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Custom Aluminum Tube Fabrication

KDM can customize aluminum pipes according to your requirements. We offer numerous aluminum-grade options for your fabrication needs, including 7075, 6061, 5052, 3003, and 2024 etc.


Why KDM Aluminum Pipe Fabrication

KDM is an expert in aluminum rolling and bending for your custom aluminum pipe needs. We have high-end manufacturing capabilities to provide you with custom sizes, shapes, and radii.

To meet your different needs, we can produce different shapes of aluminum pipe. Among them are round pipe, oval pipe, square pipe, or custom. KDM also offers numerous pipe coating options for your custom aluminum pipe needs. It includes chemical conversion coating, hard & clear coat anodizing, and powder coating.

KDM Custom Aluminum Pipes

Aluminum Pipe for Tent Poles and Rod
Aluminum Pipe for Tent Poles and Rod

KDM offers durable fabrication of poles and rods for tents. It has a lightweight and makes the tent easy to carry.

Aluminum Pipe for Outdoor Tables
Aluminum Pipe for Outdoor Tables

Aluminum pipe or tubing is corrosion and rust resistance. Good for outdoor tables as its expose to wetness due to rain.

Aluminum Pipe for Cladding
Aluminum Pipe for Cladding

For pipe cladding and jacketing, aluminum is the best material to use to protect from UV and weather.

Hand Grip Throttle Aluminum Tube
Hand Grip Throttle Aluminum Tube

The handgrip throttle that is made of aluminum is constructed to have premium quality. Its quality is highly preferable to plastic handgrip throttle.

Aluminum Tube Motorcycle Handlebar
Aluminum Tube Motorcycle Handlebar

KDM can fabricate aluminum handlebars, it is better than steel as it has a lightweight and rust resistance.

Aluminum Tube Curtain Rod
Aluminum Tube Curtain Rod

Aluminum pipes or tubes are primarily materials used for manufacturing curtain rods for interior design.

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Custom Aluminum Pipe by Series (5)

  • 1000 Series Aluminum Pipe
    1000 Series Aluminum Pipe

    Gradually use for chemical and electrical applications. This grade series has a combination of high electrical and thermal conductivity with high corrosion resistance.

  • 2000 Series Aluminum Pipe
    2000 Series Aluminum Pipe

    The 2000 series aluminum pipes are usually used in some aerospace sectors and in many industries. Copper is the main alloying element; these materials have excellent strength and high performance. It can also resist high temperatures.

  • 3000 Series Aluminum Pipe
    3000 Series Aluminum Pipe

    These kinds of series that is heat treatable and very formable as it mixed with manganese. Its often used for vehicles and power plants’ heat exchangers.

  • 5000 Series Aluminum Pipe
    5000 Series Aluminum Pipe

    The 5000 series are alloyed with magnesium and known as marine grade. This series is non-heat treatable but certified corrosion resistant. Mainly used in fabrication like tanks, bridges, and vessels.

  • 6000 Series Aluminum Pipe

    These series are usually used on infrastructure, transportation, automotive, and aircraft components. 6061 aluminum has a higher thermal conductivity compared to the all-aluminum series, which makes them a better choice for every certain application.

Custom Aluminum Pipe Advantage


Aluminum has a component that makes it easy to bend and reshape. It is easy to fabricate for any kind of use.


Aluminum pipes are more valuable than PVC plastic and PE pipe. It is one of the most recyclable metals around the world.


Pipe made of aluminum has a high resistance to corrosion and rust. This characteristic can extend their lifespan.


KDM accepts any type of pipe aluminum design and uses it for accessories, indoor, outdoor, or industrial and powerplant applications.

Aluminum Pipe Properties

Like the other kinds of metal pipe, the aluminum pipe becomes one of the most popular kinds. It is very useful in fields of industry, such as transportation equipment and electronics. Below are the properties of aluminum pipe:

  • Non-corrosive: high resistance of corrosion that makes it last and maintains its good quality and texture.
  • Malleable: easy to bend and shape to its intent used and application.
  • Lightweight and Durable: easy to carry and unbreakable.
  • Easily cast and machined: as aluminum is ductile, it easy to deform without losing its toughness.

KDM is your ideal aluminum pipe manufacturer in China with 10 years of experience.

Aluminum Pipe Properties
Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

KDM can provide various services in terms of aluminum pipe fabrication to meet your custom needs. Our services may include:

  • Lubricant Coating- its lubrication is coated evenly on the material.
  • Pressing- through the impact extrusion process, the aluminum slag is shaped into a tube.
  • Lathe processing- the aluminum tube is cut depending on its ordered length.
  • Annealing- a certain heat is applied to the aluminum tube, but then cooled gradually to soften it.
  • Inner coating and searing- a protective film is seared and coated onto the inner surface of the tubes.
  • Base coating- the tube’s exterior surface applied a base coat.

Common Application

Aluminum pipes are widely used in aerospace, ship, automobile, aviation, agriculture, electrical appliances, mechanical and electrical, household, accessories, and other industries. We use several methods to fabricate customized aluminum pipes such as bending and rolling.

KDM is capable to flare, fabricate, bend, and cut your aluminum pipe for your custom needs. We can customize the aluminum pipe according to size and material, depending on your requirements.

Being a leading metal fabricator in China, we can help you select the best aluminum types for your custom pipe needs. Enquire us now for your orders.

Common Application

Why KDM Custom Aluminum Pipe

Why KDM Aluminum Pipe
Why KDM Aluminum Pipe

Aluminum is accessible in varying tempers and grades, suitable for your custom aluminum pipe requirements. KDM has rich experience in working with aluminum pipes and we use state-of-the-art techniques to avoid work hardening, collapsing, or cracking at the bend.

KDM specializes in any kind of metal fabrication for more than a decade. Fabrication of custom aluminum pipes is one of our specializations. As we have advanced manufacturing equipment, we can ensure quality and cost-effective fabrication for your custom aluminum pipe needs. KDM also uses a different method to produce customized aluminum pipe:

  • Printing- designs, lettering, and tags are printed to the exterior surface of the tube.
  • Capping- by controlling the torque, a cap is fitted onto the tube.
  • Sealing- an adhesive is coated to the tube to avoid the contents from leaking.
  • Process inspection- to ensure the quality standards, both the interior and exterior need to be checked before proceeding with the packaging.
  • Shipment- lastly, the tube is undergone final checking and is then ready to be shipped to the customer.

For your inquiry, you may drop your message or contact us now.

Choose KDM to Custom Your Aluminum Pipe

Our Services
Our Services

KDM offers customized aluminum pipe fabrication based on your choice of design and specifications. The list below is the types of services we offer:

  • Aluminum Laser Cutting
  • Aluminum Roll Forming
  • Aluminum Pressing
  • Aluminum Waterjet cutting
  • Aluminum Bending
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Lathe Machining
custom finish

These are the following surface treatments and lubrication for your custom aluminum pipe needs:

  • Lubricant Coating- a lubricant is fairly and evenly coated on the aluminum slag surface material.
  • Inner Coating and Searing- a film protective is seared and coated onto the inner surface of the tube in order to protect it from contents.
  • Base Coating- onto the exterior surface of the tube, the base coat is applied.
  • Sealing- to prevent the contents from leaking, the tube will be coated with an adhesive.

KDM Custom Aluminum Pipe Project

Aluminum Straight Tubing
Aluminum Straight Tubing

An aluminum tube that can be used for chassis or for structural support. Can also use as a spacer in any application. We can fabricate the specific inner and outer diameter, the thickness, and the length depending on the order.

Aluminum Alloy Section Spare Replacement Tent Poles
Aluminum Alloy Section Spare Replacement Tent Poles

Retractable and foldable tent poles that are in contact one by one with each other. A long pole that can be used as replacement parts or spare. It is portable, durable, and easy to carry

Aluminum Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe
Aluminum Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

An aluminum exhaust pipe system like the T6061 aluminum series can be a good option for motorcycle exhaust pipes. Due to its mixture of an alloy including the elements of magnesium, it has high corrosion resistance.

KDM – Custom Aluminum Pipe Provider in China
KDM – Custom Aluminum Pipe Provider in China

Leading Provider of Custom and Standard Aluminum Pipe for Over 15 Years! Excellent Customer Service. Professional Engineers and Designers.

  • These tubes are perfect for the outdoors. We have been working with KDM for more than 5 years and their customer service had never changed. Until now, we are still impressed with their appropriate pricing and on-time delivery.

  • KDM has become our reliable source when it comes to aluminum pipes. They are dependable, reliable, and dedicated to providing a high level of customer service.

  • KDM provides us with reliable custom aluminum pipe and they are interested to cooperate with our design. Super responsive, fast quotes, and a dedicated team of aluminum pipe fabricators.

Custom Aluminium Pipe: The Ultimate Guide

Custom aluminum pipes comes in different material grade, configurations, sizes and surface finish options. This guide will help you choose the best custom aluminum pipe for all your applications. So, before investing in your next aluminum pipes, read this guide.

What Is Customs Aluminum Pipe?

These are pipe made according specific or unique requirements of customers.

A custom Aluminium pipe is a type of non-ferrous metal pipe made from Aluminium along its entire longitudinal length into an empty metal tube-shaped material used to carry fluid and gases.

A custom Aluminium pipe is specifically designed for applications requiring corrosion resistance and lightweight properties.

customs aluminum pipe

custom aluminum pipe

A custom Aluminium pipe is circular, thus making it efficient to handle the pressure of the liquid flowing through it.

Custom Aluminum Pipe Vs. Aluminum Tubing

The following are the differences between the custom Aluminium pipe and Aluminium tubing:


Custom Aluminium pipe is round, while Aluminium tubing is in different forms; square, cylindrical, and rectangular.


For a custom Aluminium pipe, it’s ordered using a nominal pipe size (NPS) standard; also, wall thickness (schedule number) and pipe size (nominal diameter) are specified.

custom aluminum pipes

custom aluminum pipes

For an Aluminium tube, it’s ordered outside wall thickness and diameter.


The custom Aluminium pipe is circular and transports liquids or gasses.

In contrast, such as the medical devices, Aluminium tubes are used where a precise outside diameter is needed.

The pressure of the liquid flowing through the custom Aluminium pipe is handled efficiently and made circularly.

 aluminum tubing

Aluminum tubing

In contrast, the outside diameter of the Aluminium tube is beneficial as it shows the stability factor hence how much it can hold.

Ability To Telescope

Aluminium tubes can be telescoped, while custom Aluminium pipes cannot be telescoped.

Applications Of Custom Aluminum Pipe

The following are the applications of custom Aluminium pipes:

Electrical Industry

Custom Aluminium pipes are used in addition to cables and power lines in appliances, engines, and electrical systems to hold gases and fluids.

Construction Industry

Custom Aluminium pipes are used in construction to ensure the flow of liquids is smooth because they are corrosion resistant; hence maintenance is cost-free.

A custom Aluminium pipe can be cut, curved, welded to the desired form, and has a good surface finish, thus flexibility in building structures.

Water Distribution Systems

Custom Aluminium pipes are used in water distribution systems to transport water because they can withstand harsh weather conditions and varying pressure.

Fire Protection Systems

Custom Aluminium pipes are used in fire protection systems to ensure the smooth flow of fluids and gases during fire control.

Benefits Of Custom Aluminum Pipe

The following are the benefits of custom Aluminium pipe:


Custom Aluminium pipe is made from the line; hence is relatively stable and able to stay for long without falling.

Good Heat Conductivity

Custom Aluminium pipe is primarily used in appliances and electrical engines that require temperature control because it allows for good heat conductivity.

Aluminium conducts heat exceptionally well, making Aluminium tubing a great candidate.


Custom Aluminium pipes are suitable for high mobility applications because of their unmatched strength-to-weight ratio.

Good Hygiene

Custom Aluminium pipe is made of unique polyethene material that is non-toxic and clean, inside and outside the line.

Malleability And Strength

Custom Aluminium pipe is solid and elastic hence suitable for its transportation applications.

Corrosion Resistance

The custom Aluminium pipe does not rust, hence is corrosion resistance.

Therefore, its resistance to corrosion helps reduce the maintenance cost of treating the rust forming on the surface after installation.

Choosing Material Grade For Custom Aluminum Pipe

The following are some of the material grades for custom Aluminium pipe:


This alloy for custom Aluminium pipes is majorly applied in aircraft uses because of its fatigue resistance and high strength.

It has average machinability and can be welded.


This grade is a magnesium alloyed aluminium material mainly used in hydraulic pipes and appliances.

It can be welded and is corrosion resistant.

5052 drawn aluminium tubing is a magnesium alloyed product primarily used in hydraulic tube and appliance applications. This alloy has good corrosion and Weldability


It is made from an alloy of aluminium consisting of manganese and silicon.

It has a density of 2.7 g/cc (metric) or 0.0975 Ib/in3 (imperial)

6061 aluminium pipe is versatile and has great machinability, workability and Weldability.

It is very light and hence applied in extensive applications.


3003 is an aluminium alloy that provides good Weldability and good icy formability.

It has exceptional protection from barometrical erosion.

They are made in different sizes and are used in military and aero scope applications.

Custom Aluminum Pipe Temper Options

The temper option process is where physical properties achievable within a custom aluminium pipe are varied.

When choosing a custom aluminium pipe to suit the applications, it is designed for them, and it is essential to find out which range of temper options suits the needs.

Temper options also change how the custom aluminium pipe might react to fabrication processes such as welding, forming, or punching and alter its characteristics.

Temper options are important because the user and the producer know that the custom aluminium pipe has been thermally or mechanically treated to attain the desired properties.

custom aluminum pipe temper

custom aluminum pipe temper

The following are the temper options available for custom aluminium pipe:

F, As Fabricated

This process involves using semi-finished F- temper products to attain other finished tempers through finishing, shaping, and thermal processes.

  • H, strain-hardened

This type of temper option is done to the non-heat-treatable custom aluminium pipe, which by hardening at room temperature, its strength had been increased.

The main H, strain-hardened for custom aluminium pipe, is H14.

O, Annealed

It is used to attain the lowest-strength state for the custom aluminium pipe.

Annealing treatment’s importance is maximizing flexibility and toughness and increasing workability.

T, Thermally Treated.

This process is done on a custom aluminium pipe that is heat-treatable.

The process follows ageing and quenching after the custom aluminium pipe has been given a solution heat treatment.

They include; T3, T4, and T6.

W, Solution Heat-treated

It is rarely a finished temper applied on the custom aluminium pipe that ages voluntarily and naturally after treating the solution.

Customs Aluminum Pipe Fabrication

The following are how the custom aluminium pipe is fabricated:

Cutting Aluminum Pipe

Cutting can be used as the first step in an extensive fabrication process of custom aluminium pipes.

Cutting involves a custom aluminium pipe being cut into smaller pieces or the material being split.

Cutting is done in different ways, which include:

  • Plasma arc cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Power scissors



Welding Aluminum Pipe

Welding is used to fabricating sheet metal brass into the desired shape and thickness.

The following are the methods used in the custom aluminium pipe welding process:

  • TIG welding

TIG is suitable for sheet metal thicknesses ranging from 8-10mm.

TIG uses an infusible tungsten-based electrode and electric arc to generate welds.

  • Laser welding

Laser welding is a fabrication process that melts the metal using a solid-state, high-powered laser resonator.

This process provides for consistency of production and high-quality welds.

  • MIG welding

This welding involves a wire electrode repeatedly fed through the welding gun and then into the weld pool.

Shielding gas is fed through the gun to protect the pool from contamination.

Bending Aluminum Pipe

Bending is a process that involves pipe bending to fit in with the required specifications.

The following are the factors to consider before the custom aluminium pipe bending process:

  • Mechanical strength
  • Surface areas that are analytic for appearance.
  • Length, the expected deviations, and tolerances on the inside and outside dimensions.

The following are the methods of custom aluminium pipe bending:

  • Hydraulic rotary draw bending

This method involves an extruded custom aluminium pipe placed onto a bender and held in place with a sliding pressure die or stationary and clamping block.

Hydraulics powers the round bending die to rotate up to 90 degrees as the extrusion rotates as it bends.

This method allows for only one radius at a time of extrusion to bend.

This method is used when round pipes are formed for various applications and is suitable for custom aluminium pipes with large diameters.

  • Push or ram bending

Using ram, an extruded custom aluminium pipe piece is forced on a bending die.

The extrusion is pushed onto the pressure dies by a die forcing it to bend.

This method allows close accessibility to various plane bends if bend angles are programmable, though one radius is allowed to turn at a time.

The advantage of ram bending is that it gives good bend precision at a lower cost and relatively inexpensive tooling.

  • Electric rotary draw bending

This type of bending is the same as hydraulic rotary draw bending, just that its setup is faster.

Rotations and angles can be automated in machines. Thus bends can be easily repeated and are more accurate.

This method can also mechanize the extruded custom aluminium pipe rotations for uneven plane bends.

Sizing Custom Aluminum Pipe

Sizing a custom aluminium pipe generally involves measuring the size of the line.

Firstly, when sizing the custom aluminium pipe is to know whether the outside or inside diameter is being measured. A tape measure or ruler is used to measure.

Steps in measuring the diameter:

  1. The suitable diameter being measured
  2. Converting to Nominal Pipe Size
Custom Aluminum Pipe Surface Finish

Advantages of surface finish treatment for custom aluminium pipe:

  • Protects the surface from corrosion
  • Provides for durability
  • It gives the character a good appearance
  • Surface finish alters the surface hardness and resistance to abrasion.

The following are the types of custom aluminium pipe surface finish available:

Powder Coating

Powder coating is where a dry powder is electrostatically applied to the custom aluminium pipe to form a layer.

Liquid Paint

This type of surface finish treatment gives a uniform thickness, varying in colour.

With liquid paint, the VOCs are driven off during the baking process, unlike powder coating.


Anodizing is an electrochemical process that makes the custom aluminium pipe durable, in which the natural oxide film is given further protection.

Anodizing increases the thickness of a custom aluminium pipe layer through the passive electrolytic process.

The anodized custom aluminium pipe can gain vibrant colours.

Custom Aluminum Pipe Manufacturing Process

Custom aluminium pipes are manufactured differently; seamless, welding and extrusion.

The following are the processes of manufacturing custom aluminium pipe:

Custom Aluminium Pipe Seamless Manufacturing Process

This process manufactures lines in the accuracy of schedule and size.

Here, a rod is heated to a high temperature then a hole is formed through the cylinder after a probe has been inserted.

After that, the cylinder is conveyed to rollers that size the cylinder to a specific wall thickness and diameter.

Custom Aluminium Pipe Extrusion Process

In this process, a heated billet is inserted inside the die.

Against the piercing mandrel, a hydraulic ram thrusts the billet.

From the cylindrical cavity, material flows between the mandrel and die. This movement generates the pipes from the billet.

Custom Aluminium Pipe Welding Process

The welding process involves manufacturing pipes from continuous coil o strips or plates.

With the help of a roller given constant process or a plate bending machine, the first coil or plate is rolled in the circular section.

Once the circular section is moved from the plate, the pipe can be rolled either with or without the material filler.

This process can produce large-size custom aluminium pipes with no upper restrictions.

Lines manufactured through this process are cheap and weak due to the weld.

The following are the welding methods that can be sued to weld custom aluminium pipes:

  • Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Electric Resistance Welding (ERW)
  • Electric Fusion Welding (EFW)
  • High-frequency Welding (HFW)
Customs Aluminum Pipe Fittings

Different custom aluminium pipe fittings are available for other applications.

They are used to join many pipes of different sizes to secure leak-free connections and measure the flow.

The following are the types of custom aluminium pipe fittings:


Elbow pipe fittings can be fixed by socket welding or butt and are used to alter the direction of flow between two pipes.


Reducer pipe fitting reduces the pipe size to reduce the flow size from larger to more minor.

There are two types of reducers; eccentric and concentric.


The coupling is the suitable pipe fitting for custom aluminium pipes of the same diameters. They are used for lines where leakage occurs or is broken.

Types of coupling are compression and slip yoke.


Cap is a pipe fitting containing female threads and functions like the plug pipe fitting.

Tee-type pipe fitting

It is a pipe fitting in a T-shape and has outlets arranged at 90 degrees; one and two outlets to the main inlet.

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