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Custom Sheet Metal Louver

Metal Louver

KDM manufactured sheet metal louver that is typically formed using a bottom die and press incorporating top. We customized the sheet metal louver through different processes including punch press, designing of louver, spacing, and clearance. Our team is experts to achieve the design geometry for desired sheet metal louver.

Our sheet metal lover allows the venting of air through the workpiece. It offers protection and can be used as an assembly guide. KDM louver requires custom tooling for fabrication with smooth and acceptable features.

If you want a customized sheet metal louver, don’t hesitate to contact us.

KDM Sheet Metal Louver Benefits

KDM provides sheet metal louvers that are designed to regulate airflow and light penetration. Among our wide selection are sheet metal louver, spelled louver, horizontal blades, slat, and other materials.

KDM has a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications of sheet metal louver. We make sure that our design of sheet metal louver has a lot of benefits such as providing an opening in the enclosure, protection against entry of dirt, improving airflow in a closet to prevent musty odors, releasing heat generated in the microwave when you cook, allowing to filter into a room, shade from the sun and many more.

KDM Sheet Metal Louver Benefits
Why Choose KDM Sheet Metal Louver

Why Choose KDM Sheet Metal Louver

KDM has pre-engineered modules for quicker designing and for customization of sheet metal louver. We build, fabricate, integrate and install louvers for any wall system specification, composite wall panel system, commercial application, and many more.

We integrate function, system durability, and aesthetics through our precision shop drawings, experienced field installation, and in-house customized fabrication. KDM can supply various perforated louvers either stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel, with different dimensions depending on your application and architectural needs. Message us now!

KDM Featured Sheet Metal Louver

We are experts in making sheet metal louvers depending on your design. KDM manufactured different types of louver and material using CAD, 3D, and PDF drawings. These are suitable for which any application like electronic enclosure, industry usage, commercial usage, and many more.

Outdoor Frame Fixed Louver
We manufactured outdoor frame fixed louver with customized color, design, size and so on. It is commonly used for heat insulation, insect-proof, soundproof, dustproof, decorations and many more. It is designed with horizontal opening.
Aluminum Sheet Metal Louver Fencing
The housing shell shutter louver are made with different color such coffee color, white, light gray, and any color for powder coating. It is good for total solution of your project such as apartments, hotels, housing, and some industry like automotive etc.
Exterior Doors Black Frame Louver
KDM exterior doors black frame louver has a surface treatment of foil decoration, anodized, brushed, PE coated, mirror, PVDF coated, printing, and wooden/timber. It has a lot of function including antibacterial, fireproof, anti-static, mold proof and many more.
Bridge Louver Extruded Holes
We produced bridge louver extruded holes with full range of metal to meet specification of customer. KDM used the most advanced technology equipment and technique to produce powder-coated bridge louver extruded holes.
Metal Exhaust Fresh Air Louver
We manufactured exhaust fresh air louver that has a wider size than ordinary blade features. It has a square and rectangular shape. These are commonly used for any application including hotels, rooms, office and so on.
Sun Shading Louver
Our sun shading louver are used to cooling tower, for shopping malls, power house, office building, factory workshop, Villa and many more. We offer online technical support, online installation, on-site training and so on.
Outdoor Waterproof Wall Side Louver
KDM offers outdoor waterproof wall side louver which is used for air conditioning. It has a wall diffuser feature for ventilation function. We produce sheet metal louvers for any industry like aerospace, communication, power plant and many more.
Ceiling Panel Louver
Our ceiling panel louver features weather resistant, easy maintenance, high strength, excellent process ability, thermal resistant, goof fire prevention performance, shock resistance, impact resistant and so on. It is a decorative panel for interior design and outdoor decorations.
Aluminum Louver Door Punch Parts
We provides aluminum louver door punch parts using laser cutting, bending, punching, welding, CNC bending, riveting, silk screen, stamping, and powder coating process. It is made from zinc plating, powder coating and anodized surface treatment.

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Why Choose KDM Sheet Metal Louver

KDM Skyrocket Your Business with Our Sheet Metal Louver

KDM is professional in terms of the fabrication of all metal products like sheet metal louver. Our sheet metal louvers are used in various applications for industries including aerospace, automotive, electronic, communication, instrumentation, medical devices, robotics, miscellaneous metal, and many more. Our louvers system facilitates air exhaust and intake to ensure the good quality of air for inhabitants.

KDM is here for you to give you the different details and types of louvers including mild steel sheet louver, perforated louvers, aluminum louvers, MS louver plates, and so on. For your convenience, we have a lot of standard louvers tools and dimensions that vary with materials thickness and type.

If you need sheet metal lovers to regulate flow and keep sunshine moisture out, KDM will make it for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

KDM sheet metal lovers are strong enough to withstand greater pressure and heat than those other. It is corrosion resistant and water resistant. It is simple to wash the surface, no cavities to dirt pockets, and etc.
The sheet metal louvers are durable for your application in gutters, downspouts, windows, vents and to provide proper airflow. It delivers the maximum strength and durability for any applications.
Stable Shape
Stable Shape
Our sheet metal louver has a stable shape depends on your desired design. We build these louvers for medical tables, roof for building, airplane fuselages, and other applications.
The sheet metal louver are cost-efficient depending on your design, tools and dimensions. With our fabrication services, you can save a thousand dollars in tooling. It has a design to meet high requirement of our customer.
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