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Why Choose KDM Stainless Steel Box

KDM is the leading source of stainless steel boxes to provide protection for different valuables. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Here are some features and designs we offer:

  • Clear cover
  • Lockable
  • Low profile
  • Snap together

We can customize the stainless steel box according to your requirements. Contact us!

Why Choose KDM Stainless Steel Box

KDM – Your Trusted Stainless Steel Box Manufacturer

KDM makes a variety of stainless steel boxes for a multitude of purposes. We can build any design, size, and color of boxes depending on your requirements. We manufacture stainless steel boxes through laser cutting, plat pattern layout, TIG welding, bending, and PEM insertion machine to insert the stand-offs of our metal boxes.

We have engineers who manage and plan for every design you need. Throughout the manufacturing process, KDM ensures that each stainless steel box is measured from overall part dimension, tight tolerance, the material used, processes testing performed, material finish, volume, and so on.

Our team can provide an extensive range of custom durable stainless steel box products for any environmental purposes. Message us now!

Different Grades of Stainless Steel

Different Grades of Stainless Steel

As a manufacturer of stainless boxes, KDM always makes sure to sure high grades of stainless steel material. Each stainless steel contains the amount of chromium to give corrosion resistance.

There are multiple grades of stainless steel including:

  • 304 Stainless steel
  • 316L Stainless steel
  • 310S Stainless steel
  • 304 Stainless steel

For more stainless steel grades just message us!

We provide stainless steel enclosure box made from different grades of stainless steel such as 304, 316, and more. KDM stainless steel box are quality-assured through our technician self-check, engineer spot check. We also have quality inspection before mass production.
Custom Stainless Steel Box Cabinets
The custom stainless steel box cabinets are used for some industry like automotive components, medical, electronic, communication technology and so on. KDM produce custom steel box cabinets through drawing or samples you provide.
Our electrical junction box is made using stamping, punching, welding, machining, laser cutting, and other fabrication service. KDM offer surface treatment such as chrome plating, hot-dip, powder coating, polishing, silk screen, zinc plating and so on.
OEM stainless Steel Box
We manufactured OEM stainless steel box with customized color and size. It is widely used in marine, lighting system, construction, energy industry and many more. Our team focus on long term cooperation so you can save time, cost, and energy.
Leak-Proof Lunch Box
Our leak-proof lunch box has a good quality feature such as sustainable, reusable, and stocked. It is also made using inside polishing and outside polishing process. It has customized logo including laser, embossed, silk screen, printing and etc.
Storage Tool Box
KDM provides storage tool box is made from stainless steel materials. These tool box has a specific welding technology parts like precision tolerance, under cuts and complex shapes, metal insert, different wall thickness, strength, dimensional stability, and many more.
Network Switch Case Box .jpg
Our network switch case box is commonly used in distribution box, amplifier chases, lock box, and network cabinet. It is made using XF, CAD Files, PDF, Drawing, Blueprints and sample pieces design that serves as a basis before we go to manufacturing process.
Water Proof Stainless Steel Box
We offer water proof stainless box that is commonly used for outdoor projects such as in electrical. It has a solid rail and cable gland fitting with waterproof, dustproof protection, free corrosion and caries superior insulation that is good for any requirements.
KDM produce UL list rectangle box depending on customer’s specifications like the thickness, the rough quantity, the description of the box and so on. It is commonly used for furniture, for electrical, and for constructions. It also has a recyclable feature and printing handling.

Stainless Steel Box for Different Industries (4)

  • Aerospace

    Our stainless steel box is used in various aircraft that require cold resistance and high heat resistance. It is used as a freezing vacuum and storage box for the heat of the rocket engine.

  • Nuclear Power Plant .jpg

    The stainless steel box is also used nuclear power plant industry where is the stainless steel is safe for any operation and application. It offers durability, corrosion resistance, strength, etc.

  • KDM stainless steel box is commonly for scientific laboratories where it is used as a storage box for medical products. It is nonporous and sterilized for most laboratory applications.

  • Commercial Kitchen
    Commercial Kitchen

    The stainless steel box is also used for the kitchen, the cabinets, sink, lunch box, food container, and many more. It is easy to clean and can reduce bacteria build-up.

KDM Stainless Steel Box Fabrication Services

Sheet Metal Cutting
KDM cutting is commonly used in stainless steel box fabrication process where the sheet metal split into halve, smaller section or third.
Sheet Metal Welding
We manufactured stainless steel box through welding. This process involves joining two separate parts.We used sheet, bar or shapes and panel for welding to achieve numerous methods and tool types.
Sheet Metal Punching
The punching process is used for forming a piece of metal that is placed under a die. Then, it is submitted to punch through drill until we achieve correct size.
Sheet Metal Machining
Is the process to remove portion from piece of stainless steel known as machining. It is performed on a lathe and rotate the metal against the edges to cut into pieces.
Sheet Metal Folding
Where the stainless steel is manipulated into certain angle and shape. It is considered the most complicated process for our stainless steel box.
Sheet Metal Casting
It is the flexible method of fabrication for a wide range complex shape making and provide solution on your fabrication needs.
Sheet Metal Shearing
Process in shearing requires long cut method which known as shearing process. It is where the stainless steel sheets are feed horizontally into a cutting machine.
Sheet Metal Stamping
In this process stamping intention is to raise certain portion of stainless steel sheet without penetrating to form shapes, image, letters and so on.

Stainless Steel Box: The Complete FAQ Guide

This is an enclosure, which comes with or without a cover.

Like the name suggests, it is made from fabricating stainless steel.

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about stainless steel box.

Whether you want to learn about design, features or fabrication techniques – all information you are looking for is righ here.

Why Is Stainless Steel Good For Sheet Metal Boxes?

It is quite common, and it contains chromium and nickel.

As such, you can be sure of its enhanced corrosion resistance and higher tensile strength.

Stainless steel is often used for making Stainless Steel Boxes designed for high-impact applications.

Furthermore, you can always find it striking with a grained component.

sheet metal box

Stainless Steel Box

What Are The Advantages Of Stainless Steel Box?

Stainless Steel Box provides numerous benefits, but the most outstanding ones are as follows;

  1. The design construction makes it impervious to several common industrial chemicals like solvents and alcohol.
  2. Relatively long-lasting since they have technical features that guarantee durable performance.
  3. It exhibits exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures, whether high or low.
  4. Stainless Steel Box has great resistance to mechanical impacts from tools and machinery.
  5. Offers excellent protection against hose-directed and splashing water when paired with a high-performance rubber gasket.
What Are The Main Design Consideration For Stainless Steel Box?

When designing a Stainless Steel Box, it is vital to consider different factors since they determine its efficiency and suitability.

Some of the common designs considerations to have in mind include the following;

Wall Thickness – Always maintain uniform wall thickness throughout the body to prevent different bend parameters likely to cause inaccuracy.

Holes And Slots Orientation – Ensure the slots and holes diameter are as large as the Stainless Steel Box to avert higher punch loading and excessive burr.

Application – The specific use and setting of the Stainless Steel Box is also a significant design determinant factor.

Bend Allowance – It is a vital consideration since it enables you to figure out the ideal leg lengths of the box to develop a flat pattern.

K Factor – This refers to the ratio of neutral axis to material thickness.

It changes the value depending on physical features and material thickness, thus a vital design consideration.

Aesthetic Requirements – You also need to figure out the aesthetic needs of the Stainless Steel Box when designing it.

Bend Relief – It is usually implemented where a bend extends on edge. Relief is essential in controlling unwanted sheet metal deformation.

What Are The Common Shapes For Stainless Steel Box?

The popular shapes and styles of Stainless Steel Boxes include the following;

Folded box shape – It features a classic 4-sided box shape and comes with a lid.

This Stainless Steel Box ensures easy access for service and various mounting alternatives.

folded box shape

folded box shape

L Shape – This shape is relatively straightforward to understand geometry, offering easy access for use.

F Shape– It is an easy-to-produce Stainless Steel Box ideally suitable for PCBs with connectors on opposite sides.

U Shape – This design is also easy to produce and usually come with solid bases and provide easy access for service.

U shape

U shape

Which Finishing Operations Can You Integrate Into Stainless Steel Box?

You can apply several finishing solutions on Stainless Steel Boxes.

In essence, some designers prefer a specific finishing technique over the other, but each has unique features.

Here are the popular sheet metal finishing operations;

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

It entails applying dry thermoplastic powder electrostatically on surface of the Stainless Steel Box.

This operation is economical and available in different colors.


It is also an electrochemical process, which prepares Stainless Steel Box surfaces, particularly for non-ferrous materials.

Ordinarily, it makes the surface harder and consequently enhances high-level mechanical impact resistance of the component.

Nickel Plating

This technique entails adding a thin nickel layer to your Stainless Steel Box surface material.

In essence, this technique offers an excellent blend of corrosion and wear resistance.


It involves spraying thin layers of paint on surface material of the Stainless Steel Box.

Generally, this technique improves aesthetic appearance of the box, and you can use as many colors depending on your preference.

Chromate Conversion Coating

Chromate Conversion Coating

This finishing technique passivates the Stainless Steel Box surface through an immersion bath process.

It prevents corrosion and mechanical impact and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the box.

What Are The Mounting Options For Stainless Steel Box?

You can find them in different mounting options such as the following;


This is mounted on wall surfaces and usually provide desired efficiency due to easy access is given that it is reliable and strong.

Table Top

You can also attach the Stainless Steel Box on top of table surfaces, especially those used in relatively small scale applications.

Pole Mounting

In this case, the box is mounted on top of a pole, which is usually raised higher such as in street lights.


This mounting involves placing the Stainless Steel Box on a flat surface and is often common with large-scale applications.

Pad Mounting

It is often mounted over a concrete pad, mostly for outdoor applications.

How Long Does It Take To Produce Stainless Steel Box?

The production turnaround of Stainless Steel Boxes is dependent on numerous elements, including the following;

  • Manufacturer’s lead-time policy – Some companies are extremely strict and adhere to deadlines,

whereas others seem to be flexible based on surrounding circumstances.

  • Quantity – If you order several pieces of Stainless Steel Boxes, it is likely to take longer than when you order fewer pieces.
  • Design – Custom designs are a bit involving hence likely to take longer than general designs.

In a nutshell, several aspects usually determine the production lead-time of this component, including the few ones mentioned above.

What Are The Main Elements Of Bending As A Forming Operation In Stainless Steel Box?

Some of the main sheet metal bending elements for making metal boxes are;

Bend radius – It is the minimum radius the sheet metal can bend without kinking, damaging or reducing its life.

Bend relief – This is an incision cut along the sides of planned bend.

Bend deduction – It refers to the extent to which the sheet metal can stretch when bent as measured from the exterior bend edges.

Bend allowance – This is the arc length of the bend determined along neutral axis of the sheet metal.

What Size Of Bends Can You Form On Stainless Steel Box?

Essentially, the dimensions of most standard bend forms are based on types, sheet gauge and length of the sheet metal.

Different manufacturers have sections within their Stainless Steel Box design data pages on their various platforms.

As such, it can guide you on the ideal design when thinking of creating a Stainless Steel Box.

However, if you have a specific need that you prefer the manufacturer’s standard tooling should attain, it would be ideal to inquire further.

What Is The Standard Minimum Hole Diameter In Stainless Steel Box?

Ideally, it should never be too small; hence piercing operation is hardly recommended for Stainless Steel Boxes.

Instead, the size holes should be punched since this operation creates holes of relative size.

Therefore, the ideal hole diameter should equal to or more than material sheet thickness.

Why Is Laser Cutting Fundamental When Making Stainless Steel Box?

Laser cutting is technically faster and, in many instances, reduces workpiece contamination.

It also guarantees better efficiency and eliminates warping since only a small section of the material is affected by heat.

Besides, laser cutting provides better work-holding than cutting sheet metal mechanically.

What Is The Most Suitable Prototyping Approach For Stainless Steel Box Cover Assemblies?

Laser stitch cutting and hand forming are the recommended prototyping techniques for Stainless Steel Box cover assemblies.

Once executed on this component, several tack welds are used for reinforcing the overall structural integrity of the Stainless Steel Box.

In essence, this method reduces cost and enables the designer to manufacture the actual model and review exact form, fit and function criteria.

What Is The Recommended Rating For Stainless Steel Box?

Stainless Steel Box rating merely refers to a standard mechanism describing the surroundings and categories where they can be used.

Stainless Steel Box

Moreover, rating also demonstrates ability of sheet metal to endure the defined environmental factors.

The ideal ratings for these components thus include the following;

  • CE Rating
  • UL Rating
  • IP Standard
  • RoHS Standard
  • IEC 60529 Rating

When picking the most suitable rating code for your sheet metal, it would be ideal to confirm with the manufacturer.

It allows you to determine the most suitable box for your application in a specific surrounding.

Besides, you can easily figure out the Stainless Steel Box with exceptional compatibility, safety and functional standards.

What Are The Main Welding Techniques Used When Making Stainless Steel Box?

Welding is often used in solving different challenges when making Stainless Steel Boxes, such as creating complex parts, watertight joints and strengthening the box.

The popular welding techniques used when making this component include the following;

Spot Welding

It is a relatively fast, efficient and affordable option for joining different sheet metals permanently.

This method leaves little trace of the joint, but it has some dimensions you need to consider due to welding equipment geometry.

spot welding

spot welding

Seam Welding

It is suitable for joining two or more sheet metals continuously to appear seamless.

The resultant continuously joined seams are essential for weatherproofing and minimizing EMI leakage, and attaining an unbroken appearance.

seam welding

seam welding

Tack Welding

It is more or less similar to seam welding.

However, the main difference is that it is done in discrete segments.

tack welding

tack welding

Where Is Stainless Steel Box Commonly Used?

The common applications of Stainless Steel Boxes include the following;

  • IT servers
  • Street lighting
  • Manufacturing and processing plants
  • Tower mounts
  • Communication instruments
  • Storage
What Are The Available Colors For Stainless Steel Box?

Stainless Steel Box is always available in a wide range of colors.

Ordinarily, you can always paint this box, which of course, allows you to attain it in as many colors as possible.

However, the common hues include the following;

  • Bronze
  • Golden yellow
  • Black
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Green
  • White
  • Champagne
  • Titanium
What Are The Technical Specifications Of Stainless Steel Box?

Notably, the materials used for making typical Stainless Steel Boxes exhibit a wide range of excellent features suitable for different environments.

This is important since it enhances endurance, which in the long run guarantees efficiency and desired performance.

The main technical specifications of the Stainless Steel Box include the following;

  • Lockable adjustment system to avert tampering
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Excellent strength framework
  • Easy access for occasional maintenance
  • Detachable lid with security lock
  • Outstanding vibration resistance
  • Immense temperature endurance

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