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Aluminum may be used to create labels, tags, panels, signs, and more, in contrast to some other materials. Due to its toughness and resilience to a variety of usual pollutants and damage-causing factors, it has become a popular substrate material for metal labels. Our aluminum labels are utilized in a variety of applications across a wide range of industries.

Our dependable goods, particularly our variable data custom aluminum labels, are trusted by heavy equipment manufacturers, the aerospace, medical, military, and telecommunications industries.

Embossable Aluminum Labels
Embossable Aluminum Labels

A pen or pencil can be used to emboss aluminum labels. A permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive and satin finish are both features embossable aluminum tags. Although ink cannot be permanently affixed to this substance, embossed images can.

Laser-Markable Labels
Laser-Markable Labels

Aluminum label blanks are available to be prepared for use with special laser marking techniques. These label blanks offer good resistance to sand and other abrasive causes of wear. They can also be used outdoors.

High-Temperature Labels
High-Temperature Labels

Our aluminum labels can withstand temperatures up to 650°F. These labels go through an additional procedure that increases their ability to withstand temperatures up to 1200°F, making them appropriate for use in industrial high-heat environments.

Teflon Aluminum Labels
Teflon Aluminum Labels

KDM aluminum labels are made using an aluminum substrate and can have a Teflon coating. Paint and other substances that might be extremely acidic or toxic are given additional resistance by this non-reactive PTFE layer.

Metalphoto Labels
Metalphoto Labels

Assets that are regularly relocated and spend a lot of time outside are frequently tracked using these hard labels. Our metalphoto aluminum labels are popular among businesses, aerospace, and military establishment as a long-term asset labelling option.

Chemical-Resistant Labels
Chemical-Resistant Labels

Our aluminum labels are designed to survive saltwater spray, dirt, water, oil, cleaners, and many other corrosive substances, such as those used on medical equipment that is regularly cleansed with potent disinfectants or labels exposed to cleaners in a carwash.

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  • Anodized Aluminum Labels
    Anodized Aluminum Labels

    Anodized aluminum labels have an extra layer that protects the image and the aluminum from wearing. This is perfect for outdoor, humid, and marine applications.

  • Anodized Metal Nameplates
    Anodized Metal Nameplates

    Besides aluminum, we also offer a range of anodized labels with substrates made of other metals. For instance, this includes stainless steel and brass.

  • Aluminum Foil Labels
    Aluminum Foil Labels

    With a high-performance, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive, our labels may be easily applied to all types of equipment, even to items with bumpy or curved surfaces.

Why Choose KDM as Your Custom Aluminum Label Manufacturer?


KDM has passed countless factory audits, and we have AS 9100 and ISO 9001 certifications, among many others.


Our engineers, designers, and workers share many years of expertise in working with aluminum products.


Contact us now and see how efficient our customer support is. We have quick turnaround rates and countless finished and shipped aluminum label projects.


To ensure that your requirements are met, we prioritize effective communication between production teams and you.

Advantages of KDM Aluminum Labels

KDM labels made of aluminum are made to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The impacts of UV, salt spray, high temperatures, cleaning agents, chemicals, and abrasives are taken into account when we make our custom aluminum labels. Aluminum labels are lightweight and practical, and unlike certain materials, they won’t fracture, chip, or peel off over time. Overall, the advantages of aluminum labels are:

  • Durability
  • High image resolution
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Thinness
  • Sturdiness
Advantages of KDM Aluminum Labels
Customizing Aluminum Labels

Customizing Aluminum Labels

We can create custom aluminum labels to your specifications by die cutting, laser cutting, or machining them with our CNC equipment.

The design you desire on your personalized aluminum labels can be made in any shape, including a circle, square, oval, or other special shape. Even rivet holes and other custom cutouts are possible. For special requirements that fall outside of the parameters of the conventional standards, we can supply custom sizes and substrate thicknesses.

Naturally, you can give us your barcode, logo, and data information to apply to the aluminum labels as well. You can also select the finish, the colour the attachment method (physical or adhesive).

Common Applications for Aluminum Labels

  • Security Labels
  • Warning/Hazard Labels
  • Machine Labeling
  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Instruction Plates
  • Custom Branding Labels
  • Promotional Labels
  • Marine Labels
  • Serial Numbers, Barcodes, UIDs, and QR Codes
  • Miscellaneous Signage
Common Applications for Aluminum Labels

Aluminum Label Fabrication

Aluminum Label Fabrication
Aluminum Label Fabrication

At KDM, we will help you design and prototype your aluminum labels customized for your application. We will cut aluminum sheets to the size and shape that you request, and proceed to apply your design using your selected method. All our machinery has great capabilities and our employees have all the right expertise. After applying the design, you can choose a finish and surface treatment like anodizing.

Printing Options for Your Aluminum Labels


Many metal label manufacturers use this approach most frequently. Screen printing may be the best option if you want the brightest colours and a generally straightforward design. However, a screen-printed design is more susceptible to peeling off than other options.

Digital Printing
Digital Printing

The industry views this as a specialty application principally because to the need for specially prepared and printed aluminum plates for the substrate. The most popular uses are logos, building signage, personalized license plates, and vibrant, long-lasting displays.

Metalphoto Developing
Metalphoto Developing

Photo developing captures subtle details and gradients. The anodized aluminum labels’ material is extremely resistant to abrasion, UV rays, chemicals, salinity, heat, cold, and other elements since the photosensitive image is trapped inside of an anodic layer.


Using a chemical-resistant stencil, we can etch your design into the aluminum label. A chemical substance will eat away at exposed metal, leaving your design untouched. Etching is great for mass production and quick turnaround.

Laser Engraving
Laser Engraving

In laser engraving, the top layer of aluminum labels is removed using a precise, computer-guided laser. Standard brushed aluminum is just one of the many options available for the anodized aluminum labels. Our advanced equipment is always up to the challenge.

CNC Engraving
CNC Engraving

We can use our cutting-edge CNC machine to engrave your design. Engraving is the most durable choice available. Our CNC machine employs small, high-speed bits that are especially made to mill and drill the design into the aluminum metal label.


We can prepare special dies to emboss or stamp your design into your aluminum label. This is an inclusive and durable option—no matter how much time passes, the text will always be readable. You can choose from recessed and raised design options.

Aluminum Labels
Modernize Your Company with KDM Aluminum Labels

Choose KDM labels to build your perfect inventory tracking system or branded signage.

  • “The variable data aluminum labels were great. Our factory has been able to modernize our inventory and improve warning labels. Perfect for an industrial setting”

    RD, USA
  • “Great performance in marine environments. The labels withstand salt water and corrosives, and the images have not faded at all. Will be returning for more.”

    GV, Norway
  • “Aluminum labels helped me boost my brand image with promotional and logo labels. Now my products look and feel more high-end.”

    JL, South Africa

People Also Ask:

How Do Aluminum Label Compare Aluminum Tags?

aluminum label

aluminum label

An aluminum label is less thick than an aluminum tag during the attachment moment.

On cost, an aluminum label is more expensive than the cost of an aluminum tag.

An aluminum label has an adhesive that create an attachment bond while a tag does not have any adhesive.

aluminum tag

aluminum tag

What Are Aluminum Foil Labels?

These are labels that are made from aluminum, and they are thinly rolled into foils.

Mostly, aluminum label foils are used in applications that require the label to be heat, water, and cold-proof.

aluminum foil label

aluminum foil label

Therefore, these labels have a wider range of temperature and great abrasion resistance; hence they are used in any environment.

Some of these label applications used include asset labels, calibration labels, and service labels.

Which Information Can You Printing On Aluminum Label?

The type of information which can be printed on an aluminum label includes the following pieces of information;

  • Serial numbers
  • Instructional schematic
  • Model numbers
  • Bar code material choices
  • Crucial warnings
What Are The Benefits Of Anodized Aluminum Labels?

Below are the benefits of using these types of aluminum labels;

Light Weight And Durability

These labels resist many environments like high and low temperatures, chemicals, and other hazards.

In any industrial setting, these labels are reliable as their surface will not get damaged or their readability getting reduced.

anodized aluminum labels

anodized aluminum labels

Flexible Attachment

Extremely thin labels can be extracted from anodized aluminum with great surface strength.

Due to their flexibility, anodized aluminum foils can be placed on a bend, uneven and curved surfaces like cables.

They are tough when removing as they use a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive; thus, they add another protection layer.

Clarity Of The Image

These labels usually are clear and easier to read.

This happens because the graphics have good protection from the anodic layer covering them.

Moreover, they are also not likely to be exposed to cold conditions; thus, it’s hard for them to get damaged.

Lastly, the look on the labels makes them seem professional; thus, any company or organization will not hesitate to use them.

Multiple Colors

Anodized aluminum has no limit when it comes to color selection, unlike other materials with color limits.


Anodized aluminum labels are cost-effective because they have a longer life span.

These labels are a little more expensive than others, but it is always worth what you are paying for.

Therefore, you will not be required to change the labels from time to time, thus saving the cost of maintenance.


These labels are versatile because various printing options can be utilized when doing the printing process on them.

Some available label printing options include digital printing, silk screening, engraving, and stamping.

How Aluminum Stickers Compare To Aluminum Labels?

Aluminum sticker

aluminum sticker

When it comes to cost, an aluminum label is more expensive compared to aluminum sticker.

How Do You Print On Aluminum Labels?

There are different numerous ways on how you can on an aluminum label;

There are numerous different ways on how you can on an aluminum label;

Silk Screening

It is a method used to create extremely durable labels; thus, they can be used outdoors.

The process utilizes inks that are specifically formulated not to fade off under exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Also, these labels not only withstand UV rays from the sun but also can withstand moisture and other abrasions.

Based on the process, the labels have an added coating that will protect their initial designs, thus making them durable.

Digital Printing

This method can print things like the company’s information on the aluminum label.

This mode of printing can create full-color photo-quality aluminum labels.

“Domed” Label Making

It is a method used when creating a dome that clears on the top side of the printed label.

The method is used to improve the looks of the label.

A clear resin is used to make the domed part of the label.

The resin hardens the dome, giving it a 3-dimensional view and the advantage of being durable.

Laser Etching

It is an industrial process that utilizes a laser engraving machine that is tasked in material removal from the aluminum’s surface.

A detailed marking is left behind which either graphical or textual in design.

The machine is characterized by heat production which that causes the surface material to start melting.

The melted material expands therefore leaving a mark that is raised on the surface.

Which Aluminum Label Finishes Are Available?

The following are available finishes for the aluminum labels;

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Gloss
How Do You Attach Aluminum Labels?

Below are ways of attaching these labels;

Permanent Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

This type of non-reactive adhesive creates a strong bond after pressure has been exerted to bond the surface with the adhesive.

The attachment does not require additional water, solvent, or heat to activate the adhesive.

The bond determinant is the amount of pressure exerted on the adhesive to the surface.

Therefore, the more the pressure on the adhesive towards the surface, the stronger the bond will be.

Holes For Mechanical Attachment

The aluminum labels are also attached using this particular method to the surface.

What Are The Available Aluminum Labels Color Options?

The label color options are white, red and black.

Where Do You Use Aluminum Labels?

Below are some of the areas where aluminum labels can be used;

Identification Of Products

These labels are always widely used by companies and individuals as excellent materials when it comes to the identification of their belongings.

Since they come in different forms, they can be attached to nearly any surface and barcodes printed on them.

Aluminum labels

aluminum labels

Printing barcodes on the labels makes it more efficient during inventory quality management.

Aerospace Industry

This is a crucial industry where any component and the entire machinery should adhere to regulations and safety standards.

Aluminum labels are used in this industry to ensure that safety standards and regulations are adhered to.

They are mainly used to mark different parts with details such as barcodes, logos, and number plates.

Aluminum labels are used here because they can withstand variations in temperatures, chemicals, and UV rays.

Military Industry

The industry employs these labels due to their outstanding features of not tearing, fading, or not being affected by environmental conditions.

In the military, the labels are customized to have the exact instructions and requirements on the label.

Additionally, they are used when labeling their high-grade weapons and other hazardous equipment.

Electrical Industry

Cluttered wires and other devices at a place of work without clear identification can create fatal accidents when confused or mishandled.

It is always safe when the wires have been identified to enable an individual handling them to have finer details.

In this case, aluminum labels can be used to identify the wires connections, device voltages, and much more to avoid accidents.

Are There Limitations Of Aluminum Labels?

Yes, there are limitations of aluminum labels.

The limitations include the following;

Cost Of Production

The cost of production of producing aluminum labels is way more expensive than the options of labels.

More so, if you are working on a bigger project, the cost of production will not be friendly.

This is because of the raw material, designing, and printing of the label to be attached.

Speed Of Production

Most manufactured aluminum labels are always customized according to the client’s specifications.

To come up with the exact instructions from the client consumes more time; thus, they take longer to be produced.

Also, the choice of a printing process can affect the total time the labels will be ready.


Sometimes, a product, device, part, and machinery can be mislabeled, which causes miscommunication and fatal accidents at the respective place.

The individuals who are not conversant without the labeling are likely to mess themselves up due to the mislabeling.

For instance, having a wrong voltage and wrong connection labeling can lead to the handlers’ serious shock and even death.


Aluminum labels are not always ideal for illiterate people since they cannot comprehend what it says.

All details will be communicated to the clients through the printed aluminum label, which some cannot translate.

To benefit from this, the target persons should be able to read and understand the message well.

How Do You Choose Aluminum Label Sizes?

The following is how you choose the label sizes;

Required Information On Aluminum Labels

Before committing to the label dimensions, you need to know what kind of information should be put on the aluminum label.

When more information should be put on the label, a larger label dimension is required and vice versa.

Required Label Standards

For products like chemicals and explosives, there is specified standard information you need to include.

The information should be according to the set standards of a government agency; hence it will determine what size of label you need.

When the information is much, then you are going to need a larger size of the aluminum label and vice versa.

Method Of Marking

The marking method used by the manufacturer will also determine the label’s size and thickness.

Some of the marking methods used by manufacturers include etching, digital printing, engraving, and screening.

A method like engraving requires the aluminum label to be thick than it could have been when other methods are used.


Logos and graphics affect the label size because you need to make sure they fit on the label.

Logos and graphics must be visible on the label; hence they will determine the aluminum label size.

Logos and graphics with more content will force you to choose a larger label size for them to fit correctly.

Therefore, it is important to note that when choosing label dimensions, you must consider the logos and graphics.

Own Preferences

You can choose the label size, dimensions, and shape you feel will be alright for your products.

One can have a larger label with a few prints of varied fonts or any other way they would like.


The cost of the aluminum label is another factor that will guide you when it comes to the choice of size of the label.

Higher initial costs will make one choose a smaller size of the aluminum label for them to be comfortable when paying.

Also, evaluating the entire cost of production will determine the choice of size.

For all your aluminum labels, contact us now.

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