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Sheet Metal Fabrication for DC Racking & Storage Systems

KDM is your one-stop solution for sheet metal fabrication on DC racking & storage systems needs. We provide a wide range of precision metal and structural weldment to distribution-related businesses. Our rich knowledge and expertise allow us to design accurate and standard solutions.


Some are the following products we support:

  • Automated storage and retrieval systems
  • Dynamic Storage systems
  • Conveyor chutes and system products
  • Server center cabinets
  • Datacenter racking system
  • Racking systems with dust caps
  • Baggage and container handling systems
  • Manual palletizing and de-palletizing automated system
  • Load, unload sorting system components
  • Shipping sortation system
  • Distribution systems

These systems will increase your vertical storage capacity. It allows for easy access to selective stock and efficient handling of materials. Our DC racking & storage systems provide maximum protection for your stock. It is designed and manufactured with CE marking and ISO certifications. We provide the most reliable product and services for every customer requirement.

Based on the weight and overall dimensions of your custom sheet metal, KDM can create a perfect storage solution for you. Contact KDM now!

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