluminium stairs are lightweight yet durable. It offers excellent portability and virtually maintenance-free features. Made from high-grade and corrosion-resistant aluminum. This is easy to install and can be easily carried. We supply custom aluminum stairs for any specific applications and lengths.

Aluminum Plaques
Aluminum Plaques

Aluminum Plaques is designed with a sleek, modern feel image and message. It is ideal for dedications, memorials, or remembrance. It can be customized with logos or vector clip art. We can etch photos and UV printed images to the product. Our team uses the latest tools combined with the time-tested techniques.

Aluminum Fabrication Provider in China
KDM – One-Stop Aluminum Fabrication Solution

Reliable aluminum fabrication provider in China. Our company offers rigorous manufacturing, mass production and strict quality control. We support OEM and ODM services to boom your business. Message us directly!

  • “KDM provides reliable aluminum fabrication. They prioritize the quality of the products and services they deliver to customers. They offer intricate precision aluminum stamped parts that suit our business. Thank you, KDM.”

  • “We highly recommend KDM for aluminum fabrication processes requirements. They help our company by bending, cutting, and assembling aluminum to the finished product we require. Will definitely cooperate again in KDM.”

  • “KDM satisfies our aluminum fabrication needs. They produce high-quality aluminum metal products in a wide range of perfect shapes and sizes. The customization and after-sales services are unmatched.”

If you’re looking for a professional aluminum fabrication provider in China, KDM is your right choice. We use premium quality aluminum in fabrication. This special material offers excellent features and advantages in the process. It is highly malleable and adaptable to shaping and extension according to your specifications.

KDM is an expert in a wide range of aluminum fabrication techniques such as aluminum deep drawing, cutting, welding, stamping, bending, forming, casting, forging, machining, etc. We can produce aluminum products in various shapes and sizes. It includes an outdoor enclosure, aluminum manhole cover, aluminum plaques, aluminum labels, aluminum stairs, aluminum asset tags, and more. We process aluminum to be used in a wide variety of applications.

If you have specific requests, don’t hesitate to message us now. We offer custom production to support your business.



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