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A Guide to 5754 Aluminum Alloy – Properties, Composition & Uses

5754 Aluminum Alloy

Probably, you are wondering whether 57 aluminum alloy is good for your applications or not. You can only be sure by learning the properties, composition applications and fabrications requirements relating to aluminum grade 5754.

Let’s dive right in.

What is 5754 Aluminum?

5754 aluminum grade is a 5000-class aluminum alloys and primarily consists of the element magnesium. It is a versatile aluminium alloy grade you can fabricate or form through different techniques.

Advantages of Aluminum Alloy 5754

When it comes to choosing specific aluminum alloys grades, considering key benefits is critical. Here are some reasons why you should consider this alloy for your application.

Excellent Resistance against Corrosion – It has superior corrosion resistance even to seawater. A season you will find it mostly in shipbuilding industry.

High strength – It is among the strongest aluminum alloys, making it a perfect choice for flooring uses.

Easy to fabricate – You can easily fabricate the aluminum sheet to make virtually all designs and shapes. That is, you can bend, cut or weld grade 5754 aluminum.

Key Elements in 5754 Aluminum Composition

The key elements in the composition of aluminum alloy 5754 include;

  • Magnesium – varies between 2.6% and 3.6%
  • Manganese – about 0.5%
  • Chromium – less than 0.3%
  • Aluminum – the main composition of this Alu alloy with percentage varying between 94.2% to 97.4%
  • Copper – less than 0.1%
  • Iron – less than 0.4%
  • Silicon – less than 0.4%
  • Titanium – less than 0.15%
  • Zinc – less than 0.2%

Note: The above chemical composition will vary depending on the aluminum alloy manufacturer. However, the variation should be limited within the above limits.

Comparing 5754 aluminum vs 5052

At times, it may be difficult to choose between the 5052 aluminum and 5754 Alu grade. Here is a quick comparison:

Variable to compareAlu 5052Alu 5754
MachinabilityNot as good as 5754Better machinability
Forging propertiesLow forging properties compared to 5754Better forging properties
Magnesium contentHighLow
Manganese contentHighLow
HardnessHarderLess hard compared to 5052
ToughnessModerately toughHigh degree

Comparing 5754 aluminium and 6061 Compare

Aluminum 6061
Aluminum 6061

· Applications

Aluminum 6061 is more suited for aerospace applications, while aluminum 5754 is better suited for uses in automotive industries.

· Strength

Aluminum 6061 is stronger than alloy 5754.

· Weldability

Aluminum 6061 is preferred in situations that call for more welding since it can be joined to other metals with ease. This is the main justification for using this alloy in automotive components.

· Alloy Availability

Compared to aluminum 6061, which is simple to get since it is utilized by many metal fabricators, aluminum 5754 is less readily available.

· Cost

Alu 6061 is more expensive than alloy 5754.

· Machinability

Aluminum 6061 is the best choice for applications that call for machinability since it is more machinable than aluminum 5754.

· Corrosion Protection

Compared to aluminum 6061, aluminum 5754 is more resistant to oxidants and other environmental conditions.

5754 Aluminum Properties

Even as you choose aluminum 5754, you should consider the following:

Alu 5754 Properties
Alu 5754 Properties

Physical Characteristics

Notable physical properties include:

  • Density of the alloy is 2.67 g/cm3.
  • 147 W/m.K is the thermal conductivity.
  • Elasticity modulus is 10 Msi.
  • The melting point of the alloy is 600 degrees Celsius.
  • 7 m/m-K thermal expansion is the rate.
  • It has a 0.49 x 10-6.m electrical resistivity.

Mechanical Characteristics

The mechanical characteristics include:

  • 14% elongation at break
  • Its tensile strength ranges from 215 MPa to 330 MPa
  • 270 MPa is the yield tensile strength
  • 80 is the Vickers hardness
  • 160 MPa is the shear strength

Aluminum 5754 Fabrication Properties

Even as you consider fabricating 5754 aluminum, it is important to consider various temper options such as

  • H 26 is rolled, hardened, and then annealed to a three quarter hardness.
  • H 22 is rolled, hardened, and then annealed to 1/4 hardness.
  • H 24 is rolled, hardened, and then annealed to half hardness.
  • H 111 is subjected to a process of hardening that includes shaping.

When it comes to forming or machining 5754 aluminum, it is important to mention:

5754 Aluminum Fabrication ProcessEffects
Welding process· Gas welding – good

· Arc welding – good

· Resistance Welding- excellent

· Brazing – not very good/poor

· 5356 best filler alloy during welding process

Machining· Average machining properties

· Easy to cut using standard metal cutting tools

Casting· As a wrought material not recommend
Possibility to forging, extrusion and rolling· A wrought material, all the above process are possible


Laser Cutting Aluminum
Laser Cutting Aluminum

Aluminum Grade 5754 Alloy Designations

This alloy corresponds to the following alloy designations;

· AW-5754

· A95754

· Al Mg3

· Al 3.1Mg Mn Cr

Forms in Aluminum 5754 Exist

In most cases, after manufacturing aluminum 5754 grade, you will find this material in form of:

  • 5754 Aluminum Sheets
  • Grade 5754 Aluminum Rods
  • 5754 Alu Plates
  • 5754 Grade Aluminum Tubes
  • 5754 Alu Coils

5754 Aluminum Applications

Below are some of the key applications of aluminum 5754;

  • This alloy is utilized in the production of rivets as well as the bodywork and parts of vehicles in the automotive sector.
  • The manufacturing of ship body parts also makes extensive use of it.
  • In addition, it is appropriate when building equipment in the fish sector.
  • Moreover, it is employed in the food processing sectors.


Clearly, 5765 aluminum alloy is easy to fabricate and shape into different forms. Besides, it has excellent mechanical, chemical and physical properties.

Finally, its corrosion resistant properties makes the aluminum alloy suitable for salty water applications.

For all your aluminum fabrication needs, contact us now.

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