Custom Metal Business Cards Manufacturer

KDM is a professional manufacturer in China that supplies all types of custom metal business cards with specialized features and specifications. 

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Available in different designs, thicknesses, sizes, and surface finish
  • Easy-to-customize for your specification
  • Budget-friendly

KDM Custom Metal Business Cards

The custom metal business card is a marketing tool business entrepreneurs use to promote their business to all potential customers in different places. It gives a proper introduction, identification, and services in specific industries. This must include the business’ name, address, and the primary contact information of the business owner. 

Moreover, custom business cards can be available in platinum, gold, stainless steel, brass, or copper. These are durable, firm, easy to use, and enduring—a wide range of customs metal business cards are produced through cutting, etching, and engraving processes. 

KDM, as a world manufacturing leader, offers perfect customization for all metal business cards, including the materials, designs, sizes, thickness, colors, logos, etc. Please send us your inquiries right now!

Product By Features

Custom Metal Loyalty Membership Business Cards
Custom Metal Loyalty Membership Business Cards

Custom metal loyalty membership business cards are available in various thicknesses, with several finishes and designs—well-suited for establishing different levels of membership.

High-End Customized Metal Business Cards
High-End Customized Metal Business Cards

High-end customized metal business cards are available in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and other materials. Available in custom text printings suitable to specific applications. 

Custom Logo Metal Business Cards
Custom Logo Metal Business Cards

The custom logo metal business cards are the most cost-effective for all businesses. These are durable and made with custom business-style logos that leave standout impressions. 

Custom QR Code Etched Metal Business Cards
Custom QR Code Etched Metal Business Cards

A custom metal business card is made from durable and firm metal materials that are difficult to bend and useful for a long time. It comes in several sizes and can easily keep inside a wallet. 

Custom Metal Business Name Card
Custom Metal Business Name Cards

The custom metal business name cards suit all marketing companies and organizations. Depending upon the request, it can be designed in different business card forms and patterns. 

Ultra Thin Custom Metal Business Card
Ultra-Thin Custom Metal Business Cards

The ultra-thin custom metal business cards never get rusted and tarnished. It conceivably has the most eye-catching designs of all cards and is effective in promoting your business to all.

Custom Embossed Metal Business Cards

Custom embossed metal business cards feature durable, rust, and corrosion-resistant—an excellent way to endorse your business, enterprises, super marketing, advertising, etc.

Custom VIP Metal Black Business Cards
Custom VIP Metal Black Business Cards

Custom VIP metal black business cards are made from the finest metal materials. Durable and has versatile designs that help attract more customers and business impacts. 

Custom Shape Metal Business Cards
Custom Shape Metal Business Cards

Custom shape metal business cards are perfect for high-end businesses, membership, merchandising, etc. Processed and created in any size, shape that customers require. 

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KDM Custom Metal Business Cards Advantages


The custom metal business cards are pretty durable and robust—giving out an excellent impression to all clients. These business cards are not easy to get scratched, bent, or damaged. 


All custom metal business cards are made for long-lasting use. That offers noble-looking shadings, frame styles, or further customization that denotes a high-class appearance.


Custom metal business cards can last a lifetime. These are constructed with easy to identify printings, lettering, and branding logos, which are not easy to get faded. 


KDM custom metal business cards have superior quality to resist corrosion, rust, and tarnish. It is highly effective to establish brand impression—undoubtedly the best choice for all businesses.

Metal Business Cards Material Options

KDM used to customize different business cards according to requested materials. We have suitable equipment utilized to achieve desirable cards for business purposes. Material options are:

    • Stainless Steel: This material achieves clean, latest, and timeless style business cards.
    • Copper: Cards made from copper features uniqueness, not too bold or modern looks.
    • Black Metal: The business cards made from black metal are designed with a matte black image and feel.
    • Rose Gold Metal: If you choose to have cards with fashionable looks, rose gold-made are for you.

Furthermore, we also custom-made-to-order business cards with brass, white metal, carbon, and more. Drop us your choice now!

Business Card Materials 2
Business Card Features

KDM Metal Business Card Features

Customizing certain business cards made from metals come with different considerations. Below are some features to consider for having exceptional card designs.

  • Sizes and shapes
  • Important details included
  • Logos
  • Professional-made prints
  • Printing text and design coverage

KDM professionally makes your requirement specifications. We assure satisfying metal business card designs that suit specific applications.

Custom Metal Business Card Finishes

KDM quality materials are used to achieve business card hues and texture consistencies, easy to process, and feature corrosion and rust resistance. We include:

  • Laser engraving
  • Brushed finishing
  • Spot colors
  • Etching
  • Frost and Prism
  • Custom

We also cut to shape and design the specific cards with polished edges. Send us your requirement details now, and we will operate the rest of the process!

Business Card Finishes

Why KDM Metal Business Cards

Business Card 1
Business Card 2

In accord with the metal nameplate design and its willful usage, KDM metal nameplates are open for customization. More than a dozen configurations were installed with fasteners and finished with various advanced processes.

The KDM metal business cards render a wide array of possibilities in customization, including dimensions, thicknesses, corner design, and more. Subsequently, the specification produced by experts aims to meet distinct necessities. 

The versatility and durability of KDM metal business cards are one of their salient features guaranteeing a potential awareness increase in any business utilizing the said product.

Personalized metal business cards are the best alternative to boost business interaction with potential clients. Moreover, it will effectively disseminate important company information, contact numbers, and more essential details.

Get in touch with us if you have a specific question. Our diligent customer service will respond to you as soon as possible.

KDM Custom Metal Business Cards

Business Card 3
KDM Metal Business Card Benefits

A modern and intricately made metal business card comes with various advantages. The following are the most significant advantages of employing metal business cards:

  • Boost Business Image: The modern appearance of metal business cards reflects a business’s primary mission and vision. 
  • Last a Lifetime: A metal business card possesses extreme durability and resilience. Compared to typical contact cards, the written information will not fade.
  • Increases Business Awareness: Along with a few essential company details and finishes, users effectively lure recipients.
  • Conversation Starter: Due to the distinct design of metal business cards, it will aid in building rapport with the recipient.
  • Open For Customization: Product specifications are customizable depending on the desired applications.
Business Card 4

The KDM metal business cards are in-demand for various types of businesses. Having them on hand is an excellent way of marketing business. They are especially beneficial in any enterprise and for the following purposes:

  • Setting an appointment
  • Lure more customers
  • Referrals
  • Promo dissemination
  • Raffles
  • Tickets for gatherings
  • Loyalty cards
  • Spread information
  • Business campaign

Choose KDM to custom your needed business cards!

Custom Metal Business Cards

Stainless Steel Business Cards
Stainless Steel Business Cards

Fabricated from high-end stainless steel. The stainless steel business cards create a modern, clean feel, and can custom made-to-order. They are popular for attention-getting and cost-effective.

Black Metal Business Cards
Black Metal Business Cards

The black metal business cards offer a matte black look and can be customized to clients’ requirements. KDM provides free cuts for custom shapes and through areas.

Copper Finish Metal Business Cards
Copper Finish Metal Business Cards

These cards with copper finish are manufactured with the client’s logo and information. These type of business cards is designed to tell every brand’s story. It can guarantee a rustic, modern, and beautiful appearance.

Brass Finish Metal Business Cards
Brass Finish Metal Business Cards

KDM metal business cards in the brass finish look like gold, allowing for easily capturing everyone’s attention. It is electroplated to give a sleek gold finish. The brass finish metal business cards are perfect for trend-conscious and fashion innovators.

White Metal Business Cards
White Metal Business Cards

KDM white metal business cards provide a modern look. They are truly fresh, clean, smooth white finish, and are bright which makes them popular in the business industry.

custom metal business cards
Custom Metal Business Card Supplier in China

Provides A Wide Range Of Materials For Custom Metal Business Cards. Professional Engineers And Designers.

  • Very happy with the pricing, communication, and service!

  • KDM is awesome to work with. They produce superior quality cards that will make the best impression on our company.

  • Our company has been impressed with their customer service and quality of the cards. KDM is expressed to be a great business cards solution over every other brand.

Custom Metal Business Cards: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will help you find high quality and durable custom metal business cards.

Whether you want to know the best material to use, manufacturing process, features or maintenance processes – you will find all information right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

Which Material Is Best For Customs Metal Business Cards?

Some of the most common materials to choose from include:

Aluminium Material

The material is malleable, soft and light in weight.

Aluminium is a product you obtain after converting mineral bauxite, to aluminium oxide then to aluminium using electrolytic cells.

Some of the main features of aluminum include:

  • Aluminium is soft in texture when you touch.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Slightly durable.
  • High level of elasticity, making it preferable when curving to shape.

aluminum business cards

aluminum business card

Some of the limitations of aluminum materials are:

Aluminium can bend over a long period of time.

Stainless Steel

A type of steel containing an alloy of iron, nickel and chromium.

Some of the main benefits of stainless steel material for custom metal business cards include:

  • It is heavy in weight, hence more durable.
  • Has a nature and feel of luxury when you have the business card.
  • Hard in texture and has more resilience.
  • The material is tough and suitable to make business cards.
  • Withstands very high temperatures.
  • Resistant to rusting.
  • Contain anti-corrosive properties because of the nickel and chromium composition.
  • Preferable the best material to make exquisite business cards.

stainless steel business card

stainless steel business card

Some of the main limitations of stainless steel are:

Stainless steel is an expensive type of metal.

The rings of the metal tend to dent with time.

Maintenance is highly involving and costly.

It may corrode when in constant exposure to chlorides, such as table sold.

Highly involving maintenance.

How Do You Customize Metal Business Cards?

Start by cutting the sheets of the metal type in use.

Proceed to cleaning the metal sheet.

Assemble tools for chemical etching.

Print the top and bottom side film-tools as you prepare for etching process.

Then expose the films to the sheets of metal that have undergone treatment.

Proceed to chemically etching the sheets of either steel or aluminium material.

Hence producing the custom metal business cards.

customized metal business card

customized metal business card

After production process, keenly clean each metal card separately to remove deposits.

Inspect the cards to verify their quality.

Screen print the various colors available on both sides of the card.

Finally, one can consider laser etching to come up with great surface finishes of the cards.

How Much Do Custom Metal Business Cards Cost?

There is no specific price for all the metal business cards.

The cards vary according to the type of metal, customers’ specifications and method of printing.

All these factors have an impact on the final price of the business card.

Which Are The Available Sizes Of Customs Of Metal Business Cards?

Although customers can request for their unique length and width, some of the most common options include:

  • 0mm by 54.0mm
  • 6mm by 54.0mm
  • 0mm by 52.0mm
  • 0mm by 51.0mm
  • 9mm by 51.0mm

At the same time, some of the most popular thickness are:

0.8mm, 800micron

0.6mm, 600micron

0.5mm, 500 micron

0.4mm, 400micron

0.3mm, 300 micron

How Do Customs Metal Business Cards Compare To Plastic Business Cards?
Metal Business Cards Plastic Business Cards
They are heavy in weight

Highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

Retain the original shape

Expensive to purchase

Creates a luxurious impression

The colours do not appear that deep

Limits variety of complex designs

Screen printing is so involving

They are more durable

Can rust when in constant contact with chlorides


They are light in weight.

Melts on exposure to high temperatures.


Bends with time.

Purchase price is affordable.

Creates a normal impression.

The printing colours appear deep and rich.

Allows for various design complexity.

Easy to screen print on the surface.

Can break through mishandling.

Does not rust

Metal business card

metal business card

plastic business card

plastic business card

Why Invest In Custom Metal Business Cards?

Available in different varieties, because they can be made using different types of metals.

They offer the greatest impression at first sight.

The cards are so durable due to their ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Custom Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards have a high level ranking.

Custom metal cards impact a lot of confidence to the card holders.

Availability of different various finishing for one to choose from.

Such as the matte finish, brass finish and the textured brass finish.

The affordability factor.

Give the luxurious and professionalism impact to the holders of the metal cards.

They are more durable.

When you have the cards, they create a professionalism impression.

Metal cards do not break.

They have a preferable heavy weight.

Are There Limitations Of Customs Metal Business Cards?


They are expensive to obtain. The buying price is quite high.

Metal cards tend to lose shine with time.

The cards come in very few range of colours.

Additional expenses on colour printing.

Heavy to carry when travelling in different locations.

Metal cards are limiting to various designs.

Less colour options for the available pieces of metal cards.

Aluminium cards are not so strong they can bend with time.

The cut-through areas are limiting during the design process.

How Do Check Quality of Customs Metal Business Cards?

Check on the type and quality of the metal in use while designing the business card.

Ensure the card has good quality stickers to avoid peeling with time.

The end product card should be appealing to create a professional impression.

Metal cards should have a smooth finishing to avoid scratching when in the pocket.

Consider etching process to stamping, so as to avoid warping of the card.

Confirm the cards are metal and not metal like varnish.

The cards should have standard metal thickness.

Which Surface Finish Options Are Available For Custom Metal Business Cards?

Some of the most common surface finishing options are:

Brass  Finish

Brass  Finish

The brass in use provides a shiny surface.

Bras finish avails various forms such as, textured Brass finish for a look that is not so reflective.

Matte finish and Brushed brass finish.

Matte Black Finish

Produces the most luxurious metal business cards

The cards are mostly black in colour with smooth feel.

Smooth White Finish

The cards are so bright and impressing to the eye.

This type of finish allows the colours on screen printing to largely pop out.

Gold Finish

The cards are so reflective because of the gold shiny finish nature.

They have mirror-like and shinny finish.

Rose Gold Finish

The metal cards are so attractive and exquisite.

They have an elegant tint with a colour appearing light rose.

Copper Finish.

Copper is a chemical element.

Has a high electrical conductivity.

Soft to touch and malleable.

Provides a wonderful neat finish if it is in use on bare steel.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Cut Customs Metal Business Cards?

The business cards have neat finishing.

Cards are less costly to purchase.

The cuts on the metal cards are very clean.

They are more affordable.

Allows reading of the different variable data.

The cards do not scratch when in the pocket.

The surface of the cards is so smooth and tender to touch.

Depth is not created on the metal sheet.

How Do You Manufacture Customs Metal Business Cards?

Come up with an idea of how you want the business card to look like.

Such as the business or personal information on the card.

Next, you should choose the type of material you would like to use.

Among the many materials you can choose from include stainless steel, aluminium, brass or copper.

Cleaning of the sheet metal in use.

This is through de-greasing, air-drying and lastly sealing with lamination that is thin.

The purpose is to keep the sheet in a good condition.

Peeling away of the laminations when ready for use.

The metal sheet passes through cleaning for the second time again to ensure it is free from particles.

Proceeds to the identification of a design of choice.

The design of choice is put to application and works as a proof of the final photo film.

The metal sheet passes through the LED exposure machines for dry filming.

Then there is creation of a photo tool from the vector design.

Etching process – Here we achieve depths onto the metal.

Factors put into consideration during etching are the speed of equipment in use, type of metal and thickness.

You can then use chemical etching to process your custom metal business cards.

Removing the photo resist after etching.

The output cards are put through cleaning again.

If the cards are not stainless steel they go through the plating process.

The last step is quality control check.

Each card passes through inspection process to ensure they are flaws free.

Proper packaging of the business cards to avoid distortion during shipping and storage.

Finally, you will then package and ship the custom metal business cards to customers.

Do You Have MOQ For Custom Metal Business Cards?


Minimum Order Quantity, is the lowest unit number that one can obtain at one time.

Here the supplier receives a minimum order quantity of one hundred (100) pieces of cards.

How Do You Choose Best Color Customs Metal Business Cards?

Depending on the color preference of the customer.

Considering the type of finish on the business card.

Such as brass finish or rose-gold finish.

By referring to the template which reflects the personality and the brand.

Consider a color that already is existing in the emblem of the company.

For continuous reputation.

Check on the material of the metal sheet in use for making the card.

Matching with the design in use for the metal cards.

Are Customs Business Cards Durable?


Metal business cards do not smudge when they get in touch with water.

Stainless steel cards do not bend even when in use over a long time period.

They have standard thickness hence not easy to break.

Because they are made from high quality metal.

Chemically etching the cards prevents them from warping, hence durable.

The business cards undergo screen printing process, resulting to high quality.

They can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The metal cards are resistant to corrosion hence durable.

How Should Maintain Customs Metal Business Cards?

Put the metal cards away from any tool that can cause mechanical abrasion.

These are sharp tools that can scratch the surface of the card, causing them to peel.

Wipe away the liquid or water deposits to avoid resting on the surface of the card.

Metal Business Cards

Keep away from chloride components, such as table salt.

When wiping, go parallel to the polish lines of the metal cards.

While cleaning the surface of the cards, use chemicals that contain alkaline component.

Ensure no, to minimum contact with hard water.

Use microfiber cloths from cleaning to avoid abrasion.

Use all-purpose spray cleaner, so as to retain the shine.

Place the cards on safe and dry places to avoid unnecessary dropping.

Frequently wipe the business cards to prevent dust deposits from sticking.

Do Customs Metal Business Cards Rust?


The cards made from low quality metals will definitely rust.

Metal varnish cards tend to peel and rust with time due to corrosion.

Can You Recommend Any Customs Metal Business Cards Designs?

Cut-through Design

The design is much simple and presentable.

The design emphasizes on a major part of information on the card that sticks to the customers.

Cut Out Areas Design.

The design is sleek in nature.

The card design comes out by cutting various parts,creating spaces both on the front and back part.

Organic Hole Design

Organic Hole Design

The hole exists through chemical sketching.

Purpose is to capture the attention of the people with the information on it.

Brass Finish Design

Makes a first sight impression

Here the information appears through etching on the metal with brass finish.

Honey-comb hole pattern shapes.

The shapes of the holes on the card are honey-comb look like.

Thus, capturing the attention of people.

The information is on a plain surface in between the holes.

What Are The Benefits Of Chemically Etched Custom Metal Business Cards?

The information is permanent, does not warp with time.

There is a high quality output of the metal business cards resulting from the production.

The process is cost economic because the etching tools are digitalization forms, hence not expensive.

They have the ability to withstand to withstand harsh conditions, hence they are durable.

Flexibility on customization of different designs to suit the customers’ preferences and tastes.

Direct chemical etching on the metals with high quality gives an output with an impression that is very lasting.

Metal business cards come in various different thickness and material grades as per customer requirements.

Creates a long lasting luxurious impression.

Available in different colours and shapes.

Standard depths with quality design formations.

Are There Screen Printed Custom Metal Business Cards?


Such as through, Multi-colored screen printing process.

Occurs through printing each colour on the metal card with its own specific screen.

There are stainless steel business cards that have pass through full screen printing.

The output is presentable.

screen printed business card

screen printed business card

Disadvantage of screen printing on cards is that it’s costly.

For all your custom metal business cards, we are here to offer perfect solution for you.

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