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Types of Thermal Paper?

Before we purchase thermal paper, we need to know the types of thermal paper . Thermal paper can be categorized into 4 types based on function and 7 types based on application.

4 Types Based on Function:

Type 1:Single-proof: waterproof thermal paper

Using ordinary materials, only waterproof, can be stored at room temperature for about 8 months, clean surface, clear printing, waterproof simple, widely used in general retail, barcode printing, logistics and transportation, etc., cheap. This material is not suitable for long-term use of the place, because it will become yellow and light after long-term use.

Type 2:Three-proof: waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof thermal paper

Using high quality paper, waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof, strong scratch resistance, can be kept for about 2 years, with three-proof function (waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof). Widely used in shopping malls and supermarkets electronic scale paper, clothing, international logistics and other fields. Due to the long preservation time, it is commonly used in fruit supermarkets and fresh food sales places.

Type 3:Five-proof thermal paper: waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof, wear-resistant, tear-resistant thermal paper

The surface of the thermal paper has a thick protective layer, the bottom layer of the toughness of the tear-resistant label paper, which greatly improves its waterproof, oil-proof, abrasion-resistant, and has a strong resistance to tearing and tensile properties.


  1. High quality thermal paper with high tear and tensile resistance;
  2. waterproof, oilproof, corrosion resistance;
  3. Long preservation time at room temperature, fading very slowly;
  4. The self-adhesive surface of the gum is uniform, strong viscosity;
  5. Printing effect is clear and full of color.
  6. You can use a pen to handwrite the content directly on the synthetic thermal paper.
  7. Easy to save before use, the paper is not easy to change color, greatly reducing the waste of printing costs.

Type 4:Long-lasting thermal paper

Three-proof long-lasting thermal paper is not only waterproof, oily, alcohol, abrasion-resistant, erasure-resistant, light-resistant and heat-resistant, but also preserved for a long time, the most durable thermal paper can be preserved for 8 years, 10 years or even 32 years.

7 types Base on Application:

Type 1:POS Thermal Paper

The size of the thermal paper on the POS is very important and is generally categorized into the following 3 types:

(1)57mm*30mm: this is the most commonly used POS size, suitable for most POS machines, cash registers, electronic scales and other equipment

(2)57mm*40mm:This size is a little longer than 57mm*30mm, and can print more contents.

(3)80mm*60mm:This size is larger than the previous two, suitable for printing longer receipts, or forms, pictures and other complex content POS.

Type 2:TAX Thermal Paper

Thermal fax paper for thermal fax machines. With thermal paper to receive faxes if you need long-term preservation needs to be copied, and pollution of the environment, can not write directly. But the price is cheaper than ordinary paper.

Type 3:ATM Thermal Paper

Specification is generally 57mm*50mm

Type 4:Computer Form Thermal Paper

Computer printout paper belongs to a type of machine-printed printout paper, which is a type of printing paper. It is a kind of paper that prints documents as well as copies them on a pin printer, and can also be called pin printing paper, pressure-sensitive paper, small tickets with holes, and overprinting paper. It is generally used for printing bills, delivery notes, statements, etc. Computer printing paper is usually divided into single-layer computer printing paper and multi-layer computer printing paper, multi-layer computer printing paper is colorful.

Computer printing paper consists of top paper, middle paper and bottom paper, the general grammage of the top paper is between 50g-55g, middle paper and bottom paper is common for about 50g.

Type 5:NCR Thermal Paper

Carbonless copy paper is a kind of hidden color copy paper with the function of direct rewriting and direct color development. Its color development is mainly: under the action of external force, so that the force-sensitive pigment and oil solution in the microcapsule overflow with the color developer in contact with the dye reaction, thus playing a role in rewriting. It is mainly used for multi-linked forms, bills, continuous treasury bills, general business treasury bills and so on.

Type 6:Thermal Label

Thermal label paper is a highly heat-sensitive thermal coating processed paper, highly sensitive surface material can be applied to low-voltage print head, thus minimal wear and tear on the print head.

1, thermal paper is specifically for thermal printers on the label paper, the quality of its good and bad directly affects the bar code printing software print quality and label preservation time, and even affect the life of the printer.

2, thermal label paper is specially treated, with a high degree of thermal sensitivity of the label paper, thermal label paper is usually divided into three layers, the bottom layer is the paper base, and then the thermal coating and protective layer, the thermal layer and the protective layer is the main impact on the quality of the label paper is important. If the coating of the thermal paper is not uniform, it will appear when printing labels with barcode printing software, some places have dark color, some places have light color, and the print quality is significantly reduced. If the thermal coating formula is not reasonable, it will affect the preservation time of the label paper.

3, the protective coating of thermal labeling paper is to ensure that the preservation time of the labeling paper is an important factor. It can absorb a portion of the light that causes the chemical reaction of the thermal coating, slowing down the deterioration of the print paper, and protect the printer components from damage.

4, thermal label paper material characteristics are not waterproof, oil-proof as well as tearable. The easiest way to test thermal paper: use your fingernail to scratch hard on the paper, which will leave a black scratch. Apply to shopping malls, electronic scales, cash register paper, commodity price tags, frozen fresh food, chemical laboratories and other scenes.

Type 7:Thermal ECG Paper

ECG paper is a special paper used to record ECG signals. It is usually white or beige in color with black or blue marker lines printed on it. The marking lines on ECG paper are usually divided into two parts: the horizontal marking lines and the vertical marking lines.

The horizontal markers usually indicate time, which is 0.04 seconds per small frame and 0.2 seconds per large frame. Vertical marker lines usually indicate voltage, with 0.1 millivolts per cell and 0.5 millivolts per cell. These marker lines can help a physician or technician interpret the EKG number and determine if there are any abnormalities.


When you want to replace thermal paper or purchase thermal paper, you can use the above method to determine the functions and applications of thermal paper and communicate with the supplier modernpaper. This will help you to buy the right thermal paper.

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