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Fire Hose Cabinet Supplier in China

KDM efficiently renders a comprehensive fire hose cabinet customization to satisfy and maximize users’ demands and needs. It includes the following but is not limited to: configuration, installation process, bulk order, and diligent customer service.


Custom Fire Hose Cabinet

The KDM fire hose cabinet is ideal for preserving and protecting fire equipment in public areas and establishments. It features a secure configuration of steel boxes installed in the preferred location, easy installation, quality metal, and competitive pricing.

Moreover, fire hose cabinets provide optimum protection for firefighting equipment against dirt, scratch, corrosion, and more. It is said to have acquired ISO9001 certification guaranteeing a quality product that will last for many years in application. 

The fire hose cabinet is suitable for various applications. The product specifications are open for customization, meeting different needs and demands. Due to its durability, optimum performance, and advanced structure, the fire hose cabinet is highly esteemed by many worldwide.

In a nutshell, KDM is your reliable companion for fire hose cabinet customizations. To know more, keep in touch with us now.

KDM Fire Hose Cabinet Series

Standard Fire Fighting Hose Cabinet Box

The standard fire fighting hose cabinet boxes are made from high-quality mild steel or stainless steel materials. There are single or double doors available, depending on preference. These hose cabinets are easy to mount to walls.

Recessed-Type Fire Hose Cabinet

Recessed-type fire hose cabinets are usually structured from coated stainless steel or aluminum materials. That makes them durable and resists corrosion. A wide range of sizes options is available to suit applications and areas.

Fire Hose Swing System Cabinet
Fire Hose Swing System Cabinet

The fire hose swing system cabinets are wall-mounted hose boxes with single, double, or without door styles. The painted or powder-coated surface finishes are available. They have customizable sizes and color coatings, depending on requests.

Steel Fire Hose Reel Cabinet
Steel Fire Hose Reel Cabinet

The steel fire hose reel cabinets have multiple and easy way mounting selections. They are ideal for halls, hospitals, stages, buildings, malls, and other facilities. There are standard or customized sizes accessible. They feature high hardness, corrosion, and high impact resistance with polished finishes.

Multi-Function Stainless Fire Hose Cabinet
Multi-Function Stainless Fire Hose Cabinet

The multifunctional stainless fire hose cabinets have double doors for fire extinguishers and hoses. They are made from mild steel or stainless steel materials. That makes them feature anti-aging, anti-distort, and corrosion-resistant.

Cold-Rolled Steel Fire Hose Cabinet
Cold-Rolled Steel Fire Hose Cabinet

The cold-rolled steel fire hose cabinets are suitable for public places, buildings, hospitals, factories, etc. Chrome plated, polished, galvanized, and anodized surface finishes are available. They have high impact strengths and lasting quality.

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KDM Fire Hose Cabinet Features

Standardize Materials

KDM fire hose cabinet comes from high-grade metal and quality raw material which adheres to relevant certifications. Workers guarantee production quality control.


Unlike other cabinet materials, the KDM fire hose cabinet possesses a lighter weight, making it portable, resulting in low shipping costs and saving time.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Every cabinet for fire hose comes with a sturdy handle for convenient grip during cleaning measures. Moreover, this feature allows quick and easy installation and vice versa. 

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance

The fire hose guarantees high corrosion resistance cabinets since it has a powder-coated finish, perfect for outdoor and indoor applications and varying weather patterns. 

Fire Hose Cabinet Properties and Advantages

KDM produces fire hose cabinets from high-graded metals. Custom cabinets come with various features and benefits, which include:

  • Completely tested and assembled
  • Available for wall-mounted or customized
  • Classic looking with different finishing treatments
  • Customizable capacity and measurements
  • Available with solid metal or glass doors
  • Made from metal-fire resisting materials

We have a remarkable ability for customizing desired cabinets for fire hoses. Drop us a message now for further details!

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Custom Fire Hose Cabinet Materials

Multiple standardized metals are utilized to achieve beneficial cabinets for fire hoses. Below defines some of the materials used to produce high-quality cabinets.

  • Steel: This material provides high-durability and robust resistance to fire, heat, and corrosion-ideal for facility applications.
  • Stainless Steel: High-grade stainless steel added with brushed or custom coatings makes the fire hose cabinet resist dents and rust.
  • Aluminum: Powder-coated aluminum material improves elegant appearance, flame retardant, and corrosion resistance.

Communicate KDM if you desire to have suitable materials for specific fire hose cabinet applications!

Choose KDM to Custom Fire Hose Cabinet Specifications

Fire Hose Cabinet Process

KDM expertly operates customization specifications of fire hose cabinets. With more than a decade of experience, we guarantee well-processed finished components. We use high-graded materials, depending on various requests. 

We provide unique techniques to satisfy your desire and necessities, including forging, sand casting, plating, etc. KDM does the customization process by following your requested cabinet details. 

Operating cold rolling metal bent for shaping cabinets body and door designs maximizes the elegance and delicacy of our offered customized fire hose cabinets.

If you desire accurate designs and specifications of hose cabinets, contact KDM now!

KDM Fire Hose Cabinet Customization

Fire Hose Cabinet Production Processes

KDM owns state-of-the-art pieces of equipment for fire hose cabinet productions. Different processes are done professionally and smoothly. Several techniques we offer include:

Additionally, KDM can customize your request cabinets for fire hoses in the fastest way and with high accuracy details. 

KDM fire hose cabinet precisely ensures numerous accessories inside. Several additions can occupy cabinet spaces depending on their accurate designs and measurements, which include:

  • Fire ax
  • Fire hose valve
  • Fog nozzle
  • Straight nozzle
  • Brass nipple
  • Angle valve

Let us know your desired measurements and capacities to suit accessories spaces, and we will do the rest of the processes.

OEM & ODM KDM Fire Hose Cabinet Applications

Fire Hose Cabinet for Construction

A wide selection of fire hose cabinets is available in KDM. We customize dimensions and styles according to installation locations. They are made from high-grade metals that feature durable and have high-impact resistance. 

Fire Hose Cabinet for Hospitals

Hospitals include the installation of fire hose cabinets in suitable areas. They are usually connected to the hospital sprinkler systems. The ideal hose cabinets are wall-mounted and easy to access and operate during emergencies.

Office Building
Office Buildings

Portable fire hose cabinets are suitable for office buildings. It maximizes protection for employees and clients. Various installation types are ideal, depending on building spaces. They can be found outside or inside of the building.

Fire Hose Cabinet for Ships

KDM supplies accurate measurements of fire hose cabinets for marine transportation, like ships. Their metal material structure with polished coating makes them resist corrosion from chemicals or salt water. It is crucial to install them on ships to improve safety standards.

Fire Hose Cabinet for Warehouses

The fire hose cabinets must install in warehouses. It is helpful for quick fire fighting, controlling, and alarming. Installing them in every warehouse prevents massive fires and enhances safety. This cabinet protects the hose and accessories from outdoor elements.

Fire Hose Manufacturer
KDM - Fire Hose Cabinet Supplier in China

Customize specifications according to customers’ necessities. An ISO 9001 certified company in China. And provides fire hose cabinets using high-quality metal materials at an affordable cost.

  • “My requested fire hose cabinets for my constructing facilities arrived safely. Well packaged and delivered on time. Thanks, KDM!”

  • “Highly recommended manufacturer for industrial business supplies. Quick response with satisfying services”

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