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Aluminum Asset Tags

Our aluminum asset tags and labels are made to help you keep track of your company’s vital supplies, inventory, and assets. These metal property ID tags have serial numbers or barcodes that you can use to identify stolen property. Aluminum tags also can provide you with inventory information, such as the quantity of a specific item that is currently in stock, as well as condition in case it is broken.

Automate your inventory control, asset monitoring, maintenance management, and theft prevention. Our asset tags are extremely sturdy and are made of aluminum with an embedded print, so they are sure to last.

Black UV-Stable Aluminum Tags
Black UV-Stable Aluminum Tags

Even in challenging environments, text won’t fade and barcodes will remain readable. Black UV-resistant aluminum has a highly contrasted appearance that makes writing, logos, and numbers extremely apparent and simple to read.

Paint-Resistant Aluminum Tags
Paint-Resistant Aluminum Tags

The tags resist graffiti, vandalism, paint, and grease. They stay functional after excessive tempering.

High Temperature Aluminum Tags
High Temperature Aluminum Tags

Aluminum tags can withstand up to 1200 degrees of high temperature and remain in good shape for tracking your assets.

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Select Asset Tag Design

  • Text Only
    Text Only

    Choose text only for a minimalist approach. You can have only the part number for identification in your system.

  • Barcode

    Including a scannable barcode allows you to instantly check availability and condition of a given asset, accessing all information at the spot.

  • QR Code
    QR Code

    A QR code is just another form of a barcode that can be easily scanned with a phone—perfect for modern businesses.

  • Logo

    If you simply want to label your assets with your logo to prevent theft, we offer that option as well.

  • Custom Combination
    Custom Combination

    We can design a complex layout to include text, barcode, and logo, or any other combination of data on your aluminum tag.

High Durability
High Durability

Our aluminum asset tags are highly durable and can withstand various conditions for both indoor and outdoor applications. A stamped or photo-anodized image will remain on the tag for years in perfect condition.

Great Resistance
Great Resistance

Anodized aluminum makes these tags corrosion-resistant. These aluminum asset tags also have great resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and solvents. They tolerate exposure to the elements, including UV rays, extremely cold temperatures, and demanding environments.

Unique Tracking
Unique Tracking

With high protection, your asset inventory will have a unique way of tracking. The reliability of metal asset labels helps automatize stock and condition tracing any time.

Custom Aluminum Asset Tags

Our specially designed aluminum asset tags can include barcodes, numbers, emblems, addresses, and other important data. Usually, they contain your company name, asset number, and any additional information that you decide to include.

For a variety of markets and uses, we manufacture fully customizable abrasion-proof aluminum asset tags. Your equipment and machinery can have embossed nameplates, aluminum equipment tags, and UID tags with a data matrix, and warehouse labels.

We offer many colours, size, and shape options, and you can specify hole sizes and placements, if any.

Custom Aluminum Asset Tags

KDM Aluminum Asset Tags Fabrication

KDM Aluminum Asset Tags Fabrication 1
KDM Aluminum Asset Tags Fabrication 2

Aluminum asset tag manufacturing requires us to laser-cut, anodize, and customize aluminum. We can use stamping, embossing, screen-printing, laser etching, and engraving to add your information onto the tag.

To ensure accuracy and durability, our photo-anodized asset tags employ a photo imaging technique to capture the finest detail before being sealed under an anodic coating of aluminum. As such, we also fabricate anodized aluminum asset tags with a professional sub-surface image. The factory’s capabilities will perfectly fulfil your aluminum asset tag specifications.

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