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stainless steel box
Stainless Steel Box
Custom your stainless steel box with any designs, size with KDMfab

Why Choose KDM Stainless Steel Box

KDM is the leading source of stainless steel boxes to provide protection for different valuables. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Here are some features and designs we offer:

  • Clear cover
  • Lockable
  • Low profile
  • Snap together

We can customize the stainless steel box according to your requirements.

Why Choose KDM Stainless Steel Box

Your Trusted Stainless Steel Box Manufacturer

KDM makes a variety of stainless steel boxes for a multitude of purposes. We can build any design, size, and color of boxes depending on your requirements. We manufacture stainless steel boxes through laser cutting, plat pattern layout, TIG welding, bending, and PEM insertion machine to insert the stand-offs of our metal boxes.

We have engineers who manage and plan for every design you need. Throughout the manufacturing process, KDM ensures that each stainless steel box is measured from overall part dimension, tight tolerance, the material used, processes testing performed, material finish, volume, and so on.

Our team can provide an extensive range of custom durable stainless steel box products for any environmental purposes. Message us now!

Different Grades of Stainless Steel

Different Grades of Stainless Steel

As a manufacturer of stainless boxes, KDM always makes sure to sure high grades of stainless steel material. Each stainless steel contains the amount of chromium to give corrosion resistance.

There are multiple grades of stainless steel including:

  • 304 Stainless steel
  • 316L Stainless steel
  • 310S Stainless steel
  • 304 Stainless steel

For more stainless steel grades just message us!

Our electrical junction box is made using stamping, punching, welding, machining, laser cutting, and other fabrication service. KDM offer surface treatment such as chrome plating, hot-dip, powder coating, polishing, silk screen, zinc plating and so on.
Leak-Proof Lunch Box
Our leak-proof lunch box has a good quality feature such as sustainable, reusable, and stocked. It is also made using inside polishing and outside polishing process. It has customized logo including laser, embossed, silk screen, printing and etc.
Storage Tool Box
KDM provides storage tool box is made from stainless steel materials. These tool box has a specific welding technology parts like precision tolerance, under cuts and complex shapes, metal insert, different wall thickness, strength, dimensional stability, and many more.
Network Switch Case Box .jpg
Our network switch case box is commonly used in distribution box, amplifier chases, lock box, and network cabinet. It is made using XF, CAD Files, PDF, Drawing, Blueprints and sample pieces design that serves as a basis before we go to manufacturing process.
Water Proof Stainless Steel Box
We offer water proof stainless box that is commonly used for outdoor projects such as in electrical. It has a solid rail and cable gland fitting with waterproof, dustproof protection, free corrosion and caries superior insulation that is good for any requirements.
KDM produce UL list rectangle box depending on customer’s specifications like the thickness, the rough quantity, the description of the box and so on. It is commonly used for furniture, for electrical, and for constructions. It also has a recyclable feature and printing handling.

Stainless Steel Box for Different Industries (4)

  • Aerospace

    Our stainless steel box is used in various aircraft that require cold resistance and high heat resistance. It is used as a freezing vacuum and storage box for the heat of the rocket engine.

  • Nuclear Power Plant .jpg

    The stainless steel box is also used nuclear power plant industry where is the stainless steel is safe for any operation and application. It offers durability, corrosion resistance, strength, etc.

  • KDM stainless steel box is commonly for scientific laboratories where it is used as a storage box for medical products. It is nonporous and sterilized for most laboratory applications.

  • Commercial Kitchen
    Commercial Kitchen

    The stainless steel box is also used for the kitchen, the cabinets, sink, lunch box, food container, and many more. It is easy to clean and can reduce bacteria build-up.

KDM Stainless Steel Box Fabrication Services

Sheet Metal Cutting
KDM cutting is commonly used in stainless steel box fabrication process where the sheet metal split into halve, smaller section or third.
Sheet Metal Welding
We manufactured stainless steel box through welding. This process involves joining two separate parts.We used sheet, bar or shapes and panel for welding to achieve numerous methods and tool types.
Sheet Metal Punching
The punching process is used for forming a piece of metal that is placed under a die. Then, it is submitted to punch through drill until we achieve correct size.
Sheet Metal Machining
Is the process to remove portion from piece of stainless steel known as machining. It is performed on a lathe and rotate the metal against the edges to cut into pieces.
Sheet Metal Folding
Where the stainless steel is manipulated into certain angle and shape. It is considered the most complicated process for our stainless steel box.
Sheet Metal Casting
It is the flexible method of fabrication for a wide range complex shape making and provide solution on your fabrication needs.
Sheet Metal Shearing
Process in shearing requires long cut method which known as shearing process. It is where the stainless steel sheets are feed horizontally into a cutting machine.
Sheet Metal Stamping
In this process stamping intention is to raise certain portion of stainless steel sheet without penetrating to form shapes, image, letters and so on.
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