Easy to Install Prefabricated Metal Stairs

  • 1-Day installation
  • Unlimited configurations
  • Custom modular assembly
  • Adjustable & Stable

Prefabricated Metal Stairs

A prefabricated staircase is made in pieces, shipped to you unassembled, and then put together. Our prefabricated metal stairways are the ideal fusion of elegance and toughness. Prefabricated metal steps for permanent or temporary usage, indoors or outdoors, offer convenient and secure access to almost everything. Perfect for moving buildings or pathways for turnarounds and maintenance tasks. With dozens of unique colour finishes available to complement the aesthetic of your environment, metal stairs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Prefabricated Metal Stair Types

Portable Stairs
Portable Stairs

With adjustable legs for uneven floors, our portable stairs maintain the platform level and at the same height as your door or access point.

Rolling Stairs
Rolling Stairs

To make the job simpler, faster, and safer, all our mobile steps and platforms are stable and simple to handle. Their casters make moving the metal stairs as easier than ever.

Commercial Stairs
Commercial Stairs

Commercial and residential stairs have countless design options, such as metal spiral staircases, metal straight staircases, metal floating stairs, and more.

Industrial Stairs
Industrial Stairs

Industrial metal stairs combine versatility, reliability, and high quality. They are user-friendly and easy to configure to suit your application.

Crossover Stairs
Crossover Stairs

Crossover stairs improve safety, access, and work environment for many industrial applications. Change elevation or use it as a bridge over things—prefabricated metal crossover stairs do it all.

Work Stairs
Work Stairs

Work prefab stairs are ideal for loading and access solutions for trucks, trains, and marine applications. These stairs are strong and have many custom features.

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Why Choose Us?

Modular Design
Modular Design

With just 5 components—metal work platforms, metal handrails, metal stairs, metal tower supports, and metal ladders—we offer countless configuration possibilities.

Certified Quality
Certified Quality

Our designs and prefabricated metal stairs are compliant with OSHA, IBC, and other standards. We will develop the best stairs according to your local quality standards.

Custom Options
Custom Options

You can specify any parameter, such as material, span, height, tread type, overall shape, and more. Our engineers will develop the right components for your prefabricated metal stairs.


Contact us any time. Get a quote within 24 hours of your inquiry, and we will continue to support your project after sales to ensure customer satisfaction and prolong the partnership.

OSHA Compliant Stairs

Our prefabricated metal stair kits are engineered to comply with applicable OSHA and IBC standards. Our components are built in accordance with international requirements. Also, you can request that we comply with your local standards.

OSHA Compliant Stairs
Custom Prefabricated Metal Stairs

Custom Prefabricated Metal Stairs

Our modular pathways and custom metal steps create the best options— a permanent construction that is portable in whole or in part, or that may be swiftly disassembled and stored for later use.

Prefabricated Metal Stairs Fabrication

Prefabricated Metal Stairs Fabrication
Prefabricated Metal Stairs Fabrication

Firstly, we offer unlimited customization options though product resources, design tools, and a CAD model generator. Using BIM model downloads, dimensional prints, and product specs, we can jumpstart your next prefab metal stairs project.

Aluminum or stainless steel is typically used for prefabricated metal stairs. We form, laser-cut, bend, weld, and CNC machine various components of the future stairs according to your specifications. Then, we finish and powder-coat your components, packaging and sending them to you.

You will then have to assemble and install the stairs in your desired configuration using thread locking, flow drilling, and other methods.

Welded Prefab Metal Stairs

At key junctures in the staircase, these systems weld the metal. These junctures include tread brackets, stringer, footer plate, and railing. Normally, the entire stair unit is sent prepared for installation because it is entirely prefabricated. Welded metal stairs allow for more design options, but the installation process will take longer.

Bolted Prefab Metal Stairs
Bolted Prefab Metal Stairs

Bolted prefabricated metal stairs or mechanical stair systems are attached to a steel tube after being put together using nuts and screws. The fact that the stair stringer can be supplied independently from the treads and components is one important advantage of this. This eliminates the possibility of shipment damage and makes assembly on-site straightforward.

Precision. Flexibility. Quality.

Prefabricated metal stair systems that are code-compliant are available for every industry.

  • “Despite being ours for four seasons, the KDM prefabricated metal stairs still appear to be fresh new. There are actually no wear indicators at all. They have endured quite well.”

    JK, USA
  • “Extremely helpful and knowledgeable support team. The engineers developed the best prefab metal stairs for my project. Very good quality”

    AR, USA
  • “The modular design is very helpful. One staircase can serve many functions in different environments.”

    FM, Germany
What Makes Prefabricated Metal Stairs Unique?

It is the fact that these stairs are made in sections. Therefore, you can ship these sections separately, after which you can assemble them, making a complete stairs.

Ideally, prefabricated metal stairs cut assembly time and cost.

The prefabricated stair parts may include stair treads, metal stringer, brackets, bolts, etc.

Depending on your requirements and specifications, you can choose welded or mechanical stairs.

When Should You Choose Prefabricated Alternating Stairs?

When you have space restrictions, choosing prefabricated alternating stairs is a perfect solution. Of course, the design must guarantee safety and comfort.

Additionally, it should be IBC and OSHA compliant.

When Should You Choose Prefabricated Spiral Metal Stairs?

You can choose prefabricated spiral metal stairs for both your indoor and outdoor applications. They are perfect choice when you want prefabricated stairs that offer strong and durable performance, alongside aesthetic.

However, they can fit any application.

How Do You Choose Best Prefabricated Metal Stairs?

When it comes to choosing prefabricated metal stairs, you should consider a range of factors including the following:

  • Compliance with necessary safety rules and regulations or building codes such as IBC and OSHA
  • Design of stair railings
  • Non-slip stair treads
  • Grip rails
  • Type of material
  • Design of the prefabricated metal stairs
  • Surface finish of the prefabricated metal stairs
How Does The Cost Of Welded Stairs Compare To Bolted Stairs?

Generally, the price of prefabricated welded stairs and bolted stairs is almost the same. That is, assuming they are made from the same material. Of course, the design should be almost the same.

How Does Mechanical Stair System Compare To Welded Stair System?

Prefabricated mechanical stairs mainly use bolts and screws during the assembly process. This is unlike prefabricated welded stairs which depend on different welding techniques during the assembly process.

Whether you choose mechanical or welded stairs, the must comply with the IBC and OSHA standard requirements.

In addition to these, assembling mechanical stairs is easy and does not require training. On the other hand, assembling welded stair systems require professionals who know how to weld.

What Are The Main Parts Of Prefabricated Metal Stairs?

Parts of prefabricates metal stair vary depending on the design and configuration.

Some of the most common parts include;

Stringer; it is the backbone of prefabricated stairs.

Footer and header plate; this section will attach stringer to top and bottom floor.

Tread bracket; it holds the treads.

Other parts include platform handrails, tower support, and guard rails.

What Are The Safety Features Of Prefabricated Metal Stairs?

You must choose prefabricates metal stairs that are strong and durable. Some of the main features you should consider include:

  • It must support recommended weight – whether static or dynamic
  • Should have non-slip platforms
  • Made from high grade material
  • It should comply with OSHA safety requirements
  • Handrails are necessary
  • Spacing of steps must be uniform and carefully secured to withstand weight
How Does IBC And OSHA Compliant Prefabricated Metal Stairs Compare?

IBC and OSHA are common safety and standard requirements in today’s prefabricated metal stairs manufacturing and assembly process.

Below is a quick comparison between IBC and OSH standards:

Landings; for both IBC and OSHA, you should have a landing both at the top and bottom. However, for the IBC the landings are slightly larger.

Prefabricated metal stairs handrails; for IBC stairs, there should be 34’’ handrails and 42’’ rails on both sides. For OSHA, all open sections of stairwell should have railings and handrails. Preferably, it should be on the right side and it should descend at 34’’ high.

Stair width; for OSHA, the width should be at least 22’’. On the other hand, for IBC, the width should be at least 36’’.

Tread and risers;   for IBC, it is usually 11’’ tread and 7’’ closed riser. On the other hand, for OSHA tread is 9’’ with 8’’ closed riser.

Horizontal run; the horizontal run for IBC is approximately 1.5 times the deck’s height. Of course, this does not include the landings and handrails.  For OSHA stairs, the length of stairwell and horizontal run is almost the same.

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