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Custom Metal Business Cards Manufacturer

Custom Metal Business Cards

KDM is a professional manufacturer in China that supplies all types of custom metal business cards with specialized features and specifications. 


In accord with the metal nameplate design and its willful usage, KDM metal nameplates are open for customization. More than a dozen configurations were installed with fasteners and finished with various advanced processes.

The KDM metal business cards render a wide array of possibilities in customization, including dimensions, thicknesses, corner design, and more. Subsequently, the specification produced by experts aims to meet distinct necessities. 

The versatility and durability of KDM metal business cards are one of their salient features guaranteeing a potential awareness increase in any business utilizing the said product.

Personalized metal business cards are the best alternative to boost business interaction with potential clients. Moreover, it will effectively disseminate important company information, contact numbers, and more essential details.

Get in touch with us if you have a specific question. Our diligent customer service will respond to you as soon as possible.

Business Cards By Features

Custom Metal Loyalty Membership Business Cards
Custom Metal Loyalty Membership Business Cards

Custom metal loyalty membership business cards are available in various thicknesses, with several finishes and designs—well-suited for establishing different levels of membership.

Custom QR Code Etched Metal Business Cards
Custom QR Code Etched Metal Business Cards

A custom metal business card is made from durable and firm metal materials that are difficult to bend and useful for a long time. It comes in several sizes and can easily keep inside a wallet. 

Ultra Thin Custom Metal Business Card
Ultra-Thin Custom Metal Business Cards

The ultra-thin custom metal business cards never get rusted and tarnished. It conceivably has the most eye-catching designs of all cards and is effective in promoting your business to all.

Custom Embossed Metal Business Cards

Custom embossed metal business cards feature durable, rust, and corrosion-resistant—an excellent way to endorse your business, enterprises, super marketing, advertising, etc.

Custom VIP Metal Black Business Cards
Custom VIP Metal Black Business Cards

Custom VIP metal black business cards are made from the finest metal materials. Durable and has versatile designs that help attract more customers and business impacts. 

Custom Shape Metal Business Cards
Custom Shape Metal Business Cards

Custom shape metal business cards are perfect for high-end businesses, membership, merchandising, etc. Processed and created in any size, shape that customers require. 

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Advantages of KDM Custom Metal Business Cards


The custom metal business cards are pretty durable and robust—giving out an excellent impression to all clients. These business cards are not easy to get scratched, bent, or damaged. 


All custom metal business cards are made for long-lasting use. That offers noble-looking shadings, frame styles, or further customization that denotes a high-class appearance.


Custom metal business cards can last a lifetime. These are constructed with easy to identify printings, lettering, and branding logos, which are not easy to get faded. 


KDM custom metal business cards have superior quality to resist corrosion, rust, and tarnish. It is highly effective to establish brand impression—undoubtedly the best choice for all businesses.

Metal Business Cards Material Options

KDM used to customize different business cards according to requested materials. We have suitable equipment utilized to achieve desirable cards for business purposes. Material options are:

    • Stainless Steel: This material achieves clean, latest, and timeless style business cards.
    • Copper: Cards made from copper features uniqueness, not too bold or modern looks.
    • Black Metal: The business cards made from black metal are designed with a matte black image and feel.
    • Rose Gold Metal: If you choose to have cards with fashionable looks, rose gold-made are for you.

Furthermore, we also custom-made-to-order business cards with brass, white metal, carbon, and more. Drop us your choice now!

Business Card Materials 2
Business Card Finishes

Custom Metal Business Card Finishes

KDM quality materials are used to achieve business card hues and texture consistencies, easy to process, and feature corrosion and rust resistance. We include:

  • Laser engraving
  • Brushed finishing
  • Spot colors
  • Etching
  • Frost and Prism
  • Custom

We also cut to shape and design the specific cards with polished edges. Send us your requirement details now, and we will operate the rest of the process!

custom metal business cards
Custom Metal Business Card Supplier in China

Provides A Wide Range Of Materials For Custom Metal Business Cards. Professional Engineers And Designers.

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