KDM Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication

Whether you are looking for a prototype or mass-production of a custom aluminum box, we have the capabilities to provide all services from 3D design to polishing.

We work with various aluminum alloys, manufacturing custom features for your application.

  • Lightweight product
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Certified and tested boxes
  • Professional approach

Custom Aluminum Box Manufacturer

Custom aluminum boxes are made in a variety of styles and with countless features. You can specify windows, louvers, locks, gaskets, and much more. Aluminum boxes are versatile—used as electrical enclosures, mobile cabinets, storage for tools, etc. Your design selection is unlimited with KDM.

Even more importantly, we create IP-rated and NEMA-rated aluminum boxes fit for outdoor, commercial, marine, and industrial use. Simply give us your idea and requirements, and our experts will manufacture your perfect custom box.

Custom Aluminum Box Series

Aluminum Junction Box

An aluminum junction box in an enclosure houses electrical components and cables. These boxes have special fittings and cable entry points. KDM custom aluminum welding makes junction boxes lightweight and strong.

Aluminum Storage Box
Aluminum Storage Box

Aluminum is a versatile material, which is why it works perfectly for custom storage boxes. With its excellent impact resistance and durability, aluminum is a great choice for storage enclosures.

Aluminum Carry Box for Tools
Aluminum Carry Box for Tools

As a lightweight material, aluminum is the top choice for carrying boxes. KDM custom aluminum boxes can house all sorts of repair, maintenance, and construction tools. You will also get a selection of handles and compartments.

Aluminum Box with Hinged Lid
Aluminum Box with Hinged Lid

Hinged lids are a common feature added to custom aluminum boxes. These doors can be of any size, thickness, or shape, and you can choose to add latches and gaskets. Popular on both small and large aluminum boxes, lids offer ease of access anywhere.

Waterproof Aluminum Box
Waterproof Aluminum Box

Although aluminum is resistant to corrosion as it is, at KDM, we can fabricate enclosures with extra waterproof and dust-tight features. If you need IP-rated aluminum enclosures, this is your stop.

Aluminum Truck Box
Aluminum Truck Box

Aluminum truck boxes help keep gear and tools protected from rain and snow. These boxes are kept at the back of a trailer truck, especially useful in rural areas. With special hardware, KDM truck boxes will securely house any equipment.

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Custom Aluminum Boxes by Finish (4)

  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Box
    Powder-Coated Aluminum Box

    To improve water-resistance and appearance, we can powder-coat your custom aluminum box. Select any colour and finish—and we will deliver.

  • Diamond-Plate Aluminum Box
    Diamond-Plate Aluminum Box

    Diamond-plate is a classic aluminum finish with great anti-slip properties. Often used for truck boxes, marine, and transport applications, this finish is versatile.

  • Anodized Aluminum Box
    Anodized Aluminum Box

    In addition to the naturally occurring oxide film, this electrochemical procedure offers extra protection. On the aluminum’s surface, an anodic oxide layer that is strong and porous develops.

  • Polished Aluminum Box
    Polished Aluminum Box

    Using abrasion to remove the metal, polishing, buffing, and blasting can all be employed to produce a smooth surface.

KDM Custom Aluminum Box Advantages


Aluminum is a lightweight material, so the boxes fabricated from it will also have that quality. It allows for these boxes to be easily moved, carried, and mounted—a versatile solution for any project.


Aluminum is recyclable, so manufacturing custom aluminum boxes is eco-friendly and affordable in the long run. You will be able to recycle or modify your box, easily giving it a second life.


Aluminum is highly weldable, bendable, and ductile. This means that it is easy to machine and customize at any time. KDM offers countless designs, features, and manufacturing processes to support further customization.

High Strength
High Strength

Aluminum boxes have high weight-to-strength ratios, meaning that it is a strong material. Whatever the aluminum box will be housing is safe from corrosion and impact. Moreover, aluminum becomes stronger in cold temperatures, so if those are the working conditions, aluminum outperforms steel.

Custom Aluminum Box Applications

Aluminum boxes are very versatile and can be used in many different applications. For instance, they can be used to carry or store tools, protect a mounted appliance or cables, and more. Some industries that commonly use custom aluminum boxes include:

Custom Aluminum Box Applications
Aluminum Grades and Alloys

Aluminum Grades and Alloys

There are currently eight series of grades used to categorize the many alloy kinds that are accessible when working with aluminum.

Series Contents Application Main Property
1000 Pure aluminum Versatile Ductile
2000 Copper + aluminum Aerospace Hardness
3000 Manganese + aluminum General-purpose Good finish
4000 Silicon + aluminum Automotive Thermal conductivity
5000 Magnesium + aluminum Marine Corrosion resistance
6000 Magnesium + silicon + aluminum Construction Strength, machinability
7000 Zinc + aluminum Aerospace Strength
8000 Other (e.g. iron, lithium, etc) Engineering Varies by alloy

The most common alloys used for custom aluminum boxes are 6062, 7075, and 3003. You can always contact KDM support to discuss the best alloy for your custom project.

Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication Process

Metal fabrication is the process of making metal pieces by cutting, bending, and shaping the metal. Welding, cutting, forming, and machining are examples of common fabrication techniques. Usually, the manufacturing process follows some basic steps: 3D design and approval, machining, and finishing. When designing, you would choose aluminum alloy, thickness, and features.

Machining may involve processes like cutting, bending, and welding—all with small tolerances. Our experts have experience with many techniques within each step, such as spot welding and seam welding. As for finishing, we can foam and polish your aluminum box, as well as include anodizing, powder coating, and plating. Lastly, we can even use silk-screening and digital printing to apply your logo and various symbols onto the metal surface.

Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication Process

Why Choose KDM Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication

Why Choose KDM Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication
Why Choose KDM Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication

KDM uses cutting-edge CNC machines, TIG welding equipment, laser cutting, press brakes, and more to carry out various manufacturing operations. This ensures accurate and thoroughly processed custom products with precision tolerances. Our aluminum boxes and enclosures are used in many industries, including in aerospace, telecom, and food processing applications.

We take quality seriously. With years of experience, countless certifications of local, international, and industry standards, and strict quality control, KDM has become one of the leading metalwork factories in China.

Contact us now for high-quality, custom aluminum fabrication

Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication Supplier — KDM

Custom Engineering
Custom Engineering

Do you have a complete custom design in mind? Or do you just have a rough idea of the aluminum box that you need? In both cases, we can help with our custom engineering. We offer design assistance and 3D rapid prototyping.

Our engineering team will work with the customer to refine and finish their ideas and designs in accordance with their specifications. Additionally, we can do reverse engineering and redesign an existing idea to improve its function and lower production costs.

Advanced Techniques
Advanced Techniques

KDM uses innovative techniques and equipment to cut, assemble, and bend aluminum. Using various machinery, we can achieve certain designs and quality. Our welding work ensures impermeability, bending gives precise angles, and our laser cutting tolerances are some of the smallest in the industry.

Not to mention our expertise in surface treatment. KDM offers the full range of surface treatment from polishing to chemical treatments, paints, and decorative finishes. With KDM capabilities, you will have unlimited creative freedom—our experience and professionalism in metalworking allows us to service hundreds of clients flawlessly.

Certified Quality
Certified Quality

We hold SGS, CE, and RoHS certifications. In addition, we have received approval from several industry standards, including AS9100D, and ISO9001:2015. Our strict quality control management has been certified with ISO 9001. KDM products thrive on the world stage, as we have all the necessary international qualifications.

You can be 100% certain of our professionalism and dedication.

Custom Aluminum Box Fabrication for Different Industries


Aluminum boxes are commonly used to house appliances or food on board aircraft. Because of the material’s light weight and strength, it perfectly suits this application. While being flexible enough to quickly adapt to the precise requirements of different equipment, these boxes are strong enough to safeguard heavy aerospace equipment during transit.

Repair & Maintenance
Repair & Maintenance

Many repair and maintenance workers need sturdy and reliable toolboxes to carry their things. Aluminum boxes are great for that. Aluminum itself is lightweight, minimizing the weight your workers will carry. Also, aluminum boxes will safely protect tools and equipment from all sorts of hazards.


Besides all the advantages of aluminum mentioned already, it has great EMI shielding. This property makes it perfect for electrical enclosures and boxes housing electrical and electronic parts, as well as cables. You can select small wall-mounted boxes and large cabinets—whatever works for your project.


Telecom enclosures and outdoor cabinets that house transformers and various telecom equipment are often made from aluminum boxes. You can customize the design to include racks, cable managements, cooling systems, locks, ventilation, windows, mounting brackets or pedestals, and much more.


Custom aluminum boxes can be used as safes and storage spaces. These products combine utility and modern looks, versatile for nearly any use. Commonly, aluminum boxes are used in commercial kitchens as storage, but other applications exist as well.

Custom Aluminum Box Manufacturer in China

At KDM, we offer all services from A to Z—from 3D prototyping to surface treatments and packaging.

  • “KDM has an excellent quality control system. They make sure our product is delivered on schedule and adheres to our requirements. They are constantly available to us and frequently offer superior options for custom aluminum box fabrication. Thank you, KDM.”

  • “For many years, KDM has been a vital supplier of custom aluminum boxes for us. Our capacity to meet the delivery criteria of our customers has been assured by their ability to provide high-quality products on schedule. The advanced fabrication techniques from KDM have been a blessing for us.”

  • “KDM’s ability to supply custom fabricated aluminum boxes in time is a credit to their experience in planning, the expertise of your personnel, and attention to detail. The sheet metal quality was flawless.”

  • Truck box
    Truck box
  • Aluminum storage chest
    Aluminum storage chest
  • Money safebox
    Money safebox
  • Aluminum telecom enclosure
    Aluminum telecom enclosure
Is aluminum easy to fabricate?

Due to its softness and lightness, aluminum is generally a quick and simple material to work with when fabricating things.

How is aluminum fabricated?

The main types of fabrication are:

  • Cutting: sawing, shearing, or chiseling using laser cutting, CNC, mill bit, plasma jet, and water jet.
  • Bending: using hammers, press brakes, or tube benders.

Assembling: welding, binding, riveting.

How do you weld aluminum?

At KDM, we use the common welding technique. Aluminum should be cleaned, any oxide removed, and the edges that will be connected filed. When welding, push at an angle of 10 to 15 degrees rather than pulling. Use repeated passes of straight beads to enhance the weld’s overall appearance and to prevent flaws.

How do you bend an aluminum box?

We use modern bending brakes to bend aluminum unto boxes. We take a sheet of aluminum and bend it according to a special blueprint.

What is gauge thickness?

The gauge thickness is a unit of measurement for most metals, including aluminum. Common gauges for aluminum start at 7 and go until 30—or 3.6mm to 0.25mm. The greater the gauge, the thinner is the material.

Inches mm
7 .1443 3.665
8 .1285 3.264
9 .1144 2.906
10 .1019 2.588
11 .09074 2.305
12 .08081 2.053
14 .06408 1.628
16 .05082 1.291
18 .04030 1.024
20 .03196 .812
22 .02535 .644
24 .02010 .511
26 .01594 .405
28 .01264 .321
30 .01003 .255
What machinery is used for aluminum box fabrication?

We use a number of standard machines to manufacture aluminum enclosures. Some of these machines are:

  • Grinding machine: smooths the surface
  • Lathe machine: used to weld, drill, mill & turn, and knurl
  • Drilling machine: drills holes in sheet metal
  • Shaper & planer machines: cut material
  • Saw: cuts aluminum
  • Shearing machine: cuts aluminum
  • Hem band saw: cuts at 45, 60, and 90-degree angles
  • Press brake: bends material
  • Oxy-gas torches: used for welding
What surface treatments are available for aluminum boxes?

For aluminum boxes, we offer the following surface treatments:

  • Enamel or reflective painting
  • Powder coating
  • Anodizing
  • Silk-screening
  • Engraving, etching
  • Electroplating (usually with chrome)


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