Anodized Aluminum Sheet

The anodized aluminum sheet offers visually attractive, lightweight, corrosion resistant, and durable. These are designed to meet the demand application for:

Storefronts Exterior panels Electronics
Architectural interior Architectural exterior Food services
Curtain walls Windows and doors Nameplates and signage
Ceilings Lightings Solar
Roofing Appliance Rail cars
Recreational vehicles Automotive Interior wall panels and more.


Anodizing aluminum sheets used an electrochemical process in which the surface of aluminum sheets is converted into aluminum oxides and reacts to acids and to electricity. Anodized aluminum from KDM delivers finishes that come in beautiful variations such as bright, matte, brush-stroked, clear, and more.

Silver Anodized Aluminum Sheet
Silver Anodized Aluminum Sheet
Metallic Gray Anodized Aluminum Sheet
Metallic Gray Anodized Aluminum Sheet
Black Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Black Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Clear Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Clear Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Gold Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Gold Anodize Aluminum Sheets
White Anodized Aluminum Sheets
White Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Red Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Red Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Mill Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Mill Finish Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Blue Anodized Aluminum Sheet
Blue Anodized Aluminum Sheets
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Anodized Aluminum Sheet by Grades (14)

Anodized Aluminum Sheet by Surface Finish (4)

KDM Anodized Aluminum Sheets

KDM offers a lot of benefits to aluminum sheets. These are designed to meet the perfect options for different industrial application which requires a pre-cut of small-scale anodized aluminum sheets. We are a leading anodized aluminum manufacturer, and anodized sheets focus on your expected care and attention to quality. KDM can offers customize anodized aluminum that is manageable to your project and meets your specific needs.

If you need a powerful, polished, dynamic performance of anodized aluminum, let the anodized aluminum sheet from KDM meet your requirements.

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KDM Anodized Aluminum Sheets
Anodized Aluminum Sheet Segment Sizes

Segment Sizes of Anodized Aluminum Sheet

KDM provides different segment sizes of an anodized aluminum sheets including:

Loading Width rage: 7” ( 178mm ) up to 62” ( 1575mm )
Cut Segment Length: 8” ( 2003mm ) up to 182” ( 4622mm )
Gauge Ranges: 0.004” ( 0.1mm ) up to 0.80” ( 2.0mm )

We can work to meet your requirement regarding the beauty of anodized aluminum sheets. KDM always ensure to provide a reliable service and quality of anodized aluminum sheets in different sizes, thickness, and designs.

Prefinished Anodized Aluminum Sheet

We offer different types of a pre-finish aluminum sheets including:

  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Bronze anodize aluminum
  • Clear anodized aluminum
  • Black and bronze painted aluminum
  • Bronze extra dark Anodized aluminum
  • White bone-painted aluminum
Prefinished Anodized Aluminum Sheet


We offer different coatings of anodized aluminum sheets including:

  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Coil anodized finishes
  • Custom length is also available

Advantages of Anodized Aluminum Sheets


Anodized aluminum sheets are more durable and versatile products on the market. Once it is anodized, the aluminum metal surface offers tougher compared to before. Means that make 3x stronger than standard aluminum. Aside from that anodization processes are performed with the help of controlled oxidations and the finished aluminum products will stand against any weather condition like rust, etc.


Most aluminum sheets are known as lightweight types of metal 60% of other metals like brass, copper, and stainless steel. Due to its lightweight feature, the anodized aluminum sheet is easy to deliver and can save a shipping cost. When you need a lightweight metal then I encourage you to choose anodized aluminum sheets from KDM.  We Will provides you with the most versatile solution for your business projects.

Anodized Aluminum Sheets Production and Cost Efficiency
Anodized Aluminum Sheets Production and Cost Efficiency
  • The aluminum sheet offers cost and effectiveness. It is the only metal that is recyclable metal which is 100% recyclable.
  • Provides consumers with a lower cost per square foot that is used for projects as opposed to other metals.
  • The anodized layer is three times harder than aluminum itself. It provides a natural abrasion resistance that is not found on brass, stainless steel, and copper.
  • Our anodized aluminum sheet arrives clean and designed to be ready for the fabrication process.
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable
  • The anodized aluminum sheets are the most abundant element on the crust of the earth and are made recyclable
  • During the processing method, anodized aluminum does not contain any volatile organic compounds.
  • It offers a higher solar reflective index value

Why Choose KDM as Your Trusted Anodized Aluminum Sheets Supplier

Streamline Process
Streamline Process

KDM anodized aluminum sheet can help expedition your manufacturing process in providing ready-to-use anodized aluminum sizes to meet your specific requirements. Our aluminum sheets are available in poly filmed, free cut sizes, and ready to deliver. KDM can offer an anodized aluminum sheet for some critical jobs that needs a high grade of aluminum sheets. As a provider, we can help you to enhance your production process and eliminate some negative steps process on your company.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

KDM manufactured anodized aluminum sheet that is very easy to use for a lot of companies except to large coil aluminum. Due to its lightweight features, the anodized aluminum is easy to handle especially for some production company that makes small parts products. Aside from that these are easy to move, manage and place in different areas of your facility.

Easy to Deliver
Easy to Deliver

The anodized aluminum sheet is very easy to lift compared to other metal products. It is smaller and offers more lightweight than on full coil anodized aluminum sheets. Before it delivers it goes through some process like cutting so that it can be easy to ship and more swiftly than a bulky package. KDM makes sure that you can get the desired beauty, durability, and functionality that you needed.

What does anodized Aluminum Sheet Means?

It is a process where the sheet metal consists of aluminum sheeting and expose to an electrolyte. Our anodized aluminum sheet has a hard-wearing perfect finish on its surface. It has a protective layer that is made by the anodizing process and adds an improvement to the oxide layer and exists on an aluminum surface. Anodized aluminum sheets are available in different sizes and thicknesses that offer outstanding durability and strength.

What other application of anodized aluminum sheets?

There are common decorative products that anodized aluminum sheets can produce such as:

  1. Name badges
  2. Ornaments
  3. Engraved plaques
  4. Cladding materials
  5. Home decorations and many more.

People Also Ask:

Is Anodized Aluminum Durable?


The surface of anodized Aluminum is tough and hard because of the coating thickness that forms from the anodization process.

How Does Anodized Aluminum Compare To Untreated Aluminum?

Anodized Aluminum

Untreated Aluminum

Consists of a porous surface excellent for dyeing The surface not excellent for dyeing
High heat dissipation Low heat dissipation
Highly resistant to wear Low resistance to wear
Excellent electrical insulation Highly conductive
Will Anodizing Aluminum make it Rust Proof?

Anodizing aluminum increases its resistance to rust by oxidizing the surface and building a protective thick film.

Why Anodize Aluminum?

To Increase Its Resistance To Wear and Tear.

Anodizing enables formation of an oxide layer on the surface that enhances resistance.

To Improve Heat Dissipation.

An anodized Aluminum has a great surface area thus increasing the rate of its dissipation.

This is because the greater surface area enhances heat connectivity and emissivity.

Aesthetic Value.

The appearance of anodized aluminum is more appealing.

Enhancing On The Durability.

The process of anodization increases the hardness of aluminum hence its durability.

Customization Of Color Options.

Aluminum obtains an oxide layer that makes it great for dyes and colors.

To Enhance Resistance To Abrasion.

The anodic coatings are very hard and tough, thus preventing flaking and peeling under harsh conditions.

Are Anodized Aluminum Toxic?


Anodized aluminum surfaces are nonporous with excellent heat resistance.

They have a sealing that prevents the metal from reacting with acidic substances and solutions.

How Thick Is Anodized Coating on Aluminum?

The coating ranges from 0.01 to 5 mils thick.

Is Anodized Aluminum Food Safe?


This is because it is resistance to high heat and the surface layer is non-stick and non-reactive when in contact with food.

Which Types Of Anodized Aluminum Are There?

Hard Anodized Aluminum.

It is a metal with an excellent hard coating that forms from a high concentration of sulfuric acid electrolyte under low temperatures.

Sulfuric Anodized Aluminum.

This type results from the utilization of sulfuric acid to generate coatings of about 1 mil thick.

It is durable and highly resistant to corrosion.

Sulfuric anodized aluminum is highly permeable enabling proper dyeing.

Chromic Anodized Aluminum.

A metal with a thin coating of thickness ranging from 0.02 to 0.1 mils.

It forms from the utilization of chromic acid electrolytes.

Will Anodizing Aluminum Improve Heat Dissipation?


An anodized Aluminum has a great surface area thus increasing the rate of its dissipation.

This is because the greater surface area enhances heat connectivity and emissivity.

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