Metal Adhesive Labels

Our engineers will assist you in choosing the best self-adhesive metal label for your application and price range, whether you want to apply adhesive metal labels on metal, plastic, wood, or any other product or equipment surface.

We offer a wide range of metals to fabricate labels from: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper. With our impressive customization capabilities, we will manufacture your ideal metal adhesive labels of any size, colour, shape, layout, etc. These labels are perfect for asset identification, barcode labels, and other uses that call for nameplate-like quality since they meet specified military, SAE, and other criteria.

Anodized Aluminum Labels
Anodized Aluminum Labels

Anodized aluminum provides superior resistance to harsh environments. Your images are permanently affixed to the aluminum after they are printed.

Brass Labels
Brass Labels

Businesses that want to brand their property with a name or emblem frequently opt for brass tags. Brass is a strong material that can survive daily use’s wear and tear.

Copper Labels
Copper Labels

Another lovely, simple-to-use plant label that solves your labelling issues is copper adhesive tags. They will eventually deteriorate to a soft and appealing verdigris colour.

Stainless Steel Labels
Stainless Steel Labels

For many industries, like marine and food processing, stainless steel labels are ideal due to their strength, resistance, and a modern design.

Metallized Mylar Labels
Metallized Mylar Labels

Metallized polyester adhesive labels are made of a metallic coating over transparent polyester. As such, they offer the appearance of metal but cost less.

Zinc Alloy Labels
Zinc Alloy Labels

Various zinc alloys enhance metal adhesive labels through a better corrosion resistance, stability, dimensional strength and impact strength.

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Metal Adhesive Labels Specifications

Material Aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper
Thickness 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm


Finish Matte, satin, brushed, mirror
Design All fonts, graphics, your logo
Colour Black, blue, red, gold, green, bronze, silver, custom
Shape Rectangle, square, oval, circle, rounded or notched corners, custom
Standard Size 1” x 2”, 1” x 6”, 2” x 3”, 2” x 10”, 3” x 8”,

4” x 12”

Metal Adhesive Labels Specifications
Metal Adhesive Label Uses

Metal Adhesive Label Uses

  • Equipment Nameplates
  • Asset Tags
  • Valve Tags
  • Control Panel Labels
  • Safety Warnings
  • Manufacturer’s Plates
  • Audit Labels

Metal Adhesive Labels Design

You can customize any part of your metal adhesive label. Naturally, you can specify the size, shape, material, and finish. If you want a special colour, we can offer anodizing and electroplating procedures to achieve the desired look of your design. If you need more options, you can order our embossable write-on or indentable metal labels.

For your logo, you have a variety of options, including screen printing, engraving, embossing, and epoxy filling. Our colours are robust and won’t fade for a very long time, and we can personalize any colour for your logo or text.

Metal Adhesive Labels Design
Adhesive Tag Backer

Adhesive Tag Backer

A powerful pressure-sensitive 3M adhesive can be used with any of our self-adhesive metal labels. This heavy-duty peel-and-stick backer will ensure the strong hold of your metal label on any surface. Even if the surface is textured or curved, these reliable adhesives will keep your professional label in place. In addition to the adhesive approach, there are additional options for securing the metal label, such as drilling holes for fixing or including folding legs on the back of the label.

Why Choose Us?

Metal adhesive labels
Metal adhesive labels
  • Metal adhesive labels with the best protection against chemicals, abrasion, solvents, severe temperatures, and UV
  • High print quality: contrasted and simple to read
  • Full customization options
  • A 20+ year expected durability of metal adhesive labels
  • Labels specified for a number of aerospace and military standards
  • Fabricated expertly to your design specifications in our machine and print shops

Metal Adhesive Label Fabrication
Metal Adhesive Label Fabrication

Our factory has lots of advanced equipment used to manufacture metal adhesive labels according to your requirements. The process is efficiently automated and provides precise results with small tolerances. To fabricate your metal adhesive labels, we can use:

  • Laser cutting
  • Stamping
  • CNC machining
  • Chemical treatment
Metal Adhesive Label Printing
Metal Adhesive Label Printing

Printing on a metal or metallized adhesive label is our specialty. You can choose any colour and finish, and we can also seal your design inside an anodic layer. We have expertise in working with various printing and design application techniques, like:

  • Engraving (laser and CNC)
  • Etching
  • Digital printing
  • Screen-printing
  • “Great selection of metals for the labels, and all are high-quality and perfect for different settings. The precision of engraving is likewise superb!”

    WR, New Zealand
  • “These metal adhesive labels have an incredibly strong hold. Plus, they are very resistance to corrosion, tampering, abrasion, and more.”

    KH, USA
  • “Very happy with the customization support. We were able to create just what I was looking for in metal adhesive labels.”

    VC, Germany

Metal Adhesive Labels: The Ultimate Guide

I know choosing a suitable metal adhesive labels can be an overwhelming task. A reason this guide explores all critical aspects you should look for when buying metal adhesive labels. Let’s dive right in.

What Are Metal Adhesive Labels?

Metal adhesive labels are materials that are sticky and are stuck onto different surfaces.

You can use metal adhesive labels to identify products or pass important information.

metal adhesive label

metal adhesive label

Choosing Material Grade For Custom Metal Adhesive Labels

Before choosing any material for metal adhesive labels, there are certain questions you need to ask yourself. So before you choose one make sure you know the following;

Where To Use Labels

You can use the labels on so many materials but they are labels that have been made for specific materials.

Different materials undergo different processes and may come into contact with harsh chemicals.

How To Apply Labels

There are several methods you can apply to your labels.

How the labels will be applied depends on the product material.

Types Of Printing On Labels

Some prints fade easily while some last for long.

Metal adhesive labels are expected to be as long as the product, so you should choose one that will not fade easily.

Environments Labels Will Be Exposed To

There are several temperatures with which the labels may come into contact.

For example, in wet conditions, there may be rain or snow.

In dry conditions, there may be extreme sunshine and also dust which may affect the labels.

Advantages Of Self Adhesive Aluminum Labels

Aluminum on its own has so many good properties which mean labels that are made of aluminum boast of the same good properties.

The following are the advantages of self-adhesive aluminum labels;

  • Self-adhesive aluminum labels are very easy to use and it is also very easy to peel off.

When you remove them they do not leave any residue on the product.

  • Self-adhesive aluminum labels are very durable compared to the others.

Once they are stuck on a product, you are assured they will last longer and they will not fade or rust.

  • Self-adhesive aluminum labels are quite affordable.

Their durability also makes them worth their price since they are very long-lasting.

  • Labels are very versatile. This means you can use the labels on several products with different shapes and sizes.
  • Self-adhesive aluminum labels are very visible and easy to read.

The printing on the labels makes them visible.

  • Self-adhesive aluminum labels are very flexible. You can customize them to fit any type of product easily.

If you have any color or font preferences that can be customized to meet your needs.

  • With self-adhesive aluminum labels, you are assured of excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, abrasions, chemicals, and solvents.
  • If you are looking for a label that will ensure products are well secure, self-adhesive aluminum labels are the best option.

You cannot remove it easily and it breaks if any force is added to remove them.

Uses Of Metal Adhesive Labels

Metal adhesive labels are known for their durability and ease of use.

You can use them in many places, especially in the military or the aerospace industry.

Here are some of the uses of the metal adhesive labels;

  • You can use them as caution labels. The label can have safety information regarding the product.
  • Logo plates are essential when it comes to brand marketing.
  • Product specification labels.

They inform the purchasers about the product and all the necessary information one needs before buying anything.

  • Instruction labels offer directions on how the product should be handled.
  • Brand identification labels give information on a brand such as a name, address, telephone number, and logo.
  • Maintenance labels give instructions on the maintenance and care of the label.
  • Data plates contain information about the product but also have blanks for any other that you may want to add.
Choosing Metal Adhesive Labels

The list below are some of the things you should consider when choosing metal adhesive labels;

  • Color of the metal adhesive label. There are several color options you can choose from for your metal adhesive labels.

Choose one that will look good with the products or will satisfy you.

  • Printing method on the metal label. There are distinct printing methods that you can use on metal adhesive metals.

Different printing methods work on different metals. If you want a certain marking on your label, you should ensure it matches the metal well.

  • Cost of the metal label. When choosing any product, this is one of the most important considerations.

You should always pick one that is within your budget to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

  • The shape of the label. The shape of the label needs to compliment the product to which you will attach the label.
  • Finish type on the label.

custom metal adhesive label

custom metal adhesive label

There are some finishes that you can find on the label. Choose one that will suit you better depending on where you will use the label.

  • Size of the metal label. If your product is too big you should go for a metal label that is also big so that you can notice the label easily.

If the product is not so big you can then go for a smaller metal label.

  • Type of corners on the label. The corners can either be round, square, or notched.

You should choose one depending on your product.

Surface Finish For Metal Adhesive Labels

Surface finishes are important for any metal. Surface finishes improve the look of the metal and also provide additional care to the metal surface.

The surface finishes you can use for metal adhesive labels include;

  • Matte finish. This finish shows little or sometimes no sheen and this is because it is non-reflective.
  • Satin finishes. A satin finish is a semi-reflective lustrous finish. It is a versatile finish that does not fade quickly.
  • Gloss finish. This is the most reflective of all the surface finishes. It is the shiniest, easiest to clean, very durable, and strongest finish.
  • Brushed finish. This is where the metal label is polished to look like stainless steel.
Best Adhesive For Metal Labels

An adhesive is any substance that you can use to join together parts that you want to be attached.

The best adhesive for the metal label in the market include;

  • Epoxy metal glue – epoxy is one of the best metal glues available worldwide. Epoxy exists in two parts; a hardener and resin.

You should mix the two parts equally to achieve the best results. Epoxy metal glue forms a very strong bond with the metal, and it has amazing properties such as versatility, resistance to electricity, it is waterproof and it resists temperature.

  • Cyanoacrylates – this type of adhesive is commonly referred to as super glue for metals.

Cyanoacrylates are quite common and you can use them for general household applications.

Cyanoacrylates do not form powerful bonds.

This, therefore, means they are recommended for small metal-to-metal attachments or you can use them for repairs.

It is also not recommended to use them for outdoor applications since they do not have excellent water resistance.

  • Polyurethane glue – polyurethane glue does not come close to epoxy when it comes to strong bonds, but it is better than cyanoacrylates.

Polyurethane boasts properties such as good resistance to water and UV. This means you can use it for outdoor applications.

Are Metal Adhesive Labels Durable

Metal adhesive labels are extremely durable. Most of them can last for over twenty years and over.

Their durability is highly attributed to the fact that they have excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, abrasion, chemicals, solvents, and any other contaminants.

The metal adhesive labels also have markings that are also long-lasting and do not fade even after a lot of years.

metal adhesive label

metal adhesive label

Metal Adhesive Labels Design Options

There are several designs such as;

  • Rectangular labels with round corners
  • Rectangular labels with notched corners
  • Rectangular labels with square corners
  • Square label with round corners
  • Square labels with notched corners
  • Square labels with square corners

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