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How To Cut Tubing

There is a reason that any of you ask questions about how to cut tubing perfectly, and how the
cutting tools help to ease time when making DIY projects. We know that cutting metal tubes is
not an easy and crucial step which can lead to accidents especially when not following the
instructions and the right tools to be used. This guide will help you to understand the
step-by-step process of cutting tubes easily and solve problems on different projects quickly.
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Materials Needed

● Tape Measures or Ruler. It is used to measure and mark the cutting point as needed to
get accurate cutting.
● Pencil or Marker – The main purpose of the marker and a pencil is to mark the part
before cutting starts.
● Tubing Cutters – Such as a hacksaw, angle grinder, or tube cutter.
● Safety Gears – Prepare any safety gear that is highly required including gloves, goggles,
mask, etc.
● Sand Papers – To smooth, refine, and polish the surface of the tube after finishing

Common Tools That Should Be Used

1. Angle Grinder – It is a type of power tool that has a cutting wheel. Its purpose is to create consistent, efficient,
and precise cutting tubes. This tool has the ability not only to cut but also to polish, grind, and
shape the finished cut tubes.
2. Tube Cutter – These tools provide a precise cut into tubes or even pipes. It is ideal for cutting different types of
metal tubes such as steel, aluminum, copper stainless steel, and more.
3. Hacksaw – A hacksaw tool has a fine-toothed blade that is connected to its frame. It is a manual tool that
highly needs your patience with the gentle use of strength while pushing and pulling until the
tube is cut.

Steps that should be Followed

1. Area Preparation – Make sure to clean the area by removing all obstacles, that might
obstruct the cutting process.

2. Wearing Safety Gears – To prevent any accident, wearing proper safety gear is needed
such as goggles to protect eyes from any debris, gloves to protect hands, masks to
protect our health, and others that are required.

3. Measure and mark – In this step, start to measure the exact length of the tubes using
measuring tapes depending on their use then mark using a pencil or marker.

4. Choosing The Right Cutting Tool – after measuring make sure to choose the right
cutting tools either a tube cutter, hacksaw, angle grinder, etc.

5. Secure the Tubing – In these steps, If using a hacksaw use a guide and any other tools
to keep it steady same as using an angle grinder. If you choose a tube cutter you can
start to insert the tubes into a cutter but be sure it is properly secure for easy operation.

6. Cutting Process – after all of those steps, the cutting process will be started with the
help of the three common tools you have chosen.

7. Cut inspections – After the cutting process, the next step is to inspect the finish cut by
checking every edge to ensure it is smooth. If not use sandpaper or a file and used it to
smooth every edge of the tubes.

8. Cleaning – The Last Step, is to clean all the particles or debris all over the newly
cut tubes to avoid any problems such as damage during installations.

Instruction on How To Cut Tubing

Below is the process of using Common Tools

Tube Cutter

When using tube-cutting tools just follow these steps.
1. Measuring
– Using a measuring tape or ruler, measure the exact sizes you need and mark as
necessary before using the tube cutter.
2. Place the tubes in tube cutters
– This cutting tool is equipped with a cutting wheel and a two-roller which work together to
cut the tube precisely. Just simply place the tubes in their desired positions where you
mark and tighten them. After that move the tool around the tube then wait until it is cut.
3. File
– After finishing cutting, file the edge if needed to make sure all the debris will be

Angle Grinder

Below are the proper steps using an angle grinder that you need to follow:
1. Safety Materials Preparations
– Wear the proper safety gear before using this angle grinder due to it is a type of power
tool to avoid accidents.
2. Measure then Mark
– Measure your desired length and mark the part of the tube where you want to cut.
3. Start Cutting the Tubes
– Using an angle grinder make sure that is running before using it to cut the tubes. After
that, move the blade around the pipes until it is cut.


These are the three tips on how to properly cut the tubes using a hacksaw:
1. Secure the Tubes
– Use any support tool that can hold the longer end of the tubes before using a hacksaw.
Be sure that the tubes are highly secure before cutting.
2. Be patient
– Using a hacksaw takes a longer time compared to other tools that’s why your patients
must be needed. Do not use a lot of your strength instead just gently push and pull the
hacksaw in a consistent pressure until it cuts.
3. File
– The last steps after you cut, use a metal file or sandpaper and file the cut end until you
get your desired smoothness.


The following steps will help everyone to understand how to cut the tubes in fast, safe, and
reliable methods. With the help of the right tools, it can lessen the difficulty of work during the
cutting process. It also can save budget, time, and effort spent especially when need to finish
projects at the right time without worrying about spending large amounts of money. If you want
to know the step-by-step process of how to cut tubing. Just learn from this comprehensive

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