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The Complete Guide to Brass Edge Banding

Brass Edge Banding

Brass edge banding is a thin strip of brass that you will apply on an item such as a piece of furniture to provide protective and decorative finish.

In this guide, you’ll get to know more about brass edge banding, benefits, uses, finishes, among others. Read on to learn more.

Applications Of Brass Edge Banding

If you have items that have edges, you can apply brass edge banding to them. This means there are many areas you can use it. Here are some of them:


Banding using brass edge can find its use on the edges of furniture items like desks and tables.

Kitchen Countertops

When you apply this banding on kitchen countertops, it adds to its decoration and improves its durability.

Retail Fixtures

Display cases and shelving can have banding edges made from brass to enhance elegance and durability.

Walls and Doors

It is possible to use the brass edge banding on the edges of walls or doors in commercial and architectural settings.

Exterior Usages

Since brass is resistant to corrosion, you can apply it on external surface edges such as balconies, decks, and outdoor furniture.


The interior of cars such as armrests, door panels, and dashboards can have a trim of brass banding.


This entails using the banding on items such as kitchen cabinets and built-in-wardrobes.

Marine Application

Since brass is resistant to corrosion, you can use it to stylize items that will be exposed to saltwater and humidity.

Brass Edge Band
Brass Edge Band

How To Apply A Brass Edge Banding?

As long as you have the necessary items, you can apply this banding yourself. However, if you are not sure, it’s important you hire specialists.

Here are the basic steps of applying brass edge banding:


Before you start the application process, ensure the edge of the item is clean, smooth, and has no debris.

Cut the Band

Proceed to measure the edge where the band will go. Thereafter, cut the brass edge banding to match the measurement.

Apply Adhesive or Fixing

The next step entails applying adhesive to the band or the edge which will host the band. Alternatively, you can mark the areas where you will drill the screw.

Apply the Banding

When placing the brass banding, ensure it sits flush on the edge of the item.

Securing the Band

It is possible to use a heat gun that will activate the adhesive causing it to melt and stick on the band or edge.

Also, you can use a screw driver to drive screws to secure the band on the edge of the item.


Once you secure the band on the edge of the item, trim any excess part.

Finishing Touches

Sanding the edge with fine-grit sandpaper will smoothen any rough edges leaving a polished look.

Edge Brass Band
Edge Brass Band

Benefits Of Brass Edge Banding

When you apply a brass edge banding correctly, the edge of the items will look appealing and it will be safe too. If you are thinking if this item is beneficial, well, read on:


Brass edge banding will make items look polished, thus add a decorative touch to different applications.


If you have seen edges with dents, it means they lack protection. This banding will provide protection on items from chipping, or splintering.


Brass can withstand daily wear and rear. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion.

Easy to Clean

Using a damp piece of cloth, you can wipe stain off the banding. Also, you can polish it to restore its shine.


Brass edge banding works well on numerous pieces such as furniture, walls, architectural buildings, among others.


This band is easy to apply therefore, you will save a lot of money compared to replacing the entire item.

Brass Edge Banding Finishes

Brass is naturally appealing. However, you can make it more attractive by adding some finishes. Let’s have a look at some finishes:


Here, you will use different types of paint suitable for metal surfaces.


This entails adding a layer of thin oxide on the surface of the brass edge banding. Anodizing allows you to add various colors to the band.

Powder Coating

This is a process where you will electrostatically apply dry powder on the surface of the brass banding. This process can achieve different colors too.

Recommended Fixing in Brass Edge Banding

When you refer to fixings, you are talking of ways to join the banding to the edges. Here are three fixings you can use:

Visible Fixing

These are mechanical components that will hold the band to the edge. They can be seen and include nails and screws.

Hidden Fixing

These are concealed fixings that are not visible to the eye. Heat-activated and contact adhesives are examples.

Combination Fixing

In some applications, you can combine both visible and hidden fixings. This is suitable if you plan to combine security of mechanical fixing and aesthetic of hidden fixings.

Factors Affecting Longevity Of Brass Edge Banding

We all want our installation to last for more than a few weeks. For this reason, consider the following factors when determining the durability of this banding:

Quality of Alloy

Brass made from defect free alloy material will last longer than those with defects.

Surface Finish

Use finishes that are resistant to scratch and abrasion to attain longevity.


Use the correct installation techniques to form durable bonds.


Clean and polish the brass to ensure it maintains its appeal overtime.

Forms Of Brass Edge Banding

The edge where you apply the banding will vary depending on the item. Let’s discuss some forms you may see:

Right Angle

This form is suitable for corners that form a 90-degree angle.

Right Angle Brass Edge Banding
Right Angle Brass Edge Banding


Here, you will apply the brass on edges that form curves or round shapes.

Radial Brass Edge Banding
Radial Brass Edge Banding


This form is similar to radial brass edging, but it is used to cover quarter-round or quarter-circle shapes.


Having read this guide, we hope you have found answers to questions when it comes to brass edge banding.

At KDM, we can help you in all brass edge banding, contact us now.

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