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Custom Aluminum Angle Supplier

Aluminum angles have two legs that are 90 degrees apart. They are frequently employed in industrial and architectural applications. Our custom aluminum angles come in a range of alloys, tempers, diameters, thicknesses, and lengths, and can have equal or uneven legs.

Aluminum angles are simple to manufacture, cut, weld, and have a good resistance to corrosion. These products are non-magnetic, have a good strength to weight ratio, and are not susceptible to stress cracks. In addition to being used in manufactured goods, aluminum angles are used in an almost infinite number of commercial and industrial construction projects. We offer standard and specially cut lengths for our aluminum angle sizes.

Aluminum Angles by Wall Thickness

1_16” Aluminum Angle
1/16” Aluminum Angle
3_32” Aluminum Angle
3/32” Aluminum Angle
3_16” Aluminum Angle
3/16” Aluminum Angle
1_8” Aluminum Angle
1/8” Aluminum Angle
¼” Aluminum Angle
¼” Aluminum Angle
½” Aluminum Angle
½” Aluminum Angle
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Custom Aluminum Angle Specifications

Alloy6061, 5052, 5251, 3003, 7075, 6082, 2024, 5754, 4047
TemperT52, T6
TypeEqual & Unequal legs
Length8”, 16”
Leg Length0.5”-2”
FinishMilled, brushed, polished, mirror, anodized, powder-coated
Custom Aluminum Angle Specifications
Custom Aluminum Angle Uses

Custom Aluminum Angle Uses

Applications for custom aluminum angles can be found in the production of trailers, safety cages, walkways, farming equipment, and anywhere else where a structure’s rigidity must be reliable.

Our angles are used in building frames and braces, supports in trailers and truck beds, table and countertop edgings, decorative aluminum corner guards, out corners, and door construction. Any architectural or design project would benefit from our custom aluminum angles, which come in a variety of anodized and mechanical treatments and aluminum angle diameters. They are a durable, solid addition that are also simple to maintain, clean, and polish.

Custom Aluminum Angle Types

Custom architectural aluminum angles and custom structural aluminum angles are the two types that are typically needed for projects. In structural applications where a lightweight, high-strength material is required, the structural aluminum angle is used. It has rounded inside corners. Architectural aluminum angles are primarily used for aesthetic purposes and have square corners on both the interior and exterior of the angle. We manufacture both types at our facility in China.

Custom Aluminum Angle Types
Custom Aluminum Angle Fabrication

Custom Aluminum Angle Fabrication

The process of turning aluminum into completed pieces for your application is known as aluminum fabrication. In order to build your finished product, we use a wide range of processes and techniques to manufacture custom aluminum angles through cutting, bending, deburring, welding, machining, and forming. When compared to other materials, aluminum alloys have unique advantages that enable our team to create a wide range of products.

Choose KDM as your aluminum angle manufacturer.

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